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how to love yourself


How to Love Yourself (More)

A Transformational Guide Offering Pathways to True Self Love

Self-love is not a destination. Practicing self-love is a skill that is always evolving. It’s messy and absolutely imperfect. It’s a never-ending process of forgetting and remembering, stumbling, and getting back up. It takes grace, patience, and practice to change our thoughts and perspective, and every little bit of movement each day makes a difference.  Every step in the right direction is cumulative, adding up to longer-lasting positive effects on our self-worth.


Join us for a deep dive exploration into some of life’s most important topics.

how to communicate better
[GUIDE] How to Communicate Better
[GUIDE] How to Discover Your Core Values
[GUIDE] How to Meditate
How to Be a Leader
[GUIDE] How to Be a Leader
[GUIDE] How to Stop Overthinking


Our Best Ever Guide to Day Hiking

Everything you need to know to answer the call of the wild.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of day hiking – for our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Whenever I go day hiking, I feel my absolute best. Being in the wild is where I feel most alive and at home. Although I am always stopping to catch my breath, (both from exertion and awe), I never feel like hiking is exercising. To me, hiking is pure bliss.

If you have ever wondered how to start hiking, this guide and the hiking tips we cover are designed to answer all of your hiking questions to get you safely onto the trail.


Make Your Best Ever Food

The Best Ever Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

This creamy and delicious homemade cream of mushroom soup recipe is packed full of flavor featuring a mixture of crimini and shiitake mushrooms developing a rich and savory soup with a hint of sherry that will leave you never wanting that store-bought canned version ever again. The savory flavors of the mushrooms marry perfectly with the onions, garlic, sherry, and cream to produce a rich and creamy soup that keeps you coming back for more. The soup is so easy to make, and most of the ingredients may already be in your kitchen. 

blackening seasoning recipe
spaghetti with meat sauce recipe
Best Ever Dutch Oven Beef Stew
slow cooker beef stroganoff home

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Everyone Has a Story. Here’s Ours…

Michelle and Steve created this project for everyone simply trying to do their best, no matter where they are at. You can learn more about their mission or get to know each of them in their stories below.

Steve’s Story

Steve has always been driven to succeed. From an elite athlete to a successful career, Steve has struggled to find balance. Find out how he creates balance in his life now.

Michelle’s Story

Michelle always struggled with self-love and belonging, she was her own worst critic. Found out how she learned to trust her inner knowing, embraced her flaws, and began to love her whole self.

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