Breweries in Kelowna have some of the best craft beer in BC. While Kelowna may be chiefly famous as an unrivalled wine country with their iconic Kelowna Wineries, the rich soils of Kelowna are no one-trick pony. Blessed with unique nutrient compositions hailing from the ancient history of geological upheaval, glacial retreat, and volcanic turmoil, this part of the Okanagan fosters tastes that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Add to this a farming community steeped in traditions and passions over a century old, a cutting-edge art scene constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation across every medium, and a glut of gastronomists intent on providing the perfect pairing for any beverage you can imagine, and you have fertile ground for, well… just about anything.

Kelowna farmsteads have their roots in orchard fruits, making it the perfect place to sample the very crispest, most refreshing summertime ciders. The local distilleries too are adept at bringing out the very best tastes from their neighbouring farms and on-site agricultural projects. Even a burgeoning craft brewing scene has recently effervesced, drowning you in a sea of hoppy options for a perfectly pulled pint. No matter where you choose to grab a glass, rest assured that the unique flavour profiles and artistic inspirations of this vital part of the Okanagan will have crept into every recipe.

Really, the only hard part about quenching your thirst in Kelowna is settling on a place to start. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you, featuring all the local favourites and putting together this comprehensive list of the Best Breweries in Kelowna.

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Best Kelowna Breweries

Vice & Virtue Brewing

Vice & Virtue Brewing (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

These community champions have grown their business from a backyard shed to somewhere you can drink the whole night away and still not have sampled everything. Their DIY ethos and inseparable entanglement with Kelowna’s beloved artistic scene ensure fresh tastes and a safe space for all members of society.

Vice & Virtue are as good at soaking up booze as they are at supplying it, with a specialty menu that’s always designed around their current craft range.

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 374 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna

Website | Instagram

Kettle River Brewing Co.

Kettle River Brewing Co. (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

Fans of exclusive draughts, chilled-out patio sessions, and campsite classic cuisine should look no further than this self-sufficient brewery. There isn’t a single element of their bevies that doesn’t come from within; all the designing, producing, and packaging takes place on-site from the brewhouse out back.

Considered craft beer culture pioneers, Kettle River pride themselves on only ever creating small batches and serving them up fresh. New joys await each time you visit!

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 731 Baillie Avenue Kelowna

Website | Instagram

Rustic Reel Brewing Co. (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

Rustic Reel Brewing Company

Brewing up stand-out local beers and distilling the varied aspects of the Okanagan into a single space, visit Rustic Reel for a true Kelowna experience. They really have thought of everything, with a range of brews that will satisfy everyone – whether your tastes are fussy, extremely specific, or spectrum-spanning.

Anglers especially should pay this place a visit, as the staff share your passion for all things fishy. Their huge patio is a community hub, and you and your friends can even hire out a firepit in the cold winter months.

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 760 Vaughan Avenue, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Barn Owl Brewing

Kelowna Brewery Barn Owl

Barn Owl Brewing Co. (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

Step into a simple, unassuming, red-painted barn and be transported into an architectural wonderland of rustic wooden design and passionately brewed beer. A doctor, a teacher, and a church worker – all with a shared fascination for fermentation – have transformed this heritage building into a craft-sampling must-see with all the original character still intact.

As well as a massive drink menu with enough tastes to make your head spin, you can find delicious munchies, plus live music every single Wednesday and Sunday!

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 4269 Lakeshore Road Kelowna

Website | Instagram

Red Bird Brewing

Kelowna Brewery Red Bird
Red Bird Kelowna Brewery

Red Bird Brewing (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

Named after a regatta boat in an old grainy black-and-white photograph from Kelowna’s heyday, it’s clear that the spirit of the city is central to this establishment. You can see in everything they do, from the commitment to locally-sourced ingredients to the way this cozy space is designed to foster community bonding.

Anyone looking to jam out to loud music or watch sports on wall-mounted TVs should steer clear. However, if you are looking to taste homegrown passions and meet the genuine folks of Kelowna, don’t miss out on Red Bird.

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 1086 Richter Street
Website | Instagram

Jacknife Brewing

Kelowna Brewery Jacknife

Jackknife Brewing (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

Freaky and proud, Jackknife is the place to go if you want to experience one-off tastes, brews on the weirder side, and have a generally off-kilter time. Championing inclusion, diversity, and an exploration of the fringes of mainstream society, it’s no wonder this place is a favourite for Kelowna’s LGBTQ2S+ scene.

You’ll find good vibes only here across a menu of beers encompassing local terroirs, European yeast strains that go back centuries, bold Nordic influences, and so so much more. You may need to visit the tasting room to get to grips with range here and still remember it!

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 727 Baillie Avenue, Kelowna BC.

Website | Instagram

Kelowna Beer Institute

Kelowna Beer Institute (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

Right in the beating heart of Kelowna’s cultural district (near the lake!) is this brewery that more than lives up to its name. Their diverse flavour spectrum spans from spectacularly light to the deepest darks and back again, with special seasonal ranges available, as well as an ever-changing experimental beer served without even a thought of filtering.

Lovers of aromatic brews, complex yet balanced tastes that make you stop and think, and raw flavours should mark this one as a must-visit.

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 1346 Water Street

Website | Instagram

Copper Brewing Company

Kelowna Brewery Copper Brewing

Copper Brewing Company (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

Love is what started it all at Copper Brewing. The two founders met at a friend’s wedding, where one had homebrewed the event’s beer in his garage, and the other was enchanted by it. That love can still be tasted today in every expertly pulled pint.

With 20+ brews on tap, a range of lip-smackingly distinctive IPAs guaranteed, beers that contribute to local charities, and a venue filled with smiles galore, it’s hard to think of a reason not to pay them a visit.

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 1851 Kirschner Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Shore Line Brewing Co.

Kelowna Brewery Shore Line

Shore Line Brewing Co. (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

There’s nowhere quite like Kelowna for enjoying an ice-cold brew with a knockout view. With a venue right across the street from one of Kelowna’s most popular beaches, Shore Line is the best ever summer beer spot. Championing local produce across their range of homebrewed beers and their food menu, you can quite literally drink in the Okanagan here.

They host a new featured beer every month and it’s always amazing. The rest of their menu won’t disappoint either, with a diverse selection of tastes from all over the local area and a range of influences from classic to boundary-pushing.

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 13477 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Kelowna Brewing Company

Kelowna Brewing Company
Kelowna Brewing Company

Kelowna Brewing Company (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

The busy staff at this popular stop near the university are experts in brewing the finest local flavours to be enjoyed on their spectacular suntrap patio area. You can find everything from regular favourites to festive-themed brews, pineapple cocktail-inspired tipples, and other beers showcasing Kelowna’s world-famous soft fruits.

This is also the perfect place to pick up some alcoholic souvenirs for the folks back home. Not only will you be giving them a patented taste of the Okanagan, but you can also get your choice of photograph printed directly onto the can!

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 975 Academy Way, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Wild Ambition Brewing

In a place as bustling with breweries as Kelowna, it takes something special to stand out. That’s exactly what’s on offer at Wild Ambition, the only brewers specializing in mixed-fermentation ales optimized for bottled consumption.

Wild Ambition permit no sacrilege, ensuring that every batch is brewed with the finest local-only ingredients using traditional methods that have been honed in the lands around them for over a century. We suggest trying something fruity for a homage to the taste potential of Kelowna’s orchards.

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 1-3314 Appaloosa Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

BNA Brewing Co.

BNA Brewing Co. (Courtesy of – BNA Brewing Co.)

BNA is a one-stop shop containing absolutely everything you need for a great night out in Kelowna. An extensive list of homebrewed beers? Check. A tasting room to try them all out in? Check. A world-class eatery to tie it all together? Check. A bowling alley for the tipsy time of your life? You best believe it.

Keep your eye out for special seasonal brews at the time of your visit, as these delicate crafts change often – and we wouldn’t want you to miss a thing!

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 1254 Ellis Street, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Unleashed Brewing Co.

the best kelowna breweries

If you brought your furry friend with you to Kelowna (or if you’re just passionate about pups) then you simply must check out Unleashed. The canine crazy owners have created a dog sanctuary on their patio, providing space for your pooch to make friends, receive plenty of pats, or even crash out one of their specially provided dog beds. They also throw regular paint nights, where you will be supplied with all the necessary ingredients to create your own pet portrait – with prizes for the winners.

Oh, and they also have a great selection of brews, including a pale ale inspired by the legendary lone wolf of Vancouver Island, Takaya!

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 880 Clement Avenue, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Freddy’s Brewpub

Freddys Brewpub Kelowna Breweries

Freddy’s Brew Pub (Courtesy of – BC Ale Trail)

We’re not sure what it is about Kelowna that leads to the locals combining homebrewing and bowling, but we’re certainly not complaining! It definitely helps us to get over the anxiety of having the barriers down, anyway.

Freddy’s boasts beautiful rotating brews, an extensive spread of foodstuffs, special bowling nights (including all-you-can-bowl on Sundays and Wednesdays!), live music, and rip-roaring comedy nights. Talk about a good time!

Visit this Kelowna Brewery:

Address: 948 McCurdy Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Best Kelowna Cider

Soma Craft Cidery

Soma Craft Cidery (Courtesy of – Scott Bakken Productions)

Masters of the field-to-tap philosophy, Soma have refined every step of their process to bring you small batches of bespoke handcrafted cider that sings. Relying only on their own produce, skill, and the unique taste qualities of the Okanagan soil, you won’t find a whisper of added sugar, sweetener, or concentrate here.

As well as providing reliable taste sensations, you can lose yourself in the beauty of their orchard acres, bring your children to befriend the neighbourhood alpacas, or even spend your stay right up close to the action in the contemporary bliss of their inn.

Visit this Kelowna Cidery:

Address: 4485 Sallows Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Scenic Road Cider Co.

Scenic Road Kelowna Cider

Scenic Road Cider Co. (Courtesy of – Nic Caller Film)

Racking up over 85 years growing some of Kelowna’s finest apples is this gorgeous farmstead tucked away in the rolling Okanagan hills. At the aptly-named Scenic Road, the whole process takes place on one property; the apples are picked, pressed, fermented, filtered, carbonated, bottled, and then finally guzzled all on-site! They do bottles to takeaway too, of course, not wanting to deprive anyone of their patient craft.

Their range of masterful artisanal ciders are complex and attention-commanding. You can sample a variety of distinct flavours in their tasting rooms or bask in their 20-acres with a fully licensed picnic area that allows you to bring your own basket of snacks while they supply the booze.

Visit this Kelowna Cidery:

Address: 770 Packinghouse Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Wards Cider

Five generations of expertise have made Wards what it is today, a cider-craft institution still housed in its original historic 1922 packing house. Their all-natural process relies on using high acidity apple varietals, patiently tree-ripened for thoughtful complexity and a mouth-watering crisp finish. Have you ever tried a cider akin to that first bite of a fresh juicy apple?

Locals know that one of their secret ingredients is premium champagne yeast. This component causes a slow, delicious metamorphosis, rich in intricacy and aromatics. Hit up their legendary tasting room to see it for yourself.

Visit this Kelowna Cidery:

Address: 2287 Ward Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Upside Cidery

We can’t see any downsides to a visit to Upside Cidery. Terrible puns aside, these guys are considered the sustainable cider champions of Kelowna and know a thing or two about how to get the best taste in every bottle. Enjoy Kelowna’s only all-organic cider range atop their gorgeous rooftop patio or keep the good times flowing by joining their acclaimed Cider Club.

Upside know that the soils of Kelowna have so much more to offer than just apples. That’s why you’ll find a range of ciders that work in the best fruits from neighbouring farms, as well as a wonderful woodfired pizza truck providing pies heaped with organic Okanagan goodness. We recommend checking out their kombucha too!

Visit this Kelowna Cidery:

Address: 2555 Gale Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Truck 59 Ciderhouse

Not every cidery has the pleasure of becoming one of the most popular hangouts for local residents and whole-family outings. Truck 59 has, however. We chalk this up to the beautiful views, their outrageously frolic-able grassy spaces, and their penchant for BBQing up a storm. All of this has created a social hub with the best quality ciders always on tap. Come along and bustle with the regulars at this hip and happening hangout.

Truck 59’s ciders each have their own complex personality. When we asked why this was, the staff told us that one of their cidermakers is a relaxed free spirit, while the other is more of a reclusive, mysterious experimenter. The result? Multi-faceted tastes you won’t find anywhere else.

Visit this Kelowna Cidery:

Address: 3887 Brown Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Best Kelowna Distilleries

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery (Courtesy of – Brandon Boot)

One of the Okanagan’s best, this distillery has no doubt lost track of the countless awards that have been heaped upon them over the years. If phrases like ‘Artisanal Distillery of the Year’ and ‘World-Class Distillery,’ get you excited, make sure to create room in your itinerary for this special place.

Bourbons and single-malts are the specialties here, taking the local terroirs to the next level. This distillery is nothing if not adaptable though, with a range that encompasses brandies, gins, vodkas, absinthes, and natural fruit liqueurs that show off the best soft fruits the Okanagan has to offer. Come for a tour and a trip to the tasting room and try to leave without picking up a bottle for yourself – we dare you!

Visit this Kelowna Distillery:

Address: 267 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Forbidden Spirits Distillery

Forbidden Spirits Kelowna Distillery

Forbidden Spirits Distillery (Courtesy of – Shawn Talbot Photography)

Deliciously tempting, seductive, and sinful yet oh so pure, Forbidden Spirits plucked their inspiration straight from that most notorious apple tree in the Garden of Eden. Despite their devilish aesthetic, you won’t find more heavenly tastes or refined methods at any other distillery. Their flagship Rebel Vodka is distilled a shocking twenty-five times! That’s compared to between three to five times, which is the industry standard.

All the plant-based boozes here have their origins in seeds straight from the on-site orchard or neighbouring farms, with every step of the creation process personally overseen by the Forbidden Spirits team. Far from forbidden knowledge, they’re happy to teach you all about their unique take on the trade with wisdom-packed tours and tasting sessions.

Visit this Kelowna Distillery:

Address: 440 Wallace Hill Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Wiseacre Farm Distillery

Wiseacre Kelowna Spirits

Displaced from linear time and distilling the essence of history into every batch are the traditionally-minded experts of Wiseacre. Step onto their grounds and back into the past, with tours that get you acquainted with heritage equipment and vintage techniques. This rustic six-acre farmstead hidden away in the woods of southeast Kelowna is a must-visit for anyone seeking an insight into the humble origins of this now thriving local industry.

There’s nothing quite like a bespoke farmyard cocktail to make your tastebuds tingle after a day of distilling history, wandering through fairy-tale woodlands, and meeting some of the friendliest farmers we’ve found.

Visit this Kelowna Distillery:

Address: 4275 Goodison Road, Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram

Urban Distilleries & Winery

Backdropped by pine-studded peaks that are uniquely Kelowna’s, the sun-dappled patio area here is one of our favourite places for a summertime tipple. That’s far from all that’s on offer though, with an extensive retail store, tasting bar, cocktail lounge, educational classes and workshops, and a range of comprehensive tours to be found inside.

It’s not all fun and games with Urban Distilleries though, they also do a lot of important charity work to help protect one of West Coast Canada’s most unique and vulnerable creatures: the Spirit Bear. Make sure to do your bit and pick up a bottle of this namesake brew alongside whatever other small-batch artisanal treats you end up selecting.

Visit this Kelowna Distillery:

Address: 4275 Goodison Road, West Kelowna BC

Website | Instagram