While British Columbia is rightfully famed for its rugged landscapes, exhilarating wilderness, and countless adventuring opportunities – that is far from all it has to offer!

It might surprise you to find out that one of the premier luxury holistic spas and resorts in all of Canada (if not all of North America) sits right within this wild land.

The place in question? Sparkling Hill Resort. With its crystal-lined interior, a menagerie of healing and relaxation treatments, mouth-watering dining options, and a gorgeous range of rooms, you might be tempted to spend your entire trip floating in stationery bliss. However, that would be doing a disservice to its prime location, teeming with outdoor exploration and daredevil opportunities.

Welcome to Sparkling Hill Resort

Sparkling Hill

One of our favourite sayings is that variety is the spice of life, and nowhere quite embodies that like Sparkling Hill Resort. Built right into the heart of such natural splendor, this place emanates tranquility and rejuvenation – while the rolling views and countless hiking, biking, and boating options nearby will give you the perfect opportunities to use that newly renewed energy.

And the best thing? You can get up tomorrow and do it all over again! Or, you can plunge back into being spoiled by the resort’s angelic staff and incredibly knowledgeable spa practitioners, sinking into a bliss that we promise you will not have felt before!

We can whole-heartedly say that Sparkling Hill is one of our very favorite locations in British Columbia. So much so that we decided to choose it as the setting for our honeymoon – can we offer a much more ringing endorsement than that?


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Before our honeymoon, I had been to Sparkling Hill several times. Our friends and family know we love it so much, they gave us gift cards for our wedding gifts. How lucky are we?

The thing that makes Sparkling Hill so perfect is the way it combines 40,000 square feet of the very best in luxury spa and relaxation treatments with a location right in the thick of all the various wild action that the Okanagan has to offer. Even the building itself seems aware of this beautiful balancing act, with intricate healing crystals nestled alongside rustic wooden accents and beds so cozy they might as well be clouds – the whole experience of staying at Sparkling Hill seems designed for a delicate dance of adrenaline and lavish pampering.

Whether you have tired yourself out camping and hiking around the breathtaking surrounding trails or simply want an unblemished home base from which to explore your surroundings, you won’t find better than Sparkling Hill.

Sparkling Hill Design: Architects of Bliss

One problem that often befalls spas and luxury resorts is that they embrace escapism and rejuvenation to the point where you could be anywhere on Earth – even when they are already located in the best places the world has to offer.

This could not be less true of Sparkling Hill. The whole resort was chiseled from the ground up out of bedrock granite to be one with a landscape that itself has been famed for its regenerative properties.

Sparkling Hill Architecture

The fluid design of the resort strikes a careful balance between unique modernism and rustic feel. Floor-to-ceiling windows make it impossible to forget that you are in the heart of a homeland of crystal waters, sublime peaks, and bountiful vineyards. The respect for nature does not end there; the resort was ingeniously built to harness the power of a geo-exchange field which provides more energy than the resort uses. Combined with painstakingly sustainable construction and a commitment to environmentally-friendly product usage, you can enjoy endless luxury without a single twinge of guilt.

The whole wellness hotel extends for 240,000 square feet, with 40,000 dedicated to an internal spa ‘street,’ whose every doorway leads to a different immersive treatment environment. The tunnels and sub-corridors of the spa reflect the bewildering variety of the natural environment, with some boring deep into the mountains to provide subterranean tranquility. Others embrace peak-top panoramic views to hold you high above the hustle and bustle of daily life while you bathe in natural light and one-of-a-kind spa fixtures. Each treatment center is an aesthetic experience that embodies the techniques practiced within.

Outside of the spa, 150 potential guest rooms offer something for everybody’s needs. Each one continues the bespoke spa experience by offering unique bathing fixtures. Even the various lobbies and reception areas refuse to break your immersion, with a spectacular view or new take on coziness awaiting you around every corner.

Sparkling Hill Decor

Swarovski Crystal Heaven

The aesthetic wonderland of Sparkling Hill even has its own material motif in the form of Swarovski crystals worked uniquely into the design of every room.

These beautiful glass crystals come all the way from Austria and are specifically designed with healing in mind. Their properties are said to vary depending on the type of light emanating from them – and you can be sure that the attention to detail that defines the rest of this resort continues into their careful placement.

Even for the wellness-property skeptic, it is difficult not to be blown away by these crystals. You will find them integrated into every aspect of the resort experience, making up whole windows and integrated into complex lighting systems; you’ll even find one-of-a-kind arrangements in the guest bedrooms!

Sparkling Hill Swarovski Crystals

Again, the crystals embody just one small part of the multi-faceted and carefully balanced experience that oozes out of every square inch of Sparkling Hill. Part architectural triumph, part carefully considered healing aide, these crystals are 100% eye-candy that radiates opulence without ever disturbing the rustic charm of the resort’s rugged setting.

Sparkling Hill Rooms

If you have read this far, it will likely come as no surprise to you that the guest rooms at Sparkling Hill embody the same commitment to balance, relaxation, and choice range as the rest of the resort.

Every room intertwines simplicity and elegance, with open-plan luxury built from warm natural wood, glass, and that ever-present Swarovski crystal architecture.

All rooms are fitted with custom-built wellness beds, whose memory foam design personalizes your sleep. This is not even the end to your lounging opportunities, as each room contains a two-person soaker tub stretched out beneath entirely floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to wonder at the scenery by day and stargaze by night.

You even get to choose whether you would rather marvel at the mountaintops or gaze upon the surface of Lake Okanagan’s soothing waters.

Unbelievably comfortable plush robes, slippers, and towels are also provided as standard, of course. (Petals were an added perk for our honeymoon!)

Sparkling Hill Honeymoon

Standard, Superior, and Deluxe Room Options

All regular rooms are provided with the choice of standard, superior, or deluxe.

The choice corresponds with how high your vantage point of the awe-inspiring scenery will be, with standard rooms on the lower floors, superior rooms on the second floor, and deluxe rooms towering across the landscape on the third floor.

Each of these rooms is available with either one luxurious king-sized wellness bed or two queen-sized wellness beds that offer the same level of memory foam bliss, just with slightly less starfishing space.

Your Choice of Lakeside or Mountaintop Views

As well as giving you a choice between standard, superior and deluxe rooms, Sparkling Hill also lets you choose between your preferred scenery type – letting you take advantage of their stunning floor-to-ceiling windows with whichever view you would most prefer.

The mountain view rooms lie beneath the 10,000-foot crests of the majestic Monashee Mountains, whose sublime rolling peaks will fill your room with unbeatable rugged splendor. And what better to compliment the feeling of being dwarfed by the majesty of Mother Earth than one of Sparkling Hill’s custom-built Swarovski faux-fireplaces? Whether you are looking for romance or simple coziness, this combination is hard to beat.

The lake view rooms, on the other hand, soothe and calm your soul with the world-famous crystal waters of Okanagan Lake. In the summer months, limestone crystals from long ago receded glaciers paint the beautiful waters cyan, turquoise, and emerald hues for an unforgettable view. Also, if you fancied the Swavorski crystal faux-fireplace of the mountain view suite, don’t worry – the lake view rooms carry these as standard also.

Sparkling Hill Room View

The Exclusive Penthouse Suites

If even the deluxe rooms are not quite extravagantly luxurious enough for you, why not try out the 1,200 square foot penthouse suites? That way, you can rest assured that you are one of three groups of guests currently experiencing the very finest hotel experience that British Columbia has to offer.

All of the rooms spoil you with a private sauna, sustainable gas fireplace, and open-plan sitting rooms. The floor-to-ceiling windows of each suite bless your eyes with the very best panoramic view of Okanagan Lake’s famed waters.

Of course, no room at Sparkling Hill would be complete without its own Swarovski crystal artwork – and it doesn’t get more refined or intricate than the pieces complementing the views in the penthouse suites.

Each suite is individually named and carries amenities perfect for a different type of customer.

The Enzian Suite boasts its very own private patio so that you can bask in the open air that is its own type of wellness treatment. You will also find two queen-sized wellness beds for sleeping flexibility.

The Edelweiss Suite – named after the sweet white flower of the faraway European Alps – offers luxurious intimacy with its single king-sized wellness bed and westward views.

The Arnika Suite offers unparalleled group relaxation with two king-sized wellness beds and a sitting area custom-built for elegance.

Fully Accessible Suites

True to the nature of wellness and health, Sparkling Hill is committed to providing everybody with accessible accommodation that does not compromise on the bespoke beauty of the rest of the grounds.

Fully accessible lake view rooms are available, with customized amenities designed to be accessible to everybody. Situated on the ground floor, you will find lowered beds, wide-entry doors, and bathrooms equipped with roll-in showers and hand railings for a wheelchair-friendly or otherwise inclusive experience.

Not only are the individual rooms designed with inclusivity in mind, but they are also thoughtfully located so that guests will be able to access all of the spa amenities and resort services easily.

It goes without saying that these rooms come complete with the same tubs, windows, and crystal fireplaces as their upper floor counterparts.

Pet-Friendly Suites

When we said that Sparkling Hill is fully inclusive, we truly meant it!

You can even bring your furry family members along to the ground floor’s pet-friendly mountain view rooms that feature all the standard luxury amenities you have read about above – plus a thoughtful walkout terrace so that your companions can stretch all four of their legs!

Sparkling Hill Spa

The jewel at the heart of this mountaintop paradise has got to be the KurSpa facilities.

Sparkling Hill employs the very best fitness experts, spa practitioners, and naturopathic physicians, who conduct a staggering 100+ different treatment options on-site in conjunction with state-of-the-art facilities.

These treatments range between holistic treatments, massages, facials, special couples’ services, and even a signature treatment called Fargo. So whether you are looking for help with chronic pain, inflammation, anti-aging procedures, or just simple relaxation to improve your general health, wellness, or work-life balance, the spa has something for you.

The spa’s integrated wellness and medicine clinic has a well-proven track record of helping a whole range of people, from retirees and executives to professional athletes. They will show you how to seize a proactive role in improving the quality of your life. They even offer a huge host of different wellness retreats and programs, where you can dedicate anywhere from two days to whole weeks to your health and wellbeing.

All of Sparkling Hill’s wellness, rejuvenation, and curative services are deeply steeped in European traditions – and the service is available to guests of the hotel or simply as a standalone visit if you only have the day.

While the whole list of KurSpa’s amenities is too staggeringly extensive and detailed to cover here fully, we will spend the following sections running you through a few of our very favorites.

The Serenity, Tea, and Movement Rooms

Between this trio of rooms, you will find something to exercise and relax every aspect of your physical being and inner soul.

We will start with the movement room; a FunFit fitness studio kitted out with the latest Keiser workout equipment. While it can be tempting to slip into pure slow-moving bliss at Sparkling Hill (believe us, we know from experience), the pampering, meditative, and relaxation elements feel all the better for having earned them with an invigorating movement session. Trust us; you have not experienced running on a treadmill until you try one pointing towards floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over 3,000-foot peaks.

Next is the Serenity relaxation room, where your only objective is to be stationery in quiet peace either after or in-between treatment or movement sessions.

Sparkling Hill Serenity Room

Finally, there is the Tea room. Here, you will find a range of specially devised herbal teas which deliver health benefits and work alongside treatments to maximize your wellness. You will be sipping in fully-reclined relaxation beneath a beautiful view.

Sparkling Hill Tea Room

Truly Unique Steams, Saunas, and Pools

Every aspect of the KurSpa experience is designed to work on your wellness individually. Even the steams, saunas, and pools provide unique settings where you can experience a novel treatment that is as interesting as it is rejuvenating.

The various steam rooms include:

  • Aqua Meditation Steam – which focuses on mindfulness with plush cushioned seats, orange fragrances, and water droplet rhythmic meditation.

  • Rose Steam – where rose petal scents, romantic mood lighting, and steamy ambiance will lift and balance you.

  • Salt Steam – Stimulating a deep underground natural salt cave with herbal scents and brine-infused water droplets rich in anti-aging and concentration enhancing properties.

  • Crystal Steam – where Swarovski crystals dominate in a softly-lit mint aromatic environment designed to harness immune, digestive, and respiratory benefits.

While you have a choice of the following sauna experiences:

  • Herbal Sauna – a traditionally European feeling sauna with aromatic pine scent, wood paneling, and bursts of steam coming from an iron basket heaped with heated stones being plunged into a copper water basin.

  • Panorama Sauna – which provides 360-degree views of Okanagan Lake and its surrounding forests to soothe your mind, while the sauna releases built-up tension and stimulates the glandular system.

  • Finnish Classic Sauna – for the true Nordic experience, try this polished wood sauna complete with enthralling hand-painted artwork inspired by Michelangelo.

Each steam and sauna room at Sparkling Hill runs at a different temperature, so as well as the health benefits unique to each beautiful setting, you can also find the perfect level of heat for your personal relaxation preferences. There is a peppermint-scented igloo room to cool off in if you ever find yourself getting hot and bothered!

Sparkling Hill Pools

Sparkling Hill Pools

You will also be unsurprised to hear that the pools at Sparkling Hill are just as varied and well-thought-out. Across the grounds, you can find:

  • Outdoor Infinity Pool – where you can immerse yourself both in the water and stunning panoramic views of Okanagan Lake and its accompanying vistas.

  • Indoor Serenity Pool – which gives you the unique experience of softly playing underwater music and Swarovski crystal decorated roof to accompany the warm, inviting waters.

  • Indoor Hot Pool – with a gently rotating mechanism designed to optimize bubble jet placements for a range of circulation benefits

  • Kneipp Hydrotherapy – employing a step-based hydrotherapy procedure that has been perfected since the 19th century to work on the circulatory and lymphatic systems while also working to reduce swelling and inflammation.

As inclusivity is central to the work done at Sparkling Hill, all of the pools can be specially fitted with necessary accessibility equipment as required!

Important Note: As a health-conscious facility, you will be pleased to hear that Sparkling Hill is taking coronavirus seriously. Unfortunately, this means that the steams and saunas are currently closed until British Columbia enters Phase 4.

Sparkling Hill Dining

We have all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat,’ and Sparkling Hill has undoubtedly taken this old adage to heart.

All the food found at the resort is prepared with a farm-to-table fresh dining philosophy. Everything is locally and sustainably sourced from the best farmers and providers that the Okanagan has to offer.

You can start every day off right with a complimentary hot European-inspired breakfast in the lavish and elegant PeakFine restaurant. The dishes are designed to complement the healthy habits of life encouraged by the resort.

Sparkling Hill Breakfast

Speaking of PeakFine, this beautiful restaurant is based on the European’ piekfein’, which means ‘in peak form – and boy is that the truth. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus draw from the finest farms, ranches, and fisheries in the area, while their drinks options are supplied by local breweries and wineries. Each course comes custom-paired with a vintage handpicked by expert sommeliers.

Again, you can experience that delicate balancing act of decadence, sustainability, and wellness, which encompasses vegan, gluten-free, and other special dietary requirements. The sensory spoiling of your tastebuds is accompanied by beautiful panoramic scenery and crystal-lit dining, of course.

Sparkling Hill Dining

Should this not take your fancy, you also have the option of joining the beautiful dual-purpose Barrique & Java. Enjoy cheerful coffee and house-made pastry restaurant in the morning, or farm-to-table salads, charcuterie plates, wraps, pastas, and more in the evening – all accompanied by specially selected wines and local craft spirits.

Sparkling Hill Food

Or, should you prefer not to leave the comfort of your beautiful view-rich guest room at any point, all of the cuisine from either restaurant is available for hand-delivered in-room dining during the same timeslots.

Surrounding Activities

If you can tear yourself away from the countless amenities at Sparkling Hill, you will find yourself right in the middle of nature’s playground with a mind-boggling array of things to do just a stone’s throw away.

Lake Kalamalka Provincial Park and Lake Okanagan offer opportunities for almost every physical activity, from beautiful hikes and mountain biking experiences through all the stunning natural terrain you will have been treated to through your windows to more extreme sports like cliff diving and cross-country skiing.

You can also take to the waters with local businesses hiring everything you need to go boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more.

Or, if you fancied a more relaxed approach, the region is also famous for its wine tours, as well as its sprawling golf courses. The resort’s staff are as knowledgeable about the local area as they are friendly and ready to help!

As passionate lovers and locals of this part of British Columbia, we have also put together our own personal guide for what to do in the area – which you can access by reading our Best Ever Guide to Kalamalka Lake.