The Hole in the Wall, Port Alberni is a popular spot for tourists in the area year-round. It’s the ideal place to have a gentle hike, take a swim and take some great pictures with the whole family.

To help you make the most of your trip and find out what to expect when visiting, here’s everything you need to know about Hole in the Wall.

Welcome to Hole in the Wall, Port Alberni

Hole In The Wall Port Alberni

The popular Hole in the Wall is located in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. As the name suggests, it is a hole that runs through a large rock formation, big enough to walk through the middle. Through the hole runs a picturesque creek which forms pools on either side.

While some believe it to be a natural phenomenon, the hole is in fact manmade. The hole was originally drilled through the rock pile in order to make way for a pipeline that provided water to the city of Port Alberni.

Even though the large pipe has since been removed, careful onlookers will be able to see fragments of metal from the old pipe throughout the area.

How to Get to Hole in the Wall, Port Alberni

The Hole in the Wall is located just outside of the center of Port Alberni on Alberni Highway directly opposite the Coombs Country County store.

Visitors to the Hole in the Wall park at a parking lot near Coombs Country Candy, and cross the highway to reach the path. Please be extremely cautious when crossing. Make sure to look out for oncoming traffic and keep an extra eye on any little ones who may be with you!

Hole in the Wall Hike

Once parked, you’ll be able to reach the hole itself through a short 1km scenic walk, suitable for hikers of most abilities. The hike is fairly easy, however, there is a steep incline at the end of the trail leading down to the Hole in the Wall. Therefore, you should take special care in rainy weather as the trail can become muddy and slippery. Due to this portion of the trail, it’s not suited to wheelchair users, strollers, or people with mobility issues.

Once you are on the trail, you’ll see a small sign that says, ‘Hole in the Wall.’

Hole in the Wall Port Alberni Trail

Keep following the path until you come to a clearing with a fork in the road, where you’ll need to take the path on the right. After a few minutes, this path splits to the left. Follow this down a steep hill and you’ll see another signpost for Hole in the Wall. Then, go down the steep incline where you’ll reach your destination!

Once you arrive at the Hole in the Wall, you’ll be able to climb up and stand in the hole itself if the water is low enough. You’ll need to wade through the water or use rocks as stepping stones to reach the base of the rock. Then you can climb up to reach the hole. It’s a fairly easy climb as the rock is slightly inclined and isn’t very tall, but make sure to take care in wet weather, as the rocks can become slippery.

Some other bonus features when visiting include a viewing platform made of logs and concrete blocks directly opposite the Hole in the Wall, as well as some really beautiful piles of inukshuks beside the water a little further down the creek.

Swimming at Hole in the Wall

As the creek runs through the hole itself, you’ll find small waterfalls filling two beautiful, clear pools of water on either side of the hole. This makes it perfect for taking a dip and doing some wild swimming.

During the summer, the weather is warm enough to take a refreshing swim. However, cold water swimming in the cooler months has restorative benefits for your neurological and immune systems and is a great way to spend some time in nature!

Are There Any Facilities?

Unfortunately, there are no facilities near Hole in the Wall as it is in the middle of a forest trail and is not an official attraction. However, this just gives you more opportunity to get back to basics and enjoy nature as it is meant to be enjoyed.

So, make sure to pack appropriate gear such as a raincoat in case of poor weather, as well as plenty of drinking water. You could also bring a picnic to enjoy while taking in the beautiful views of the water and the surrounding forest.

Hole in the Wall Vancouver Island: Is it Worth the Stop?

While there are many amazing waterfalls on Vancouver Island, like Sombrio Beach, Englishman River Falls, and Sandcut Beach, this one can be somewhat underwhelming if you are there when the water levels are low. 

However, given that it is a super quick little walk, it would be a great stop to stretch your legs if you are on your way to do some Tofino camping.

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