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Go Hiking: Your Guide to Day Hiking


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of day hiking – for our physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Whenever I go day hiking, I feel my absolute best. Being in the wild is where I feel most alive and at home. Although I am always stopping to catch my breath, (both from exertion and awe), I never feel like hiking is exercising. To me, hiking is pure bliss. Exploring the outdoors is essential in my efforts to live my Best Ever Life. If you have ever wondered how to start hiking, we share the best ever day hiking tips that have

Go Hiking: Your Guide to Day Hiking2021-02-16T01:48:05+00:00

Trying to Live Your Best Life is a Privilege


Scroll through your social feeds and you likely find a photo (out of the nearly 4 million) tagged with #LiveYourBestLife. Maybe you shake your head or roll your eyes and “what does that even mean, anyway?”.  The expression "Living My Best Life" was first coined by Oprah back in 2005 with her book, Live Your Best Life, a collection of inspiring articles from O Magazine. Although Oprah had this beautiful idea behind the phrase, over the years, it seems to have gotten tangled up with the phrase "Living the Dream" or "Living the Good Life".   Happy Time GIF from Weddingcrashers GIFs #LiveYourBestLife: According to Social

Trying to Live Your Best Life is a Privilege2021-02-02T19:21:13+00:00

How to Discover and Integrate Your Core Values


Need to change intro. Core Values. The road to self-discovery is one full of challenges. When finding yourself, you may not have all the answers to what defines you. Without a clear picture of who you are, you may not know how to move forward on the professional or social plane.  There might be days where you may feel connected with yourself and others where you wonder if you need to better yourself. Every day opens a new opportunity for growth, and the best way to achieve it is to find out your defining characteristics.  To

How to Discover and Integrate Your Core Values2021-01-23T05:06:27+00:00

How to Communicate Better


Learning how to communicate better is not something you need to work on at the beginning of your relationships. Every romantic relationship starts with the well-known honeymoon phase. This is the phase where you and your partner are enjoying the novelty and excitement of young love. Everything your partner does or says seems perfect in your eyes. You simply see no flaws. That is until the honeymoon phase wears off and you start to get to know each other on a much deeper level. Suddenly, you are able to see your partner fully, with flaws and all. Some people might think that the honeymoon phase's

How to Communicate Better2021-01-19T19:44:36+00:00

Codependent in a Relationship: The Key to Interependency


Being codependent in a relationship is all too common. As children, we get shown a concept of true love that is, as many of us later in life find out, quite unrealistic. Young girls look at the scenes of classic Disney Princess movies like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella with big, glistening eyes, wondering when they will find their very own Prince Charming. These movies teach us that life can be dramatic and full of hardship, but once we find our prince or princess and seal the deal with a kiss, those hardships will magically disappear, and we will live happily ever after. Because once we

Codependent in a Relationship: The Key to Interependency2021-01-19T19:01:09+00:00

The Best Ever Guide to How to Love Yourself


Love is an essential need that all humans strive to experience. There are different types of love, such as between a parent and a child or between two romantic partners. But the most often overlooked form of love is that which we show ourselves. In fact, many grapple with the question of "how to love yourself". In modern society, self-love can come with a negative connotation of selfishness, inhibiting our ability to develop and display self-love appropriately. To the detriment of many of us, deep and true self-love is almost entirely absent in modern societies. Many of us are living our lives along the

The Best Ever Guide to How to Love Yourself2021-01-29T17:09:17+00:00

How to Stop Overthinking


We’ve all been through it. One detail of your life changes, and it spirals you into a whirlwind of negative thinking. Or maybe you have a really tough call to make, and when you consider all the options or what-ifs makes it feel like the world is melting. We've all wondered how to stop overthinking everything and it is easier said than done. Berating ourselves by repeating yelling at ourselves to "stop thinking" usually will not work, it only makes us feel worse. It’s challenging to work through things that typically increase your stress levels without overthinking things. Once it’s caught you, it can

How to Stop Overthinking2020-12-29T05:49:50+00:00

How to Be a Leader: Leadership Skills for Life


When people hear the word leadership, many think of bosses and managers. However, leadership comes in various forms, including at the community, familial, and social media levels. Regardless of who you lead, gaining leadership skills as a good leader is the same. If you're unsure about your abilities as a leader, here's some good news: leadership is a skill that develops over time. Therefore, even the best leaders you've met likely spent time learning and practicing their leadership traits. We've studied leadership concepts from top experts in the field. By the time you finish this article, you'll be on your way to feeling equipped

How to Be a Leader: Leadership Skills for Life2020-12-17T00:35:35+00:00

Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated


Learning to treat others how you want to be treated is a great way to create healthy relationships while working on yourself to be a better person. How often do you treat others in a disrespectful, aggressive, and toxic way? Maybe this is not something you do on purpose but still, you might have been creating a spiral of negativity over the people around you… the results? More stress, more negativity, more fights, and misunderstandings…  Let’s learn how to change this, let’s learn how to treat others how you want to be treated. Treat others how you want to be treated. Finding the

Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated2020-11-28T01:23:05+00:00

How to Make Friends


Friends are one of the most beautiful things life can offer us. Not only is friendship crucial for our emotional wellbeing, but also for our physical health as well. Unfortunately, however, in some periods of our life, we ​​can find ourselves alone and we are not sure of how to make friends with someone again. Making new friends is something that should come naturally to us, but we live in a fast-paced society and sometimes it's not easy to socialize with others. Unless you know the right techniques. It may seem strange, but many people share the same problem: they don't know how to make

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