As Kelowna locals, we know where all the best Kelowna hikes are. For many people, heading to the beach or the lake is the best thing to do in Kelowna, but for us, hitting the Kelowna hiking trails is our favourite thing to do. Now, we get to take our new Vizsla puppy, named Brandy and the hikes are even that much better!

Whether you are looking for expansive lake views, desert-like rocky terrain, or lush forest escapes, there’s a Kelowna hiking trail for your hiking ability.  Let’s go!

Best Kelowna Hikes

Best Kelowna Hikes

Knox Mountain via Apex Trail

Journey Length: 4 km, taking an average of 1 hour and 35 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

A popular out-and-back trail that offers spectacular peak-top views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake. Family-friendly and especially gorgeous at sunrise or sunset. Best visited between May and September, as outside of these times it gets very slippery. 

Pauls Tomb Trail Knox Mountain Park

Pauk’s Tomb Trail at Knox Mountain Park (Courtesy of – Steve Small)

McDougal Rim

Journey Length: 17.5 km, taking an average of 6 hours and 24 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Hard.

Although this trail indicates it is 17.5K, you don’t have to do the entire trail. We, like many, just went to the bluffs and back, which was around 9K total. It’s a pretty steep hike up. We did 635m on the short 4.5K up. Totally worth it, though. Amazing views.

hiking kelowna mountains

Gladstone Trail

Journey Length: 4.2 km, taking an average of 1 hour and 38 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

This recently-constructed loop trail swings and undulates through frequent switchbacks, elevation changes, and wildlife spotting opportunities. Other highlights include a 400-year-old Ponderosa pine tree

This is the trail we take our out-of-town guests to for fantastic lake views as it is a short, but steep climb.

Best Hike in Kelowna Gladstone

Pincushion Mountain Trail

Journey Length: 3.4 km, taking an average of 1 hour and 23 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

The elevation-to-view ratio is excellent on this slightly steep trail with sweeping vistas across Okanagan Lake and the surrounding peaks. To maximize beauty, take advantage of the late afternoon sun. This trail is on-foot only, with dogs on leashes allowed to accompany you.

Best Kelowna Hikes

Angel Springs via KLO Creek

Journey Length: 10.3 km, taking an average of 3 hours and 37 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

This is one of our most favourite hikes in Kelowna. It’s incredible! Exploration opportunities abound on the way to Angel Springs, with lush vegetation, winding creeks, plentiful pools, canyon-side caverns, and even a few mysterious car wrecks to poke about in. Expect to cross a few streams, so dress appropriately. 

Myra Bellevue Provincial Park 

This is where I have likely spent the most amount of time in the wild. I feel like I found my way back to myself in Myra Bellevue Provincial parks on the many, many hiking trails here. It was hard to pick just one trail to share.

The varied terrain will lead you up to a lovely lookout over Kelowna. Lots of different wildlife is spotted here, including bears, so remain alert. The park is popular with fast-paced mountain biking or horseback riding. I’m not comfortable letting our dog off-leash here in the warmer months because there are LOADS of mountain bikers and for their safety, and hers, I keep her leashed up.

Myra Bellevue Hike in Kelowna

Here are some of my favourite loops in Myra Bellevue Provincial Park:

Myra Canyon Hike

This is the hike that I am most proud of in terms of physical accomplishment. My phone died, so it stopped tracking for about 3K. (You can see the part at the end where the line goes totally straight.) So, it was 19 or 20K with 999 elevation! 

Kelowna Hike Fall
Crawford Lookout Kelowna Hike

I could carry on forever with all my favourite loops, there is so much to explore in this beautiful park. I truly feel at home, here.

Lebanon Creek Trail

Journey Length: 6.4 km, taking an average of 2 hours and 28 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

Expect constant elevation and a good workout from this quiet out-and-back trail. While well-maintained and signposted, you will struggle to find much shade here in the summer months. Stunning lake views and rock-climbing opportunities make the steepness worthwhile. 

Kelowna Hike Lebanon Creek Board

Mission Creek Greenway: Scenic Canyon Regional Park Section

Journey Length: 5 km, taking an average of 1 hour and 36 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Easy.

Rich in scenery of all kinds, with plenty of canyon-top opportunities to admire Layer Cake Mountain. The time of year you visit will determine whether you’re treated to wildflower blooms or cross-country skiing opportunities. 

Hike in Kelowna Scenic Canyon Regional Park

Best Kelowna Hikes with Waterfalls

There is something at once exhilarating, humbling, and centering about standing at the foot of such raw natural power. Here are some of our local favourites, some require a bit of a drive away from Kelowna, but they are worth it.

Fintry Falls

If you think you can survive a walk up 400 flights of stairs, the sights that await you at Fintry Falls are well worth it. Three thunderous falls are set into the sheer mountainside, accompanied by yawning canyons, and plentiful pools for summer swimming.

This is a great place for history buffs too, with a heritage site, manor house, and octagonal barn steeped in British Columbian tradition.

Canyon / Crawford Falls

It’s up for debate whether this trail is actually open or not, so be mindful of any signs indicating as such. Two falls await you here beyond a hike that we would rate as moderate to hard. Prepare for some light rock climbing if you want to make it to the second waterfall.

If you can handle the exertion and some steep scrambles, the sweeping sights are well worthwhile.

Crawford Falls

Crawford Falls (Courtesy of – Eric Saukarookoff)

Hardy Falls

Hardy Falls

This family-friendly 2 km loop can be completed by following a meandering creek until its waterfall crescendo. You will find an excellent viewing platform and picnic area nearby, so pack some sandwiches to enjoy before completing the round trip.

While the ample shade will keep you cool even in the height of summer, fall is the best time to visit Hardy Falls, when Kokanee salmon make the pilgrimage to spawn here.

Naramata Falls

Another journey for all ages will see you following a river that cuts through a deep canyon to reach the falls. Towering rock structures studded with lush greenery will make you feel like you’re on a fantasy quest.

If you’re the sort to go frolicking in the undergrowth, make sure to keep an eye out for snakes and poison ivy.

Mill Creek

This is a super easy, shaded hike through the trees and along Mill Creek. It’s an excellent wander for little ones to explore.

Mill Creek Regional Park Falls

Mill Creek Falls (Courtesy of – Matt Ferguson Photography)

Kelowna Rock Climbing and Bouldering

With a topography dominated by crags, canyons, and mountainscapes, it’s no surprise that Kelowna is a much-loved location for climbing enthusiasts.

If you don’t mind a short journey down south, the heaviest concentration of climbing spots can be found at Skaha. Skaha Rock Adventures are on hand here to help with all your needs, from beginners’ instruction to guided climbs.

Other great locations for climbing include Kelowna Crags and Cougar Canyon. Many of the mountain hiking trails nearby feature prime spots too if you know what you’re looking for.

If you’re just breaking into the hobby and aren’t ready to tackle a genuine cliff face yet, Kelowna’s local businesses like Gneiss Climb can help you get a leg up.

rock climbing kelowna

Best Mountain Biking in Kelowna

Nothing beats tearing along a mountain trail with the wind in your hair, eyes a-bulge with all the beauty the Okanagan Valley has to offer. The folks at Cyclepath have an excellent guide to the best mountain biking trails in Kelowna.

While many of the best trails near Kelowna are cyclist-friendly, here are some epic flat trails that the whole family can cycle along.

Okanagan Rail Trail

Mountain Biking Kelowna Okanagan Rail Trial

Okanagan Rail Trail (Courtesy of

This 52 km odyssey features the shimmering shorelines of Kalamalka Lake, off-grid countryside passes, trendy trips through the city of Kelowna itself, and so much more. While not all these sections have been fully joined together yet, this does allow you to pick your own highlights depending on your mood.

Obviously, you will need rest stops along the way. The designers have factored this in, positioning 43 different recreational areas and cultural interest points along the way. To name just a few: you could learn about First Nation customs at special Interpretive Sites, dig into the history of British Columbia at historical landmarks, or blow off even more steam at a four-season playground. The choice is all yours.

Kelowna Trestles at Myra Canyon

Myra Canyon Trestles Group Bike Tour

Myra Canyon Trestles (Courtesy of – Shawn Talbot Photography)

Just 24 km away from downtown Kelowna is the must-visit day trip location of Myra Canyon. By car, the 40-minute drive will wind you through the local breadbasket of orchards, farms, and vineyards. 

Myra Canyon is a particularly scenic stretch of the Kettle Valley Railway. Old West aesthetics are the order of the day, with astonishing trestle bridges and tunnels hand-built over a century ago. Unmatched views, sheer canyon faces, and alpine mountainscapes all but transport you back in time.

Bring your hiking boots, your mountain bikes, or book an unforgettable horse riding experience with Myra Canyon Ranch for true frontier authenticity. 

The Myra Canyon section of the trestles features a 12KM trail passing through 2 tunnels and 18 trestles. Check out the Myra Canyon Trestle maps to decide how far you want to go based on time and ability before you turn back.

The east end of the trestles is the most popular spot to start as it gets you to the bulk of the trestles and tunnels faster. Here’s how to get to the Kelowna Trestles.(Psst, if you can make it to Trestle 6, you’ve done the best parts, in our opinion!)

As well as unbeatable surroundings, the amenities at Myra Canyon make everything simple. Myra Canyon Bicycle Rentals allow you to rent a set of wheels for the day and pick up provisions. Even if you’re not normally a cyclist, there really is no better place to fall in love with the sport than here.

In case this wasn’t enough, Myra Canyon Adventure Park provides additional adventure opportunities with a whole host of outdoor climbing activities and rope courses for the entire family. They also have three zip lines that clock in at 70 metres in length (each!) and offer group team-building challenges and games!

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