Welcome to your guide to the Best Osoyoos Restaurants! The lands around Osoyoos are world-famous for their farming potential. Volcanic and glacial minerals leftover from dramatic tectonic actions deep in the past has given fruits and vegetables grown here truly unique taste properties, known technically as terroirs. This is one of the reasons the region is so celebrated for its outstanding and one-of-a-kind wine tastes to be found at Osoyoos Wineries.

However, these tastes aren’t just limited to the vineyards. Before grapes came soft fruits, abundant in orchards, their branches heavy with cherries, apples, nectarines, and so much more. Now, these unique tastes sprawl in every direction, augmented by decades of farming advances and enlightened by international influences.

All of this has made the Okanagan a treasure-trove for farmers and foodies alike. Kelowna, the region’s jewel city, is the most famous cuisine destination. But the smaller surrounding towns like Osoyoos are all too often overlooked for their taste potential, with restaurants and local farmers working in quiet conjunction to serve up some truly spectacular plates.

We’re not willing to leave the hidden gems of Osoyoos with their stories unsung. That’s why we’ve done our own personal tour of all the best Osoyoos restaurants, consulting the wisdom of the locals and tracing Osoyoos’ best produce from farm to table.

Best Osoyoos Restaurants

Best Osoyoos Fine Dining

Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek

Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek
Miradoro Restaurant Patio View
Miradoro Restaurant Pizza

A little beyond Osoyoos, you will find one of the Okanagan Valley’s finest winery restaurants – Miradoro Restaurant located at Tinhorn Creek Vineyards in Oliver, British Columbia.

Executive Chef Jeff Van Geest is known for using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create a variety of dishes influenced by Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Pair your meal with a selection of locally made wines from Tinhorn Creek Vineyards and spectacular views and you will have one of the Best Ever dining experiences in the Okanagan.

The restaurant also offers a number of special events, weekly features, and wine-pairing dinners throughout the year. In addition to rustic yet elegant indoor seating, Miradoro Restaurant also has an incredible outdoor patio area where guests can dine al fresco and take in the stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and valleys.

It’s difficult to recommend a specific dish at Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek, as the menu is likely to change depending on the season and the availability of local ingredients. However, we highly recommend their Open Fire Neapolitan Style Pizza.

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Address: 537 Tinhorn Creek Road, Oliver BC

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15 Park Bistro

Located near Watermark Resort, this swanky restaurant is new to Osoyoos’ culinary scene. Head Chef Nick Atkins has been making a splash with his unique and innovative takes on regional classics that use only the best ingredients fresh from the Okanagan’s finest farms.

The aesthetically minded of you will recognize artistic flair as soon as your plates come out. This owes to Atkins’ background as a food stylist for major film productions. Come see for yourself how a charcuterie board can become a mesmerizing mosaic, or how a dazzling colour combination can excite the brain as much as beautiful tastes excite the palate.

As for recommendations, we would gently steer you towards the Lobster Bar, where you can find rich bisques, mind-blowing ravioli, and the rather unique Lobster Nachos. The Tuna Poke Stack with miso aioli, pea shoots, and pickled shimeji mushrooms twists expectation into discovery, and the Wild Mushroom Bruschetta might just ignite your very own passion for foraging. Every item on the menu features wine pairing recommendations, which you should ignore at your peril.

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Address: 15 Park Pl #235, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V0

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Convivia Bistro

Best Osoyoos Restaurants Conviva BistroWith a focus on classic Italian and French cuisine, Convivia has brought the gastronomic highlights of continental Europe to the Okanagan. But the operation is so much more than a simple transplant, with the region’s best ingredients becoming stars in dishes traditionally essential to the worldwide fine dining community.

For starters, sample fresh-from-the-brain innovation with the Chef’s Soup Creation of the day. Or, if you want to sample a restaurant mainstay, get the layered delight of the Tartiflette. If you’re feeling particularly continental, there’s always the Escargots in Garlic and Fragrant Herbs for an adventure well worth taking. It’s equally as hard to narrow down the mains, but the Cassoulet featuring duck confit, white beans, pork belly, and Toulouse sausage is a true taste of Southwest France. The pizza and pasta sections are brimming with advisable selections too.

Honestly, this place could cause a headache for the indecisive. Their drinks menu has a similarly extensive range, with local terroirs on show across red wines, champagnes, white wines, rosés, locally-brewed beers, imported brews, dozens of cocktails, and alcoholized coffees! Luckily, their knowledgeable waiters will be on-hand to help narrow down your choices.

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Address: 8312 74TH Avenue, Osoyoos


The Bear, The Fish, The Root & The Berry at Nk’Mip Cellars

Nk’Mip, pronounced ‘in-ka-meep,’ is one of the true jewels of Osoyoos restaurants. This huge First Nations-run complex contains a sprawling interpretative centre, protected desert nature reserves, vineyards, the town’s largest campgrounds, and resort-style accommodation with this unbeatable restaurant at the heart of it.

Here you can find flavours that have been millennia in the making. Four Food Chiefs marry the traditional delicacies of the area’s First Nations people with culinary influences from around the world, dispelling the assumption that boundary-pushing food innovation cannot live side-by-side with ancestral practices. You will find only the most ethical ingredients in use here, true to the natural harmony central to First Nations’ spirituality. Many of them are grown on-site using traditional techniques (including the grapes for their delectable wines), while others are sourced only from the most sustainable sources in the local area.

Experience the taste of the wilderness with local Wild BC Salmon, served with fried wild rice, foraged mushroom broth, and a dill cucumber seaweed salad. Taste hunting tradition with the Sage Basted Elk Loin. Wrap it all up with Butterfly Dreams, where peach and sage compote and hazelnut praline choux dance delicately with pistachio sponge and meringue. True to tradition, the food here tells stories.

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Address: 1200 Rancher Creek Road, Spirit Ridge Resort


Best Classic Osoyoos Restaurants

Diamond Steak & Seafood House

Diamond Steak & SeafoodYou don’t have to push the boat out to experience Osoyoos’ history, as even the casual eateries here are steeped in traditions of serving the locals across their lifespans. Diamond Steak & Seafood House, for example, has been one of the Osoyoos restaurants that have been in business for more than 40 years, with the current owners operating it since 1998.

In that time, they’ve perfected their environment, creating a homely space where all can come to get their bellies filled with lovingly crafted home-style Greek food, prime beef cuts, and a whole host of seafood dishes. They aren’t afraid to move with the times either, as you can tell by their dedicated separate menu that only features gluten-free offerings, so the dietarily restricted amongst you don’t have to miss a thing.

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with one of their Sterling Silver Steaks, which are cut and cooked to order – with the option to oversize your portions beyond those displayed on the menu if you’re really hungry. Their Prime Rib is incredible too, as are traditional Greek dishes like Mousakka with grilled eggplant and zucchini, or the Vegetarian Souvlaki that sautés the freshest local veg in authentic spice blends. As for the fish, can you ever go wrong with ordering a Wild BC Salmon Filet?

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Address: 8903 Main Street, Osoyoos


Greenside Grill