Many people wonder what the best time is for Fruit Picking in Kelowna and where the Best U Pick Kelowna Farms are, so we’ve put together this Best Ever Guide to Kelowna Fruit Picking to help.

Foodies drawn to Kelowna have the rich local soils and the expertise of the farmers to thank for the range and vitality of the tastes to be found here. But the experience doesn’t need to stop at the tastebuds! Tracing your culinary delights back to their farmyard origins is one of the most rewarding activities Kelowna has to offer.

Hand-pick your choice of succulent orchard fruit, tour the work that goes into creating flavour sensations, fill your cupboards at the farmer’s market. There are many ways to enjoy Kelowna’s farms.

Best Ever Guide to Fruit Picking Kelowna

Fruit Picking Kelowna

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U Pick Kelowna

Become part of the farm-to-table experience by visiting one of Kelowna’s many orchards. Hand-pick the tastiest looking fruits and enjoy nutritious snacks for the rest of your visit or take them home to create your own Kelowna-style culinary delights.

With April comes the spectacle of blossoming orchards. Apricot blossoms are the first to grace the trees, with cherries, peaches, and finally apples coming into bloom after them. At this time of the year, romance abounds in the fragrant air.

While the exact fruit picking in Kelowna dates vary, depending on the year’s weather, the full season usually runs from June to October’s end.

(Courtesy of – Matt Ferguson Photography)

Fruit Picking Kelowna Harvest Times

Strawberries: June to early July.
Cherries: June to mid-July.
Blueberries: July to late August.
Blackberries: August to early September.
Plums: Mid-August to mid-September.
Apples: Late August to late October.
Apricots: Mid-July to mid-August.
Pears: Mid-August to late September.
Peaches: Early August to early September.
Nectarines: Early August to early September.

With Kelowna fruit picking, the price will depend on the weight of your haul, so don’t get too carried away at the first place you visit! Kelowna is a veritable treasure-trove of stunningly scenic orchards, so you are going to want to visit a few.

Kelowna Fruit Picking Farms

  • Arndt Orchards for the very best Kelowna Cherry Picking has to offer, across more than 7 varieties.
  • Good ‘N’ Plenty Produce for a staggering choice of over 30 different fruits and vegetables spread across 35 gorgeous acres.
  • Paynter’s Fruit Market to bag yourself apricots, apples, cherries, peaches, pears, and plums, depending on the season. They have honey, eggs, a nut farm, and even a full vineyard and winery to tour too!
  • Gambell Farms for a huge variety of fruit and vegetable ripe for the picking. Make sure to reward yourself with one of their desserts afterwards, to see the potential of the fruits you just picked.
  • Griffin Farms where you can find apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, and more on a farmstead that has been in operation for over a century.
  • Amidst the cherry orchards, Mike and Lizzy’s Cherry U-Pick shines as a remarkable gem, with a storied history since 1948 and a cherished collection of elusive cherry varieties like Vans, Bings, Lamberts, Lapins, Skeenas, and Rainiers, making it a haven for cherry enthusiasts.

If this will be your first time fruit picking in Kelowna, make sure to bring your own containers, as not every farm provides them. You will also want to pack plenty of water, as picking is thirsty work, plus sunblock to prevent any trip-spoiling burns.

Kelowna Farm Tours

Farm Tours Kelowna

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Okanagan farmers know the roots of their world-class trade run deep, and they’re fiercely proud of it. That’s why farm tours around Kelowna are such a good idea: see for yourself the generations of wisdom, practice, and techniques that go into growing the very best fruit and veg.

Many of the farms and orchards mentioned above provide guided tours or let you wander around discovering for yourself. It’s always a good idea to give them a call to check availability first, as a farmer’s life is a busy one!

One must-see farm tour we haven’t mentioned yet can be found at O’Keefe Ranch, located on Highway-97N. This historic ranch has played a key role in shaping the Okanagan farming community since 1867, aiding the development of everything you see today in Kelowna.

Guided tours are available through the historical mansion and surrounding farmland. Adults will gain a fascinating insight into how farming settlement first began here, and how it has developed in the century and a half since. Children will be enamoured with friendly farm animals, including rare Jacob Sheep with unique double sets of horns!

After your tour, you can enjoy dinner at their restaurant, buy tasty treats from the well-stocked general store, and revel in the magic of their model railway. In case that wasn’t enough, they also have farm games galore – including a place to practice your lasso skills.

Kelowna Pumpkin Patch

The pumpkin season in Kelowna runs from mid-September to late October. Whether you need ingredients for your famous Thanksgiving pumpkin pie or spooky supplies for the family jack-o’-lantern, what better way to make the holiday season memorable than a trip through the changing leaves to pick your own?

While many farms offer pumpkin picking, we would recommend Don-O-Ray Farms if you enjoy a bit of freaky Halloween pageantry. Otherwise, another local favourite patch can be found at McMillan Farms. Finally, if you’re serious about your squashes, Gambell Farms have more than eight varieties of pumpkins and dozens of gourds awaiting your careful selection.

Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm

Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm

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If you want to see how Okanagan soil supports more than just mealtimes, we suggest checking out this beautiful farmstead tucked away in the hills of South Kelowna. Their farm specializes in creating toiletries, teas, and aromatherapy supplies – as well as herbs that let you take the taste of the Okanagan home with you.

A mind-blowing 60 different lavender varietals are grown on-site, as well as dozens of different herbs and aromatic plants. Once harvested, they are dried and distilled on the property. After their transformation into handcrafted artisan products is complete, you can find them for sale at the farm boutique.

Committed to spreading the joy of their craft, the farm offers guided tours and insights into the traditional methods used to craft essential oils and distil hydrosol. They also allow a self-guided wander, so you can check out the meandering pathways, hedge mazes, whimsical art installations, and water features that punctuate this working herb farm.

(Please note that it was closed to the public during Covid, please check their website to see when it opens again.)

Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market

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It can be overwhelming to be surrounded by acres and acres of fertile land, teeming with working farms, each with their own take on growing and creating wonderful produce. What if you miss a life-changing taste? That’s why, in our opinion, the best place is where it all comes together: the farmer’s market.

At Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market, cream of the crop artisans from the surrounding lands come to hawk their wares. You can find the finest picks from local orchards, farmsteads, and apiaries, alongside handcrafted arts, skincare products, and so much more. From freshly baked pies to knitted goods, if it grazes or grows from the ground, you can find it here.

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