Welcome to your guide to the Best Osoyoos Restaurants! The lands around Osoyoos are world-famous for their farming potential. Volcanic and glacial minerals leftover from dramatic tectonic actions deep in the past has given fruits and vegetables grown here truly unique taste properties, known technically as terroirs. This is one of the reasons the region is so celebrated for its outstanding and one-of-a-kind wine tastes to be found at Osoyoos Wineries.

However, these tastes aren’t just limited to the vineyards. Before grapes came soft fruits, abundant in orchards, their branches heavy with cherries, apples, nectarines, and so much more. Now, these unique tastes sprawl in every direction, augmented by decades of farming advances and enlightened by international influences.

All of this has made the Okanagan a treasure-trove for farmers and foodies alike. Kelowna, the region’s jewel city, is the most famous cuisine destination. But the smaller surrounding towns like Osoyoos are all too often overlooked for their taste potential, with restaurants and local farmers working in quiet conjunction to serve up some truly spectacular plates.

We’re not willing to leave the hidden gems of Osoyoos with their stories unsung. That’s why we’ve done our own personal tour of all the best Osoyoos restaurants, consulting the wisdom of the locals and tracing Osoyoos’ best produce from farm to table.

Best Osoyoos Restaurants

Best Osoyoos Fine Dining

Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek

Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek
Miradoro Restaurant Patio View
Miradoro Restaurant Pizza

A little beyond Osoyoos, you will find one of the Okanagan Valley’s finest winery restaurants – Miradoro Restaurant located at Tinhorn Creek Vineyards in Oliver, British Columbia.

Executive Chef Jeff Van Geest is known for using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create a variety of dishes influenced by Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Pair your meal with a selection of locally made wines from Tinhorn Creek Vineyards and spectacular views and you will have one of the Best Ever dining experiences in the Okanagan.

The restaurant also offers a number of special events, weekly features, and wine-pairing dinners throughout the year. In addition to rustic yet elegant indoor seating, Miradoro Restaurant also has an incredible outdoor patio area where guests can dine al fresco and take in the stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and valleys.

It’s difficult to recommend a specific dish at Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek, as the menu is likely to change depending on the season and the availability of local ingredients. However, we highly recommend their Open Fire Neapolitan Style Pizza.

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Address: 537 Tinhorn Creek Road, Oliver BC

Website | Instagram

15 Park Bistro

Osoyoos Patio Restaurant 15 Park BistroLocated in Watermark Beach Resort, 15 Park Bistro beckons with an alluring promise of fine wines, delectable cuisine, and a comfortable atmosphere. Whether you seek a casual evening with friends or an intimate dinner for two, this intimate lakeside dining destination offers an experience that is sure to captivate your senses.

As you step into the bistro, you are greeted by a carefully curated selection of regional wines that embody the terroir of the area. Each bottle tells a story, crafted with passion by local vintners who pour their heart and soul into every sip. For those seeking something more inventive, the specialty cocktails on offer showcase the freshest local ingredients, expertly blended to create unique and memorable libations.

At the heart of 15 Park Bistro’s beverage program lies an unwavering commitment to showcasing the finest local offerings. From wines and ciders to beers, spirits, and handcrafted cocktails, the menu is a celebration of the region’s rich and diverse libation scene. Every sip is an exploration of the unique flavours and inspirations that thrive in our local community.

The culinary philosophy at 15 Park Bistro revolves around the pillars of freshness, locality, and seasonality. Chef Nick Atkins, a passionate advocate of supporting local organic farms, sources ingredients directly from these purveyors whenever possible. The result is a menu that embodies the vibrant flavours of the region, with each dish thoughtfully crafted to showcase the bounty of the area. From enticing share plates that foster conviviality to meticulously curated charcuterie selections and tantalizing house-made desserts, every bite is a celebration of the region’s culinary treasures.

15 Park Bistro is open seven days a week, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The extended operating hours allow guests to embark on a culinary journey throughout the day, savouring the delights of the region whenever their appetite calls.

(Read more about this restaurant in our full story on the Watermark Beach Resort.)

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Address: 15 Park Pl #235, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V0

Website | MenuInstagram

Convivia Bistro

Best Osoyoos Restaurants Conviva BistroWith a focus on classic Italian and French cuisine, Convivia has brought the gastronomic highlights of continental Europe to the Okanagan. But the operation is so much more than a simple transplant, with the region’s best ingredients becoming stars in dishes traditionally essential to the worldwide fine dining community.

For starters, sample fresh-from-the-brain innovation with the Chef’s Soup Creation of the day. Or, if you want to sample a restaurant mainstay, get the layered delight of the Tartiflette. If you’re feeling particularly continental, there’s always the Escargots in Garlic and Fragrant Herbs for an adventure well worth taking. It’s equally as hard to narrow down the mains, but the Cassoulet featuring duck confit, white beans, pork belly, and Toulouse sausage is a true taste of Southwest France. The pizza and pasta sections are brimming with advisable selections too.

Honestly, this place could cause a headache for the indecisive. Their drinks menu has a similarly extensive range, with local terroirs on show across red wines, champagnes, white wines, rosés, locally-brewed beers, imported brews, dozens of cocktails, and alcoholized coffees! Luckily, their knowledgeable waiters will be on-hand to help narrow down your choices.

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Address: 8312 74TH Avenue, Osoyoos


The Bear, The Fish, The Root & The Berry at Nk’Mip Cellars

Nk’Mip, pronounced ‘in-ka-meep,’ is one of the true jewels of Osoyoos restaurants. This huge First Nations-run complex contains a sprawling interpretative centre, protected desert nature reserves, vineyards, the town’s largest campgrounds, and resort-style accommodation with this unbeatable restaurant at the heart of it.

Here you can find flavours that have been millennia in the making. Four Food Chiefs marry the traditional delicacies of the area’s First Nations people with culinary influences from around the world, dispelling the assumption that boundary-pushing food innovation cannot live side-by-side with ancestral practices. You will find only the most ethical ingredients in use here, true to the natural harmony central to First Nations’ spirituality. Many of them are grown on-site using traditional techniques (including the grapes for their delectable wines), while others are sourced only from the most sustainable sources in the local area.

Experience the taste of the wilderness with local Wild BC Salmon, served with fried wild rice, foraged mushroom broth, and a dill cucumber seaweed salad. Taste hunting tradition with the Sage Basted Elk Loin. Wrap it all up with Butterfly Dreams, where peach and sage compote and hazelnut praline choux dance delicately with pistachio sponge and meringue. True to tradition, the food here tells stories.

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Address: 1200 Rancher Creek Road, Spirit Ridge Resort


Best Classic Osoyoos Restaurants

Diamond Steak & Seafood House

Diamond Steak & SeafoodYou don’t have to push the boat out to experience Osoyoos’ history, as even the casual eateries here are steeped in traditions of serving the locals across their lifespans. Diamond Steak & Seafood House, for example, has been one of the Osoyoos restaurants that have been in business for more than 40 years, with the current owners operating it since 1998.

In that time, they’ve perfected their environment, creating a homely space where all can come to get their bellies filled with lovingly crafted home-style Greek food, prime beef cuts, and a whole host of seafood dishes. They aren’t afraid to move with the times either, as you can tell by their dedicated separate menu that only features gluten-free offerings, so the dietarily restricted amongst you don’t have to miss a thing.

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with one of their Sterling Silver Steaks, which are cut and cooked to order – with the option to oversize your portions beyond those displayed on the menu if you’re really hungry. Their Prime Rib is incredible too, as are traditional Greek dishes like Mousakka with grilled eggplant and zucchini, or the Vegetarian Souvlaki that sautés the freshest local veg in authentic spice blends. As for the fish, can you ever go wrong with ordering a Wild BC Salmon Filet?

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Address: 8903 Main Street, Osoyoos


Greenside Grill

Greenside Grill

Whether you’ve worked up an appetite taking on the championship-level course at Osoyoos Golf Club, or simply want to take advantage of three different patio dining areas with swooning vistas across the vineyard-clad hills, Greenside Grill is so much more than your standard dining affair.

Their unbeatably gorgeous location bestows unforgettable views, which you can enjoy with flavour-packed foods and local vintages – without ever having to sacrifice its casual and relaxed dining atmosphere. Whether you just want to sate a passing twinge of hunger with a club sandwich or Bratwurst hot dog or fill your stomach to the brim with entrée and mains, Greenside has got what you need.

If you like it zesty, their Soft Taco Trio will delight with fresh pineapple, chili chicken, and apple jicama slaw, to name just a few ingredients. Their 60oz New York Steak Sandwich is a hole-in-one, served with sliced mushrooms, garlic herb toast, sautéed sweet onions, and plenty of fries. Or, if you’re feeling spontaneous, get a one-off taste with their Soup of the Moment, created fresh in-house each day.

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Address: 12300 Golf Course Dr, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V0


Wildfire Grill

Wildfire Grill Osoyoos RestaurantDown on Main Street, Wildfire Grill is another local favourite who have been blessing the town’s tastebuds for two decades. Their relaxed dining atmosphere extends across an indoor dining area, lounge, and spacious outdoor patio area, making it the perfect choice for a casual dinner out that is kind to your wallet.

We really love how even the most casual eateries in Osoyoos understand that championing the exquisite local produce that grows in this area is key to creating a memorable menu. Their Blacked Yellowfin Tuna sears beautiful fish until medium-rare and serves it up with vegetables that highlight the current best-in-season. Their pizzas are generously topped with farm-fresh local produce. The menu even offers tastes from further afield, with oriental influences to be found in each section.

Of course, it wouldn’t be dining in the Okanagan unless your choice of food was paired with a delicious local wine. Luckily, the staff at Wildfire Grill know their vintages, and intimate relationships with the local wineries ensure you get the very best beneath every cork.

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Address: 8526 Main St, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V4


Best Osoyoos Pizza and Italian Restaurants

Mamis Pizza

Mamis Pizza OsoyoosThe Rai family has played a considerable role in making the town what it is today. Not content to just excel in one field, their talents stretch to growing succulent local fruit, running the beloved Indian Flame restaurant, and serving Osoyoos’ residents their favourite pizza slices.

All of that talent converges at Mamis Pizza. You can tell that their pizza pies have been assembled not just with love, but with a firm understanding of the local soil terroirs and how to get the very best out of each ounce of farm-fresh produce. Open since 1994, the family has had a long time to achieve this level of perfection.

You’ll find all styles of pizza here, from indulgent Bacon Double Cheeseburger Pizzas (featuring proper Canadian bacon!) to simple Cheese Lovers Pizzas or the ever-controversial Hawaiian Deluxe that doesn’t skimp on the pineapple. If you want to go all-out, opt for the Mami’s special Everything Pizza. No matter what you select, don’t sleep on the dips, which come in ranch, roasted garlic, and cheddar habanero varieties.

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Address: 8515 Main Street, Osoyoos


Campo Marina

Campo Marina Osoyoos RestaurantHave you ever tasted fate before? If not, listen to the owner of Campo Marina’s story and tell us that these tastes weren’t meant to be. Back in 1994, she was passing through Osoyoos when her car broke down. While dining at a nearby hotel, she told a friendly local her dreams of opening a restaurant. Well, he just so happened to be selling his – and he offered her an outstanding deal on the grounds that she cook him a single meal each day.

The result? The tastes of the Mediterranean were transplanted to the Okanagan. With a rich repertoire of Mamma Rubie’s traditional Italian dishes, training in some of the best hotels in France and London, and the passion of a realized dream, the meals here are as rich in character as they are in flavour.

We were bowled over by the delicately-spiced cream sauce of the Linguini Gamberetti Picccante, as well as the tender treatment of seafood staples scallops and smoked salmon in the Fettuccine Supremo. The steaks smelled incredible, and the friendly waiter was all too eager to explain how each cut is painstakingly marinaded for 28 days. Even their salads were standout, with the capers in the Insalata Di Pomodoro providing the pop of flavour we didn’t know we needed.

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Address: 5907 Main Street, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V3


Best Osoyoos Pubs

The Owl Pub

The Owl PubWe believe that you can always judge a town by the quality of its local taverns, and when we saw the stunning beachfront views and heard the burble of friendly conversation emanating from The Owl, we knew we’d been right all along.

Their menu has all the pub-grub classics, cooked with an eye for fine detail and a reverence for the best local ingredients. If you’re not afraid of choice paralysis, treat yourself to the Chicken Wings with 11 different sauce varieties to choose from, including teriyaki, maple bacon, and honey garlic. Or, try the slightly misleadingly-named Owl Burger, with a homemade beef patty stacked with fresh salad, smoky cheese, and homemade bacon jam. If you’re feeling a little classier, why not opt for a Pad Thai that tosses chicken, tofu, and vegetables in an in-house peanut sauce.

They’ve got plenty of the finest local brews and wines from stand-out wineries in the local area, so you can begin your Okanagan taste tour right there while you watch the big game.

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Address: 7603 Spartan Drive, Osoyoos


The Sage Pub

The Sage PubOur second pub recommendation can also be found on the shores of Osoyoos Lake, because why would you opt to eat a hearty pub meal and refresh yourself with some of the best local brews anywhere that doesn’t spoil you with a view like that?

We’ll start with the light snacks. The Spinach and Artichoke Dip is made in-house, and will drive you wild with stringy mozzarella, creamy tastes, with both pita and chips for dipping. Their Sage Platter covers all bases with nachos, mozzarella sticks, battered mushrooms, wings, and an armada of dipping sauces – so don’t miss out on that if your group is particularly peckish. Main-wise, each of their burgers has its own distinct personality, and they’ve covered all the other bases with comprehensive pub classics and many other dishes with inspirations taken from around the globe.

As well as great food and commitment to providing a deep dive into the best local boozes, you can find all the biggest games shown here, special events, and an on-site liquor store if you wanted to take a bit of the party home with you.

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Address: 6403 Cottonwood Drive, Osoyoos


Best Osoyoos Coffee and Cafés

Junction 3 Coffeehouse

Osoyoos Junction 3

Junction 3 Coffeehouse is a haven for coffee lovers seeking a remarkable café experience. With a diverse menu of classic favourites like amazing drip coffee, espresso, macchiatos, lattes, and everyone’s beloved Americanos, Junction 3 caters to every coffee preference. For those with a sweet tooth, there are delightful options such as mochas, caramel and hazelnut macchiatos, and indulgent hot chocolates. Customers are even encouraged to unleash their creativity by adding their own syrups and crafting their own unique creations, thanks to the talented and enthusiastic baristas.

What sets Junction 3 Coffeehouse apart is not only their exceptional coffee but also their genuine love for their community. As passionate locals, the J3 team deeply appreciates the town and its wonderful residents. They value the simple pleasures in life and strive to make a positive impact. Actively involved in local community projects and associations, Junction 3 is dedicated to making Osoyoos an even better place for everyone. Their caring nature shines through in every aspect of their service.

Exciting news awaits food lovers as Junction 3 Coffeehouse now offers freshly baked bread and croissants daily. With three staple loaves, including the J3 Seed Sourdough featuring pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and black sesame seeds, and the flavourful Richter Pass Sourdough infused with garlic and oregano, customers can indulge in artisanal bread options. Additionally, the menu features a weekly changing third wheel loaf, such as the Spotted Lake Sourdough with Klippers Plums and Cinnamon.

Amidst the picturesque charm of Osoyoos, Junction 3 Coffeehouse stands out as a delightful destination for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers alike. With their commitment to exceptional coffee, warm community engagement, and the addition of freshly baked bread, Junction 3 has become an essential part of the Osoyoos experience.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 3 Harbour Key Drive, Osoyoos


Jojo’s Café

JoJo's CafeIf you need a little pick-me-up to ensure you have the energy to explore all the varied treats Osoyoos has to offer, you’ll struggle to find a better place to stop than Jojo’s.

We love a café with a philosophy, and Jojo’s commitment to creating a mutually supportive network of local businesses to provide travellers with the very best authentic Okanagan products and flavours is particularly easy to get behind.

Their custom-roast coffees show off the best beans from the local area, their breakfast bites keep locals and travellers alike ticking over, and their lunch menu features soups, salads, and sandwiches served on the very freshest locally-baked breads. The Shrimp Salad sandwich was a particular highlight, with Jojo’s signature velvety dressing stealing the show. Both vegans and omnivores alike should sample Jojo’s Veg Box too, featuring a lively salad selection scattered with aromatic herbs, toasted almonds, and soaked in tahini dressing. You can add meat to it for a small extra charge, if that’s the way you roll.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 8316 Main Street, Osoyoos


Gyro Beach Café

Gyro Beach Cafe OsoyoosWith prime beachfront real-estate, heart-warmingly friendly staff, and a spread of delicious treats that you can take out and eat right on the pristine sands of Gyro Beach or the greens of its adjoining park, you’d be crazy not to pay this cute little café a visit.

You’ll find all sorts of fabulous beach food ideas like hot snacks like quesadillas, paninis, and hot dogs primed to fill a rumbling stomach. If you were in the market for a lighter snack, their fresh-cut salads showcase some excellent locally-grown produce, their chips and salsas offer the perfect picking experience, and their baked goods are always served warm and fresh.

Their gourmet coffee range puts a fresh spin on the café staples, and there are plenty of other hot and cold beverages to keep the whole family quenched and refreshed.

They don’t have an online menu, but if you go down to check it out yourself, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 17 Park Place, Osoyoos

Best Osoyoos Sweet Treats

Roberto’s Gelato

Roberto's GelatoCanada’s hottest freshwater lake and its surrounding semi-desert landscapes that scorch in the summer sun are the definitively perfect place to enjoy a scoop of delicious homemade ice cream.

Roberto’s fine establishment focuses on gelato, which is the Italian variety of scoop, crafted from milk instead of the traditional cream. This means that you’ll get a guilt-free treat, with much less fat content without any sacrifice on flavour. Vegans and lactose intolerant sweet-toothed enthusiasts can rejoice too, as Roberto stocks a range of sorbettos made from real fresh fruit as a replacement for dairy.

The choice of flavours is extensive and constantly rotating, so you never know what kind of treat you’re in for until you arrive. With as many thirty flavours on offer at once in the summer months, you’ll be sure to find something that speaks to you. We tried the Aztec Xocolatl with luxurious dark chocolate and spicy cayenne, as well as a beautifully simple Madagascar Vanilla Gelato. Both were incredible!

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 15 Park Place, Osoyoos


Sugar Quail Bakeshop

Sugar Quail Bake ShopDoes your trip to Osoyoos coincide with a big birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion? Or maybe you’ve just got an undeniable sweet tooth or a hankering for the sensation of biting into a still-warm freshly-baked loaf. Either way, Sugar Quail Bakeshop should be a stop on your list.

The team here are all about creating handcrafted delights from the finest local ingredients and supporting the best farmers in the area in the process. Their menu includes cookies, fruit mousses, buns, popcorn, artisanal breads, cakes of all kinds, and a menagerie of other mouth-watering sweeties. If you’re gluten intolerant, swing by on Saturdays when they roll out their special gluten-free range.

True to the neighbourly vibes of smalltown Okanagan, you can call ahead to request completely personalized one-of-a-kind products. These custom cakes make the best gifts, whether you’re treating somebody you love or just romancing yourself.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 5820 89 Street, Osoyoos


Scoopsies Treat Shop

Scoopies Dog Ice Cream

In this small little town, a fun and unique destination has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Welcome to Scoopsies Treat Shop, a delightful haven where exceptional ice creams, delectable cupcakes, and an array of cool gifts await your indulgence.

Since its inception in 2021, Scoopsies Treat Shop has become synonymous with a delightful ambiance that captivates visitors from near and far. The brainchild of the visionary duo, Kathryn and Seymour, this ice cream haven radiates an atmosphere of super fun and cuteness that is simply irresistible.

Walking into Scoopsies Treat Shop is like stepping into a whimsical wonderland of flavours and indulgence. Their exceptional ice creams, crafted with utmost care, offer a delightful escape from the ordinary. From classic favourites to innovative and daring creations, each scoop promises a taste adventure like no other. And for those with a penchant for cupcakes, Scoopsies’ selection of delectable treats will leave you in awe, with every bite delivering a burst of sweetness that delights the senses.

But Scoopsies Treat Shop doesn’t stop at offering mouthwatering desserts. Within their charming space, you’ll also find an assortment of cool gifts that add an extra layer of joy to your visit. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, their thoughtfully curated selection is sure to spark excitement and bring smiles to faces.

In the heart of Osoyoos, Scoopsies Treat Shop has become more than just an ice cream parlour; it’s a destination that captures the essence of delight and culinary craftsmanship. As you step through its doors, be prepared to embark on a flavourful journey that will leave you with memories to cherish. Whether you’re a local seeking a sweet escape or a visitor looking to experience the best of Osoyoos, Scoopsies Treat Shop eagerly awaits to offer you a warm welcome, a joyful ambiance, and a selection of treats that will transport you to a world of delicious indulgence.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 8324 Main Street, Osoyoos


Best Osoyoos International Food

Indian Flame on Main

Indian Flame on MainThe Rai family (remember them from Mamis Pizza above?) make another appearance on our list, this time with a local-favourite stop for Indian cuisine. They use their experience and connections as multi-decade Osoyoos fruit growers to ensure the very best Okanagan terroirs bring a local touch to the spicy tastes of India.

Their extensive menu spans chicken, lamb, seafood, and vegetarian specialties – with all the classic curry dishes accounted for. Keep it mild with a korma or one of their beautifully creamy coconut curries. Or, show off your spicy prowess with a vindaloo. If you’re a sucker for a traditionally mild dish but still love your chillies, they’ll be happy to spice your dish up to your tastes – all you have to do is ask!

Indian cuisine has so many great options and an almost overwhelming number of tastes up for grabs. That’s why we appreciated their family menu, where you can get an assortment of dishes bundled to share in traditional style! Oh, one more thing, don’t sleep on their sizzlers.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 8527 Main Street, Osoyoos


Ambrosia Western & Indian Cuisine

Ambrosia Indian CuisineOne thing we noticed (and loved!) about Osoyoos is the influx of Indian food in the establishments here. This is especially good when it takes the form of fusion food, where travellers can kill two birds with one stone and experience tastes that talk to one another from across the world.

Ambrosia is a cute little family-run restaurant, whose team are no strangers at the local farmer’s markets. They take the very best ingredients and transform them into cross-continental conversations intent on taking your breath away.

Try their Paneer Pakoras informed by the down-home favourite cottage cheese, see how seasonal veg levels up their Keema Curry Masala, or go straight traditional with some Goat Curry. They have a variety of other dishes from around the world, like Italian, Fish ‘n’ Chips, and good old-fashioned steak cuts, if you’re feeling a little less adventurous.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 6910 Main Street, Osoyoos


Dolci Thai

Dolci Thai Food in OsoyoosWe just love the Okanagan – you’re never too far away from the genuinely authentic tastes of another culture. If Thai food’s your thing, get yourselves down to Dolci Thai for the town’s best transportive trip to Thailand.

Dolci Thai keeps things simple, sticking to traditional recipes and sourcing ingredients that give the most punch, to avoid crowding out the distinctive fresh, zesty, and fiery tastes that make their meals worth writing home about. They also have an outdoor dining patio that is just adorable, with soft wooden furnishing and the results of their green-thumbed endeavours creeping in around every corner.

Recommendations-wise, we suggest starting things off with some Crispy Wontons, which come lavished with plum sauce from the Okanagan’s finest soft fruits. Then for the main, you can’t go wrong with a classic Organic Pad Thai, or you could push the boat out a little and opt for the Sockeye Salmon Bai Tong, which comes wrapped in a char-grilled banana leaf and served with plenty of veggies and aromatic herbs.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 8710 Main Street, Osoyoos


Kozo Cafe

Kozo CafeThe owner of Kozo Café, Hiro, has admitted that he wants to play a personal role in guiding the continued evolution of the Okanagan’s award-winning international cuisine scene.

That’s quite a task, considering the quality to be found everywhere in this part of British Columbia. However, after tasting some of what he has to offer, we’ve got faith!

The sushi at Kozo skews towards the health-conscious side of things, without sacrificing for one second on taste. As well as taste, essential gourmet qualities like texture, visual design, and uniqueness are painstakingly considered and optimized. Get yourself a 35-piece Party Tray to sample the full range or choose wisely from an all-encompassing range that even includes some super interesting Japanese takes on fish and chips.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 8143 Main Street, Osoyoos


Osoyoos Pho Vietnamese Cuisine

Osoyoos Pho Vietnamese CuisineWhile there are many places in Osoyoos with all the bells and whistles, there’s something to be said for the elegant simplicity of a basic little restaurant serving great authentic tastes. Well, that’s exactly what you can find at this Vietnamese restaurant, alongside generous portions, speedy service, and super affordable prices.

Being a Pho-centric establishment, we’re obviously going to have to suggest that you sample one of their excellent traditional noodle soups. There’s plenty of variety on offer, with the uniting factor being a commitment to fresh ingredients and an authentic serving style. Their Deep Fried Wontons are a great accompaniment for some crunchy contrast!

This is a particularly great place to stop by if you’re in a rush and looking to fill up quickly, with a great price tag and no flavour compromises to boot!

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 6511 Main Street, Osoyoos


O’Delights Asian Fusion Restaurant

O'Delights Asian Fusion Osoyoos RestaurantWhere do you go if your group can’t decide between Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, or any other Asian cuisine? After all, they’ve all got their merits – it might be enough to cause a little evening-spoiling bickering. Well, O’Delights have got you covered, with a menu encompassing all the Asian classics and some interesting fusion recipes.

Opt for Chinese-American fusion with their succulent General Tso’s Chicken or go for something a little more authentic with spicy Szechuan. They’ve got Chop Suey, Pho, beautiful Thai soups featuring the rich flavour of tamarind, and even some excellent spicy curry options.

No matter the argument, you can bet Delights have the solution.

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 8323 Main Street, Osoyoos


La Marqueza Mexican Tacos & Market

La marqueza Mexican Tacos and MarketIf you’re on the search for the authentic tastes of Mexico, take a trip downtown to La Marqueza Mexican Market to satisfy all your needs. They import all the essential spices and sauces they can’t source locally all the way from Mexico – and keep their adjoining grocery store stocked them too so you can take them away with you.

The interior is lively and full of colour, the staff are as friendly as can be, and the food is a veritable fiesta in your mouth. Try the marinated pork and pineapple freshness of the Al Pastor, sample a traditional Mexican delicacy with slow-cooked beef tongue, or – for the vegans amongst you – get stuck into their beautiful Soy Bean Taco richly seasoned with adobo sauce.

This is a choice for when you’re looking for a tasty meal, but one that doesn’t break the bank and comes to your table speedily!

Visit this Osoyoos Restaurant:

Address: 8306 Main Street, Osoyoos


We hope that this guide to the best Osoyoos restaurants has helped you decide on where to eat in Osoyoos. Don’t forget to visit all the amazing Osoyoos Wineries while you are in town!

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