Sometimes, you are looking for the best things to do indoors in Kelowna. If you can ever tear yourself away from Kelowna’s great outdoors (and that’s a big if!), or find your plans scuppered by rain, there’s a whole other side of the city waiting for you indoors.

Art inspired by the sublime landscapes. Museums that dig deep into the area’s rich past. Or maybe you just want to go bowling or swimming? Kelowna has it all.

Best Things to Do Indoors in Kelowna

Exit Kelowna Escape Games

Probably the only situation where you will want to exit Kelowna are these excellent escape rooms. You and your team (minimum of two players) must put your wits together to escape a devious puzzle comprised of riddles, mysteries, and tricks galore. Your creativity and problem-solving abilities will be tested.

Follow clues through your choice of themed escape challenges, including a pirate’s cove, biohazard apocalypse, a haunted house, and a potion professor’s apprentice quest. Each has a different difficulty level – and scare rating!

Visit this Kelowna Attraction:

Address: 2453 Hwy 97 N, Kelowna, BC, V1X 4J2

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Bowling (and Brewing!)

Freddys Brewpub Kelowna Breweries

Freddy’s Brewpub (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

You can go bowling anywhere, right? Well, at McCurdy Bowling & Freddy’s Brewpub, you can carry the unique magic of Kelowna right with you into the alley!

Alongside all bowling staples, McCurdy’s has a brewery on-site. That means you can enjoy local tastes, including craft beverages and guest brews, while you bowl. Plus, it’s always nice to have something to blame a bad game on…

Sundays and Wednesdays are the times to visit, as for just $20 you can bowl as many games as you like until closing time. Saturday nights see a DJ takeover and comedy nights are a common sight. Not bad for a bowling alley, we think.

Visit this Kelowna Attraction:

Address: 124-948 McCurdy Rd, Kelowna, BC, V1X 2P7

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Support Local Ice Hockey Heroes: The Kelowna Rockets

Kelowna Rockets

Kelowna Rockets (Courtesy of – Marissa Baecker/Kelowna Rockets)

It wouldn’t be an authentic Canadian city trip without taking in the national sport, especially if you’re coming from out of the country.

Local team the Kelowna Rockets are no slouches, either. This major junior ice hockey team are four-time WHL championship winners; and if you get a chance to see them play on their home turf at Prospera Place, you should not pass it up.

No matter how much of an internationally desirable location it may be, Kelowna will always be a place of community spirit. Nowhere is this on better display than the rink, where pride meets adrenaline in a high-octane battle of slippery skill.

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Rotary Centre for the Arts

Rotary Centre for the Arts

Rotary Centre for the Arts (Courtesy of

The beating heart of Kelowna’s cultural district is our top pick for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the diverse and vibrant creative scene that thrives locally.

Their world-class venue champions creativity and expression, giving people of all backgrounds the chance to share and experience the art that makes life and the art that is made from it.

Every medium finds its home here, including live music, poetry, theatre, cabaret, and cinema. True to its mission statement, the Rotary Centre for the Arts can be a place to laugh, cry, or simply hang your jaw in astonishment, depending on the day you visit. Their events range from gallery showings to interactive workshops to huge symphony orchestras, with stops everywhere between.

As a multi-purpose performance and arts centre, you can also find retail spaces to support local artists directly, and a bistro that is bound to be populated by some of the most interesting people in town.

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Address: 421 Cawston Ave, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 6Z1

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Kelowna Community Theatre

All the world’s a stage, and Kelowna is certainly no exception. In fact, the fantastic folks at Kelowna Community Theatre bring their passion to creating a lineup of events that has something for everyone.

Whether you want serious Shakespearean drama, teary-eyed comedy, musical parodies, symphony orchestra swells, ballet, or edgy experimental theatre, you can find it all here.

This vibrant community hub has been open since 1962! Since its inception over half a century ago, it has become one of the largest venues for the performing arts in all of the B.C. Interior. With over 250 events planned for the coming year from international, national, and local talent, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your trip will coincide with something special.

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Address: 1375 Water St, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 0B4

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Energy Plex, the Ultimate in Kids’ Entertainment

Is the majesty of Kelowna’s art scene lost on your children? Are they too young to sample fine wines? Do their little legs ache from too much hiking?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, Energy Plex has the answer. All childish woes will be forgotten in the best children’s entertainment complex Kelowna has to offer. With a four-level soft play zone, slides galore, deadly ball pit cannons, and rock-climbing walls, this is the perfect place for your little ones to let off some steam. Their coordination-based play equipment is even designed to foster the skills needed to get into local pastimes like bouldering and rock climbing.

If your children aren’t the soft play area type, Energy Plex is also kitted out with an extensive arcade, laser tag arena, and adrenaline-pumping Skytrax rope-climbing course. You will also find food and drink concessions, so all eventualities are taken care of.

Visit this Kelowna Attraction:

Address: 130-948 McCurdy Rd, Kelowna, BC, V1X 2P7

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Make a Splash or Keep on Top of Fitness at H20

Kelowna Swimming H20

H20 Adventure + Fitness Centre (Courtesy of – Angelique Duffield)

Another of Kelowna’s numerous accolades is hosting Canada’s biggest municipal water park. With extensive amenities split across carefree aquatic fun and fitness facilities, there is a lot on offer at H20.

Fans of making a splash can find a wave pool, lazy river, aquatic amusements, hots tubs, diving boards, and waterslides galore, alongside a family pool and lengths pool. Whatever your preferred approach to being in the water, you will find it here.

Fitness fanatics will be relieved to hear they have a place to burn off all those extra calories accrued at Kelowna’s famous eateries and boozeries. Cycle studios, cardio conditioning areas, low-impact fitness gear, Queenax functional training systems, stretching areas, and yoga sessions let you keep your body in optimal condition – if you can resist rewarding yourself with another trip to your favourite restaurant, that is!

Visit this Kelowna Attraction:

Address: 4075 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC, V1W 4Z1

Website | Instagram

Parkinson Recreation Centre

As a pillar of the local community, Parkinson Recreation Centre is committed to providing leisure activities that include everyone, regardless of age, background, or ability.

Their repertoire of aquatic fun includes three indoor pools, an outdoor pool, splash pads, wading pool, special children’s pool, whirlpool area, and a steam room. They also provide plenty of poolside activities and swimming lessons for the little ones.

On the drier side of things, you will find a huge range of ever-changing activities hosted here. Dance classes, martial arts, tennis, yoga, personal training, and pre-school play sessions were amongst the treats happening when we visited.

Visit this Kelowna Attraction:

Address: 1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4P9

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Airhouse Trampoline Park

If it flips, jumps, or flies through the air, it’s got the backing of Airhouse Kelowna. This haven for thrill-seekers is part indoor trampoline park and part freestyle gymnastics training centre.

Airhouse handle all sports involving airtime. Dancers, skaters of all kinds, free-runners, bikers, skiers, and more will find facilities and coaching tailored to their brand of adrenaline-seeking. Whether you want to learn the basics, push your skills to the competitive level, or simply use the facilities, you will find the support and wisdom of fellow high-octane sports fans here.

It’s not all hardcore sports at Airhouse, though. Their trampoline park is available for carefree fun and features a web of interconnected trampolines, skate park area, mini-ramp half-pipe, parkour area and more.

Visit this Kelowna Attraction:

Address: 730 McCurdy Rd, Kelowna, BC, V1X 2P7


Jump2It Indoor Playground

Continuing to spoil your kids with choice in play areas is Jump2It. This three-story adventure land is designed for children aged 3 – 9, and, as the name suggests, bouncing is the name of the game.

Huge inflatables and bouncy castles dominate the area around the multi-story climbing structure, which is ringed with thrilling slides and thought-provoking obstacles designed to stimulate as well as entertain. There’s even a special toddler-only section, so your little bundles of joy can enjoy a good bounce without putting themselves in any danger.

Parents are blessed with a comfortable viewing zone, complete with snacks and hot drinks, so they can seize the opportunity for a little peace while the kids run riot.

Visit this Kelowna Attraction:

Address: 1891 Springfield Rd #228, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 5V5


Planet Laser

If you fancy trying your hand at some simulated combat, but paintballing and its associated bruises aren’t quite for you, Planet Laser offers all of the thrill with none of the mess or pain.

Open to all ages, their 6,000 square foot arena is the perfect place for goofy future-themed fun. Take cover, blast your adversaries, and try to accrue enough points to make the high score leader boards.

They also have a fully decked-out retro-style arcade area, with a ticket reward system for earning exciting prices. Re-live the glory days of your childhood arcades or give your children a taste of that same magic!

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Get Destructive with Axe Monkeys

Usually, vacation memories are all about creating something beautiful. But how about something different, what about making great memories destroying something?

That’s exactly what’s on offer at the Kelowna branch of Axe Monkeys. Their facilities allow you to develop your ninja skills and train your deadeye chucking real-life throwing knives and axes in a safe environment. It’s unusual, memorable, strangely cathartic, and a whole lot of fun.

They even offer the opportunity to take things further with their Rage Rooms. Supposedly better than therapy, pick your choice of weaponry, rampage soundtrack, and then let loose destroying furniture, electrical goods, ceramics, and more.

You don’t need to feel a twinge of guilt about stepping outside the bounds of acceptable society in this specially designed environment. You’ve probably tried yoga for stress relief – why not try something a little different?

Visit this Kelowna Attraction:

Address: 710 Stremel Rd #3, Kelowna, BC


Get Inspired by Kelowna’s Art Galleries

Kelowna Art Exhibit (Courtesy of

Given the beautiful setting and rich cultural heritage of this fair city, it is no surprise that it’s home to a thriving art scene. Across the city’s galleries and studios, you will find pieces that make you stop, question, think, and appreciate.

Gallery 421

This essential stop-off for art enthusiasts showcases fine art created by everyone from local emerging to talents to Canadian legends. Revel in nature recreated in brushstrokes, thought-provoking sculptures, and blown glass. Drink in the incredible knowledge of their lovely staff.

They have a killer view of the lake from the patio to boot, which you can enjoy while you dine.

Visit this Kelowna Gallery:

Address: 560 Raymer Ave, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 4Z5

Website | Instagram

Kelowna Art Gallery

Embracing the full spectrum of artistic expression, this gallery hosts ever-changing exhibitions across four indoor galleries and an outdoor courtyard. Historical and contemporary pieces meet in a space that encourages a hands-on approach to inspiration.

Stop by during family Sundays for guided creative activities or attend one of the numerous special events hosted here all year round.

Visit this Kelowna Gallery:

Address: 1315 Water St, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 9R3

Website | Instagram

Hambleton Galleries

Open since 1963, the informative collections here specialize in the historical side of Canadian art. Across their range of paintings, stone sculptures, and ceramics you can gain a true insight into the creative processes of this region through time, and the hard work that goes into their conservation and restoration.

Visit this Kelowna Gallery:

Address: 1290 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1Z4

Website | Instagram

Sopa Fine Arts

Challenge your preconceptions through boundary-pushing contemporary art. With a dazzling cross-medium display hosted across regularly rotating exhibitions, you are guaranteed to come across a perspective that opens your eyes a little wider.

Visit this Kelowna Gallery:

Address: 2934 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1V9

Website | Instagram

Karmyc Bazaar Art Gallery

Kelowna’s art scene would not be the same without the work that goes on here. Through their collaborative work with over 150 Canadian artists, they have created a space to fall in love with local talent. Hand-crafted treasures include pottery, jewellery, sculptures, and prints. Lovers of steampunk and industrial designs should mark this one as a must-visit.

You can even find a thrift store on-site, with beautiful crafts re-birthed from pieces of the Okanagan, including bones and skulls!

Visit this Kelowna Gallery:

Address: 2995 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1W1

Website | Instagram

Tutt Street Art Gallery

These passionate dealers centre their expertise on the finest acrylic and oil paintings produced by local, regional, and national artists. Whether you are building your own collection or simply window-shopping for a hypothetical gallery, the knowledge of their staff and the extent of their collection is an unmissable showcase of the inspiration to be found in the Okanagan.

Visit this Kelowna Gallery:

Address: 3045 Tutt St #9, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2H4


Immerse Yourself in Kelowna’s Many-Sided Past at Local Museums

With deep First Nations roots, settlement histories, agricultural innovation, and so many other influences, it is a joy to unpick the strands of the past that make Kelowna the place it is today.

The Okanagan Heritage Museum

BC Orchard Industry Museum

Kelowna Museums (Courtesy of

Prepare for a deep dive into the natural and human history of the surrounding lands. Understanding the past of the Syilx First Nation and other Okanagan peoples is key to forming a proper respect for the way communities have lived in balance with nature here for millennia. Watch how that all changed with the arrival of settlers and traders.

Or, for something a little more light-hearted, meet the local legends and sporting heroes who have printed their names on Kelowna’s history.

Visit this Kelowna Museum:

Address: 470 Queensway, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 6S7

Website | Instagram

The Okanagan Wine and Orchard Museum

Okanagan Wine Museum

Okanagan Wine Museum (Courtesy of

The knowledge on offer here is the ideal pairing for a taste-tour of Kelowna. A true appreciation for how these two industries have shaped the city makes those trip-defining flavours all the better. Discover how traditional techniques have developed over more than a century, and how they still contribute today.

When it comes to gaining industry-specific knowledge, why not learn from the best?

Visit this Kelowna Museum:

Address: 1304 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1Z8

Website | Instagram

Father Pandosy Mission

Father Pandosy Mission

Father Pandosy Mission (Courtesy of – Pamela Vaughn)

Still standing is the original site of the first-ever non-indigenous people to settle in the interior of British Columbia. Visit the place that changed the fate of the region forever and leave with a deeper understanding of the ways that clashing cultures shape the world we all inhabit today.

Visit this Kelowna Museum:

Address: 3685 Benvoulin Rd, Kelowna, BC, V1W 4M7


Okanagan Military Museum

For less squeamish travellers, this museum hosts a rich collection of conflict-based artifacts that span from the Boer War to the Cold War, as well as exhibits on contemporary military history. Hear the stories of those who gave their lives for their country and investigate one of the country’s top-rated collections of firearms, uniforms, and military insignias.

Visit this Kelowna Museum:

Address: 1424 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A5

Website | Instagram

Sncewips Heritage Museum

This vital place puts the history of Okanagan’s First Nation people in their own mouths. Nowhere else in Kelowna can you find a more important collection of art and artifacts curated by the very descendants of those who left them behind.

This one is a must-visit for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of a story of British Columbia which is so tragically under-told.

Visit this Kelowna Museum:

Address: 525 BC-97 Unit 260, West Kelowna, BC, V1Z 4C9

Website | Instagram

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