If you’re looking for a unique Tofino camping idea, the vintage Airstream rentals at Mackenzie Beach Resort might something you’d love!

This beautiful location offers breathtaking views and activities for solo or family travelers year-round. It’s a favorite of both locals looking for live music and visitors seeking a hip cottage, beachfront tenting, or decked-out Airstream stay.

Welcome to Mackenzie Beach Resort

Mackenzie Beach Resort Tofino Camping Airstream

Mackenzie Beach Resort is a staple feature in Tofino, having been running for a number of years, although recently under new management.

The resort is located around a 10-minute drive from Tofino right on Mackenzie Beach. It boasts stunning scenic views of the ocean, awe-inspiring sunsets, and a prime location for both under-the-stars campers and those looking for a more trendy stay.

An island just off the beach breaks the majority of the swell of the waves. This makes it a sweet location for families whose priority is great, safe fun. However, adrenaline seekers can still make use of surfer-friendly waves in nearby at Chesterman Beach, Cox Bay or Long Beach.

Mackenzie Beach Resort Accommodation Options

When it comes to staying overnight at Mackenzie Beach Resort, there are a number of options available to suit any traveler and any budget. You will be able to choose from:

Vintage Airstream Camping

Mackenzie Beach Resort Airstream Rentals Tofino

What sets Mackenzie Beach Resort apart from their camping partners in the community is their completely refurbished vintage Airstreams. As a unique option in the area, they are what drew us in to feature them in our Best Ever Tofino Camping Spots.

Resort staff has sourced ‘70s Airstreams from all over the country, restoring them to their former condition and fitting them out with luxury features including memory foam beds, full bathrooms, dining areas, and mini kitchens. So, you can sleep in style when staying at Mackenzie Beach.

While they are not situated in the wild forested sites that their neighbour, Bella Pacifica Campground offers, we think campers who are attracted to this place are looking for a camping experience that feels like they are in a boutique, modish Airbnb – right near a beautiful beach with a hip, vibrant vibe. Check, check and ✅. 

If you are looking for more sleeping space, maybe bunk beds for the little kiddos in your Tofino Camping RV Rentals? Check out those offered at Crystal Cove Beach Resort just down the road. 

Walk-in Beachfront Tenting and Camping Spots

Outside of their Airstream rentals, Mackenzie Beach Resort offers both tenting and RV spots. While you can get beachfront tent camping, you will have to park a little ways away and pack in your tent and equipment. But that view, though. 😍

Mackenzie Beach Resort Beachfront Camping Tent

There are also camping spots you can tuck your unit in right next to the sweet rentable Airstreams. The sites are not all that special, but you will be within walking distance to Mackenzie Beach and the cool live music happening on site. Keep reading…

Mackenzie Beach Resort RV Sites

Cabins at Mackenzie Beach Resort

Mackenzie Beach Resort Cabins

If camping isn’t for you, there’s no need to worry! You also have the option of staying in one of the resort’s many cabins.

You can choose from various sizes, from 1 to 3 beds, as well as choosing between beachfront cabins, or ones with a stunning ocean view, set back under the trees.

Mackenzie Beach Resort Cottages

Each cabin comes with its own beds, furniture, bathrooms, heating and gas stoves, kitchen areas, as well as access to the resort’s amenities. We didn’t have a chance to view the cabins as they were fully booked when we were there, but they look super hip and modern.

Mackenzie Beach Resort Amenities

Mackenzie Beach Resort Amenities

Mackenzie Beach Resort has plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable during your stay.

All tent and RV campers have access to token operator shower and washrooms, laundry facilities, free WIFI, a general store (? – keep reading), a restaurant, bike, and watersport equipment rentals, as well as a beautiful beachfront sauna.

Amazing Food + Live Entertainment

Lil’ Ronnie’s BBQ offers hungry adventurers mouth-watering, wood-fired BBQ with the largest outdoor licensed patio on the West Coast. 

A firm local favorite, Lil Ronnies, uses a 13-foot mobile lang smoker, using alder and maple wood to create their signature bold flavors. You’ll be able to enjoy tantalizing Texas BBQ-style dishes, local wines, and cocktails, as well as live music – all a hop, skip, and a jump (or maybe stumble depending on how much fun you had at the tent) away from amazing beach sunsets.

On many summer nights, you can join in on some excellent live entertainment at Lil Ronnie’s BBQ tent. So much fun! If you want a hip, party atmosphere, this place has your name all over it.


Mackenzie Beach Resort Lil' Ronnies

General Store (?)

I must admit, I was confused by this one. There is a sign on the road that points to a general store. The sign outside indicates this general store offers “provisions”. To me, that meant I could go buy a few small groceries – like milk. That’s not the case. Their General Store Tofino Facebook page says:

“The General Store, is located in the lobby of MacKenzie Beach Resort, in Tofino, BC. Serving coffee, salads & paninis, charcuterie boards, craft cocktails, beer, BC sustainable wines; paired with local live music throughout the week. All ages are welcome.”

So. It’s a cool little cafe/bar with live music. While it looks super cool, it was not operational when we were there, and they did not have groceries of any kind. (I think this confusion might come from the fact that I’m nearly 50 and not nearly hip enough? 🤷🏼‍♀️?

Mackenzie Beach Resort General Store

Mackenzie Beach Resort Activities

Being a beachfront location, naturally, there are a number of beach and water activities for those who want to stay active and make the most of the beautiful surrounding nature, including:

Watersports and Equipment Rentals

For those with an adventurous spirit, Swell Tofino, is located near the beach for all of your equipment rental needs. You’ll be able to rent wetsuits, paddleboards, and surfboards to get out on the water with the waves.

You can even hire an instructor for a surfing lesson or for a paddleboarding tour where you’ll learn more about the ocean and the local marine life. Alternatively, if land activities are more to your taste, you can rent some bikes and head off into the forest.

Beachfront Saunas

How many times have you scrolled Instagram’s Tofino hashtag and come across a beachfront Tofino sauna shot and said I NEED TO GO THERE? 

Mackenzie Beach Resort Sauna

We think you should totally go there and sit right here. You can easily book Tuff City Sauna’s at Mackenzie Beach Resort and walk to your blissful sauna spot right at this resort every night before you call it a night or start your day, depending on which way you roll.

Mackenzie Beach Resort Sauna



Cox Bay Lookout Sunset

The hiking trails in Tofino offer some of the most stunning views in the country. Our favourites are the Cox Bay Lookout Trail, the Rainforest Trail, and the Wild Pacific Trail. But there are loads of Tofino hiking trails for you to explore. Just jump onto AllTrails and pick one that calls your name.

How to Get to Mackenzie Beach Resort

If setting off from Vancouver, you’ll first need to catch the Horseshoe Bay ferry out of North Vancouver to Departure Bay in Nanaimo. Then travel north on highway 19. Take exit 60 onto Highway 4, then at Port Alberni, continue down the hill, and take a right at the T-junction. After this, follow the signs to Tofino. The resort is located just 5 minutes South of Tofino by car.

The drive from Nanaimo to Tofino is one of the best scenic drives on the West Coast. You’ll pass through ocean views, drive deep into the forest and take in all the sights that the coast has to offer. You can even make a pit stop at a location on the way, such as the fishing town of Port Alberni.

Happy Adventuring

Now you know all of the best features of Mackenzie Beach Resort, it’s time to get adventuring! Set off on your own or get the gang together for a scenic trip to Tofino to enjoy the local beaches in a luxury cabin or get ready for an escape to nature, complete with watersports and beachfront camping. Whatever your preference, there is truly something for everybody.