The Best Ever Guide to Life’s Manifesto

The Best Ever Guide to Life is a field guide that invites us to reimagine what it means to truly Live Our Best Life. No matter where we are on this journey, the markers on the map are always moving, there isn’t a destination. It is an endless exploration of our deepest and most fulfilling potential.

The Best is mysterious, wholehearted, and maybe a little messy – it is anything but a competition to be perfect. In fact, it is an immense privilege to even try to live our best life.

The Best is simply what is true and works well for you at this moment. We’re here to help you figure out what that might be with inspirational and practical ideas from experienced voices who have honed their methods to support them in living their Best Ever Life.

With a focus on Personal Growth, Relationships, Food, and Adventure, we wander alongside you through all pathways of your life.

We can’t wait for The Best Ever Guide to Life Community to grow, we are so happy you are here.

Our vision is inspired in part by Oprah Winfrey’s wise words:

“What I know for sure is this: The most important journey of our lives doesn’t necessarily involve climbing the highest peak or trekking around the world. The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

Be prepared—when you finally summon the courage to cast a vote for yourself, you can expect obstacles. The whole world will rise up to tell you who you cannot become and what you cannot do. Those around you will be threatened as you exceed the limited expectations they’ve always had for you. And in moments of weakness, your fear and self-doubt may cause you to falter. Remember that you can’t get rid of the fear or doubt; you just learn to live with it, to ride its wave….

“Having the courage to stand up and pursue your dreams will give you
life’s greatest reward and life’s greatest adventure.”

Our Founder’s Story

Best Ever Guide to Life Michelle
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Michelle Davies

Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Certified Professional Coach

Michelle was an early explorer in the Digital Publishing space in Canada. After becoming a Certified Professional Coach in 2005, she chose to bring this experience to launching her first media company geared towards helping mothers live their best lives. When she was getting divorced, that business needed to be liquidated. She is now excited to put this experience into positioning content that sparks a more connected and passionate community of people living their most true lives. Michelle shares how she created incredible change and what inspired her to create The Best Ever Guide to Life. 

Best Ever Guide to Life Steve
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Steve Stewart

Co-Founder, CEO, and Red Seal Chef

Along with overall business vision and management, Steve brings his experience as a Red Seal Chef to our Best Ever Food channel. As we get rolling, you will also see him sharing and photographing his other passions beyond food such as fly fishing, camping, and hiking with Michelle.  Steve tells us about how he finally found balance and what his version of a Best Ever life looks like for him.