Welcome to your guide to the Best Ever Things To Do in Osoyoos!

As proud Okanagan locals, hailing from the beautiful city of Kelowna, Osoyoos holds a special place in our hearts. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, this little gem offers a delightful escape from the bustle of everyday life.

For us, Osoyoos is synonymous with incredible wineries. As BC Wine Ambassadors, we relish the opportunity to embark on a scenic journey through the Osoyoos Wineries. Each vineyard tells a unique story, woven through the meticulous craftsmanship of winemakers who have mastered their craft over generations. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or simply curious to explore the world of viticulture, Osoyoos offers an unforgettable tasting experience.

When it comes to accommodation, we have discovered two treasures that make our Osoyoos trips even more unforgettable. For camping enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in nature’s embrace, there’s no better place than the Nk’Mip Campground. Situated along the shores of Osoyoos Lake, this picturesque campground offers a serene escape where you can wake up to the gentle sounds of water lapping against the shore. Check out our Osoyoos Camping Guide for all the best spots.

If you prefer a more indulgent stay, our go-to resort in Osoyoos is the luxurious Watermark Beach Resort. This splendid waterfront property caters to every need, boasting an array of amenities that guarantee a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. From private balconies overlooking the sparkling waters to rejuvenating spa treatments and world-class dining, Watermark Resort sets the bar high for an exceptional vacation. (Stay tuned for our full review soon!)

Things To Do In Osoyoos

The Best Things To Do in OsoyoosOsoyoos has so much more to offer beyond wineries and accommodations. Join us as we dive deeper into the vibrant local scene, uncovering hidden gems, must-visit attractions, and outdoor adventures that will make your Osoyoos experience truly memorable. Whether you’re seeking a workout on the hiking trails, a leisurely day on the lake, or a cultural immersion in the town’s rich heritage, Osoyoos has something for everyone.

So grab your sunglasses, pack your sense of adventure, and join us on this virtual journey as we explore the Best Ever Things To Do In Osoyoos, a destination that captivates us time and time again. Let’s embark on an exploration that will leave you yearning to experience the wonders of this remarkable oasis nestled in the heart of the Okanagan Valley.

Time Your Stay with Osoyoos Festivals and Events

Perhaps our favourite take on the ancient Greek tradition of marathon running happens in Osoyoos each year. Competitors come clad in wild costumes and group fancy-dress to race 18 kilometres through Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country. Even if you’re not a runner yourself, come through to experience an electric atmosphere, cheer on the competitors, and get involved in festivities that include so much more than a bit of heavy exercise. This is one of the most popular things to do in Osoyoos, folks travel from all over to participate!

Cactus Jalopies

This petrolhead extravaganza usually runs from Thursday until the first Sunday of June, with a weekend containing such delights as classic car shows on beautiful beaches, daredevil motorcycle stunt shows, and airport drag racing – plus plenty of outstanding local brews to be enjoyed at the on-site beer garden.

Car enthusiasts come from far and wide to visit, bringing with them an armada of classic rides, souped-up muscle cars, and other gleaming automobiles. It’s the perfect place to meet like-minded people and learn more about automobile customization, classic car restoration, and all other things fast, furious, and shiny.

Osoyoos Music in the Park

What began as a passion project between three amigos in 2015 has blossomed into a yearly event that draws over 1,000 revellers for smiles and dancing all around.

Set in the beautiful Gyro Beach Park on the shoreline of Osoyoos Lake, Music in the Park showcases the best of local talent across ten family-friendly concerts. In recent years, the event has gained so much traction that full bands from outside of the immediate vicinity have joined the roster.

The whole thing is totally free and is a great way to meet the local people, who always come out to get involved in the groove.

Osoyoos Cherry Fiesta

Every year (in the pre-covid times) for the last 72 years, the beginning of July has seen Canada Day coincide with a more localized pride in the form of the annual Cherry Fiesta, which commemorates the first cherry harvest of the year.

The festivities usually consist of celebrating the soft fruit bounty of this part of the Okanagan with a pancake breakfast banquette, a legendary Cherry Fiesta parade that winds its way through the streets, and a whole host of entertainment, activities, and local stalls set up across the lengths of Gyro and Legion parks.

Obviously, it wouldn’t be Canada Day without a thrilling firework display. So, when the sun goes down, expect to see the skies aglow with colourful choreographies of sound and light.

The Best Osoyoos Golf Courses

Golfing is one of the most popular Things to Do In Osoyoos. The Okanagan is one the best places to go golfing in all of British Columbia. Osoyoos is no different, with four different championship-level golf courses to choose from!

Osoyoos Golf Club

Location: 12300 Golf Course Drive.

The longest golf season in the Okanagan can be found at this club, which boasts two separate 18-hole courses with a focus on desert ecosystems and picturesque views.

The Park Meadows course is the choice for resort-style golfing. These 18 holes are walker-friendly with gentle greens in a park setting.

Desert Gold, on the other hand, brings unique desert vibes to the table. This links-style course is perched high up in the mountainside above Osoyoos, granting you a beautiful lake view flanked by vineyards. A precise deadeye is needed to nail many of the shots here, and nature enthusiasts can enjoy the rare antelope brush shrubland safe in the knowledge that Osoyoos Golf Club has created a sanctuary habitat in line with the most stringent environmental protections.

You’ll also find a restaurant with three scenic dining patios and decks, a pro shop, and plenty of leagues, tournaments, and golfing events hosted here. There’s also a golf academy to help you perfect your swing, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro.

Fairview Mountain Golf Club

Location: 933 Old Golf Course Road.

Testing the skill of golfers from all over the country since 1925, the award-winning Fairview Mountain is a balanced course consisting of dramatic elevation changes and well-manicured greens.

There is over 200 feet of elevation change across the 18 holes, providing you with a challenging game that’s always fresh, as well as unforgettable views to boot.
If you’re hungry after your game, their clubhouse serves up some spectacular food to be enjoyed on a patio that catches the sun perfectly.

Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course

Location: 6891 Tucelnuit Drive.

You can find yet another world-class golf course at Nk’Mip Canyon.

As usual, not satisfied simply with a prime location for taking your breath away, this course crafts a challenging game that takes advantage of the wild topology of the Okanagan.

The greens are kept in tip-top condition all season long, to ensure that your shots get the most roll time possible. One-trick-pony golfers beware, your skill will be tested between sprawling lengths and tighter sections that require control and precision.

Off-course, you can find The Rattlesnake Lounge where we suggest washing down some of their famous nachos or wings with a drink or two on their fully-licensed patio area. Their pro shop also keeps the moment’s most popular kit in stock, for anyone in need of an upgrade.

Sonora Dunes Golf Course

Location: 1300 Rancher Creek Road.

For a more casual day of Osoyoos-adjacent golfing, step into the rolling hills of Sonora Dunes for 9-holes that provide all the patented landscape marvelling opportunities and challenge of Okanagan courses, with none of the championship pressure.

The picturesque location deep in wine country can be enjoyed from the course, or from their warmly welcoming clubhouse, or both!

The Best Osoyoos Lake Activities

When you are trying to plan some things to do in Osoyoos, obviously taking advantage of oodles of Osoyoos Lake activities top your list. Osoyoos Lake, meaning ‘narrowing of the waters’ in Syilx’tsn, is Canada’s warmest body of fresh water. You best believe that means you can get involved with a plethora of water sports and other lake-based activities without having to worry about getting the shivers at any point.

Pioneer Walkway

Osoyoos British Columbia Pioneer Walkway
Pioneer Walkway Osoyoos BC
Pioneer Walkway Osoyoos

Pioneer Walkway is a promenade stroll starting in the centre of town and taking you through a couple of kilometres of the most scenic urban shore sections of Osoyoos.

If you’re driving, park your car up on the east side of Osoyoos Bridge. There’s plenty of shade in the summer months, and heaps of benches and gazebos to provide the perfect stops for resting or romantic contemplation.

Osoyoos Paddle Boarding

Osoyoos Paddle Board

Paddle boarding is an excellent way to see the various shores and stretches of Lake Osoyoos for yourself without getting too wet (unless you fall in, that is). Stand up paddle boarding (often referred to as SUP) works your core and improves your sense of balance too, combining health and exploration in an activity more than fun enough to make you forget yourself for hours.

ATB Watersports are the go-to water sports equipment vendor in Osoyoos. They can sort you out with your own board, as well as lessons for beginners. They have special child-sized boards for rent too!

Osoyoos Kayaking

Osoyoos Kayaking

We adore kayaking for the way it gives you a chance for both blissed-out mid-lake floating and up-close shoreline exploration. With such a gorgeous setting and waters so warm it doesn’t matter if you capsize, it’s no wonder that kayaking is one of the most popular lake activities to do on your Osoyoos camping trip.

One of the more popular spots for kayaking nearby is Osoyoos Oxbows, the wetland zone where the river feeds into the lake waters. You can really get immersed in nature here, darting your way through long patches of reeds, spotting the everyday activities of wildlife all around you, and constantly being serenaded by birdsong. Birdwatchers, you may remember we said this region is home to half of all Canada’s bird species – well, this marshland is a particular hotspot!

Again, ATB Watersports have got you covered for all your kayak rental needs. They also offer double kayaks and canoes, for those who would rather have someone else onboard with them. Wakepilot are another good choice, and they offer stand-up paddle boards too.

Osoyoos Boating

Osoyoos Boating

Osoyoos is the perfect place to set sail, whether you have your own trusty vessel or want to take a rental out to explore the waters.

The town’s two public boat launches can be found in Lion’s Park and Haynes Point Provincial Park respectively.

If you want to rent a boat during your stay, talk to the lovely people at Osoyoos Marina. They have a range of crafts from leisurely vessels to full-on powerboats, plus all the extra accessories like life jackets that you’ll need for a day out on the water. To add an extra pinch of spice to your lake trip, ask them about their water ski rentals!

Osoyoos Jetski Watersports

Not a fan of waterskiing or wakeboarding? You can still feel the wind in your hair by taking a Seadoo for a spin to cool off on the water during hot summer days.  You can find them for rent at Wake Pilot.

If you fancied taking things a step further, Lake Osoyoos Sailing Club put on three-hour sailing classes throughout the summer season so that you can learn how to harness the wind for truly thrilling cross-lake propulsion. They also host several annual regattas where you can watch the region’s sailing enthusiasts take to the waves en masse.

Osoyoos Fishing

The well-stocked waters of Osoyoos Lake have been sustaining fishermen with tasty prizes for thousands of years, so there’s ample angling opportunities here if you’re up to the challenge.

The challenge lies in locating the fish, as there is almost 20 kilometres of fishable shoreline accessible around the lake. We had particular luck by locating drop-offs, ledges, dense patches of weeds, and other covering structures that fish can shelter around.

Windy days, early mornings, or just after sunset seem to be the best times to bag a catch. We would really recommend hiring a boat for the day, getting up before the birds, and packing a picnic to enjoy a full day of fishing in serenity out on the lake. It’s especially beautiful first thing in the morning before the rest of the tourists get their motors running.

In line with the rest of the area’s bountiful biodiversity, you can find Kokanee Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Lake Whitefish, Bullheads, Crappie, Carp, Bass, Mountain Whitefish, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Rainbow Trout, and both Steelhead and Yellow Perch here, to name just a few.

Finally, if you really wanted to up your angling game or learn from the best, get in contact with Rodney’s Reel. These guys know a thing or two about bagging the catch of the day, and even offer chartered trips for up to six lucky fisherfolk.

The Best Osoyoos Beaches

Who doesn’t have laying on the beach at the top of their list of things to do in Osoyoos? There are a number of different incredible beaches, bays, and coves dotted around Osoyoos Lake, each with its own unique charms and draw points. Here’s our personal list of highlights.

Osoyoos Gyro Park

Gyro Park Osoyoos

Location: 15 Park Place.

A close neighbour of Lion’s Park, Osoyoos Gyro Park is the town’s biggest beach – packed with all the amenities and aquatic adventure opportunities you need to while away the whole day.

This is the destination of choice for water sport fanatics, with its own floating docks and rental facilities right next to the beach. Locals and tourists alike flock here to go kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, or just for a good old-fashioned swim.

As well as all that, there are soft sands galore, plenty of shade-giving trees, and washrooms at the beach. You’re primely located, just a few minutes walk from downtown where you can find all the cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops you could need. If you visit during the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll catch some live music on the concert stage here.

The view of Anarchist Mountain is unrivalled from this spot too, so if you’re a sucker for scenery, this could be the beach for you.

Cottonwood Park Beach

Cottonwood Park Osoyoos

Location: Cottonwood Drive.

This lovely piece of sandy shoreline is a great place to rest in splendid view of the full majesty of Lake Osoyoos and the scenery behind it. The sand here is perfect for beach games and sandcastles too, plus there are public washrooms available.

Access to the lake is safe and convenient, and the water stays shallow for a long way out into the lake, making this perfect place to bring your kids or for less confident swimmers who still want to make a splash.

Dotted with memorial benches, colourful flower displays, and desert gardens, the adjoining parkland (pictured) is just as blissful as the sands themselves. (Check out this video to see the beach itself.)

Legion Beach Park

Location: 89 Street.

Over on the west side of Lake Osoyoos is another picture-perfect sandy cove, this time featuring a smattering of picnic tables for all your lunching needs. The sands are fine, bright, and abundant, and the water is as warm and welcoming as it gets.

There’s an adjoining grassy area here too, with plenty of shade from the summer sun thrown by large trees making it the perfect place to curl up with a book in the afternoon.

If you’ve brought a canine companion along on your holidays, there’s a stretch of Legion Beach that is dog-friendly – you can even let them have a little doggy paddle in the lake!

Lion’s Park Beach

Location: 8803 Spartan Drive.

One of the more popular and well-equipped beaches in the area, this place has everything you and your family need for a full day out in the sand.

You can find public washrooms, an excellent playground, and a boat launch here. There’s an adjoining parkland, plenty of picnic tables, and shady trees if you need to escape from the sun at any point.

Lion’s Park Beach is particularly well situated, with a bunch of coffee shops, restaurants, and other stores just a few minutes away.

Osoyoos Dune

Location: A short hike from Nk’Mip Campground.

The next beach on our list is a definitively unique location but requires a little effort to reach. Start by making your way to Nk’Mip Campground, where you will follow a well-signposted hiking trail for 30 minutes through the desert until you reach the dune itself.

The hike takes place on public-accessible Okanagan First Nations’ territory and features sublime views of the surrounding mountain landscape and Lake Osoyoos. Remember, you’re hiking in what is essentially desert, so pack plenty of water!

Once you reach the dune, explore and delight in the unspoiled wilderness, take a well-earned dip in the lake to cool off, and play the day away in the gorgeous sands. Being a wilderness beach, there’s not much in the way of amenities here – so remember to pack what you need for the day and leave no trace!

Osoyoos Lake Regional Park

Location: 1220 45 Street.

One of the wilder beaches around Osoyoos, this place lacks the same concentration of fine Caribbean-quality sand that defines many of the other beaches nearby. However, it more than makes up for it with spectacular wild surroundings and views, including the town of Osoyoos itself to the north.

There’s a parking lot next to the beach, plus washrooms and picnic tables. This is our recommended destination of choice for packing a nice big picnic.

The Best Osoyoos Parks and Playgrounds

In true Okanagan style, many of the best parks in Osoyoos offer beautiful beaches – so if you’re in search of a park, remember to consult the beach section above as well as this one.

Osoyoos Off Leash Dog Park

Location: 6001 115 Street.

Dog owners would be barking mad to miss out on this inclusive bonding space designed specifically for our furry friends.

The whole park used to be a fully enclosed ball diamond, so you don’t have to worry about the chance of escapees. The grass is just as green as any of Osoyoos’ other beautiful parks, and the lake view is just as stunning. You’ll also be treated to plenty of parking, a covered seating area for walkies in the rain, and public washrooms.

We took our dog Brandy there and she loved being able to let loose and run wild and free. There are so many prickly bits on the trails in Osoyoos, but here we knew her paws would be safe on the soft green grass. They even have a doggy water fountain!

Jack Shaw Splash Park

Location: 6601 89 Street.

Families in search of somewhere to let their kiddies run wild and cool off in the summer heat will love this park in Jack Shaw Gardens.

A whole host of interactive splash and spray water features and games can be found here, with various blasters, cannons, and fountains to get soaked by. There are no actual bodies of water or anything with risky depth, so children of all ages can have fun without you needing to worry.

While your little ones are having the time of their lives, there are plenty of grassland and picnic benches for you to relax upon and have a well-deserved minute’s break.

Kinsmen Park

Kinsmen Park Osoyoos

Location: 6201 Tamarack Drive

This quaint little park has a playground, swing sets, football pitch complete with proper goalposts, and – like most places in Osoyoos – beautiful lake views to offer.

This park is a particular favourite with children of Osoyoos’ local residents, so if your kid is a little social butterfly or you just wanted to escape your fellow tourists for a while, Kinsmen Park is a great choice.

Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre

NK'MIP Desert Cultural Centre

Location: 1000 Rancher Creek Road.

No trip to Osoyoos would be complete with a trip to Nk’Mip (pronounced in-ka-meep) interpretative centre. With so much devastation dealt to First Nations people and the lands they steward by European settlers in the past 200 years, it is absolutely vital that places like this exist to provide sanctuary for fascinating customs, endangered wildlife, and the peoples whose existence is in balance with them. It helps that Nk’Mip is gorgeous and a blast to explore, too.

The Cultural Centre is the perfect balance of entertainment and education. Watch local legends come to life before your very eyes in two multi-sensory theatrical experiences. Explore galleries, sculptures, outdoor exhibitions, education stations, and hands-on displays. They even have an entire reconstructed village so you can walk in amongst the day-to-day culture of the past’s Osoyoos Indian Band.

Networks of walking trails criss-cross the 1,600 square feet of critically-endangered desert conservation land here. You can see wildlife protected here that would otherwise have nowhere to go, and even meet real Western Rattlesnakes. The view of the antelope-brush desert is unrivalled from the Chief’s lookout point.

Nk’Mip is all about creating a dialogue between past and future, and between other cultures and the First Nations people they share the land with. Instead of simply looking to the past, these grounds use sacred history to build towards the future. This is even present in the fascinating architecture of the place, which pushes the innovative boundaries of traditional aboriginal design.

For lovers of nature, history, learning about different cultures, and anyone who wants to build a healthy respect and awareness for the peoples who have stewarded these breathtaking lands for millennia, this place is a must-visit.

Osoyoos Desert Centre

Osoyoos Desert CentreLocation: 14580 146 Avenue.

Here we have another of the all-important organizations striving to protect the last untouched parts of Canada’s great desert wilderness.

At Osoyoos Desert Centre, that takes the form of 67 acres of undisturbed wild land. While most of it is for the wildlife and the wildlife only, you still get the chance to marvel at the sweeping vistas surrounding you on all sides from a 1.5 km raised boardwalk trail that ensures not even your feet disturb the biodiversity.

The trail is available for self-directed wandering or guided tours. You can also find a sprawling native plant garden on-site, for a chance to get up close and personal with the beautiful, rare flora of this part of the world. Hands-on interactive displays also await you inside the interpretive building, for a beautiful and educational experience that ticks all the boxes.

Anarchist Mountain Lookout

If you want to truly put Canada’s only desert region into perspective, there is nowhere to do that like Anarchist Mountain. This imposing behemoth of a mountain towers nearly 5,000 feet above sea level to the east of Osoyoos.

Plus, getting there is a breeze. All you need to do is follow Crowsnest Highway to the lookout point. Sadly, there aren’t any hiking trails, amenities, or bells and whistles here. Just a humbling view.

The Best Osoyoos Hikes

Journey Length: 5.1 km, taking an average of 1 hour and 27 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Easy.

Description: This family-friendly loop trail will take you on an easy, paved journey through some truly splendid scenery. The orchards on the first half are gorgeous and there’s plenty of wildlife to spot – keep an eye out for unique regional cacti! Dogs are welcome on-leash, and the terrain is suitable for strollers.

Baldy Summit to Gilly’s Cabin

Journey Length: 11.3 km, taking an average of around 3 hours.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

Description: There’s a whole host of different path choices and side-trails here, taking you on a stunningly vista-ed trip to the summit where you can bask in endless views. Late summer hikers will be treated to the spectacle of wildflower blooms, while winter travellers will need snowshoes but will be rewarded handsomely.

Osoyoos and Haynes Point

Journey Length: 6.4 km, taking an average of 1 hour and 47 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Easy.

Description: This trail will take you through a mixture of beaches, lakeshore stretches, countryside, and residential areas. A great choice for hikers who want to get a little feel for town life while still stretching their legs. Feel free to bring your dogs on-leash.

Baldy Mountain Resort Snowshoe Loop

Journey Length: 11.9 km, taking an average of 4 hours and 2 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

Description: This well-marked path is the perfect winter hike. Expect peaceful tranquillity as the snow swallows even the sounds of your footsteps, giving you the perfect chance to catch Osoyoos’ wildlife at play. The visibility can get low here due to snow and fog. While this is primarily a snowshoe trail used between November and April, it is still a beautiful option for a summer hike, especially in late June or August when the wildflowers are in full swing.

South Okanagan Grasslands Lookout

Journey Length: 8.4 km, taking an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes.
Difficulty Level: Moderate.

Description: This beautiful trail will take you on a trip through protected lands up to a point where you can peer over the border into the United States. While rich in scenery, views, and natural beauty, the trail is very poorly marked, so we would recommend keeping your AllTrails app online to avoid getting lost or going off course. Dogs are welcome, as long as they stay on-leash.

The Best Things To Do in Osoyoos Indoors

While most of the best things to do in Osoyoos undeniably take place in the great outdoors, there’s still more than enough on offer to keep you amused on a rainy day.

Osoyoos and District Museum and Archives

Location: 19 Park Place.

Dig into these dedicated archives to learn more about how European settlement completely transformed the face of Osoyoos.

Housing over 4,000 artifacts painstakingly collected since its opening in 1963, this museum allows you to embark on the town’s journey from a humble outpost to one of Canada’s leading summer tourist destinations and second-most popular retirement haven.

Experience the allure of the gold rush, judge for yourself the reality of the captivating myths that led Spanish conquistadors to their deaths north of here in the 1500s, and hear the stories of ordinary townsfolk who made the region what it is today.

Explore history at your own pace or get even more depth with a guided tour.

The Art Gallery Osoyoos

Location: 8713 Main Street.

The Okanagan is a region of inspiration and rich creative potential; just look at the thriving art scene in Kelowna!

The Arts Council in Osoyoos is committed to ensuring the same vibe in this small town. That’s why you can enjoy a host of exhibitions here that focus only on original art created by local artists and other artisans, completely free of charge. If you fall in love with a piece, many are for sale, so you can bring home some of the pastoral wonder of this part of British Columbia for yourself.

Numerous themed exhibitions rotate throughout the year, ensuring there’s always something fresh to feast your eyes upon.

Okanagan Art Gallery

Location: 8302 Main Street.

Just down the road, you can find another cornerstone of the local artist community. Six gallery rooms spanning the 2,100 square feet of space display the very best in panel-judged local talent, employing plentiful natural light to ensure that the works glow to their very best potential.

Committed to uplifting local artists, you will only find original pieces produced within the South Okanagan, Boundary, and Similkameen areas here. Far from limiting the scope of the gallery, this only underscores the vivid inspirational potential of this unique part of Canada.

With regular art exhibitions, creative workshops, charity events, special talks, and open house evenings on the first Friday of every month, the Okanagan Art Gallery offers a hands-on approach to guiding the community’s finest creative minds.

Tumbleweed Distilleries

Location: 6001 Lakeshore Drive.

If you’re not visiting the Okanagan for its wine country character (we’ll try not to judge), then don’t worry, the locals don’t like to limit themselves to producing a single type of booze.

At Tumbleweed Distilleries you can find a quintessentially Okanagan approach to creating the very best spirits and cocktails from the finest local ingredients. British Columbian grains are plucked at their peak and combined with orchard-fresh fruits from the surrounding areas in perfect step with the region’s time-honoured farm-to-bottle practices. Even the water they use is part of the local landscape, coming fresh from the mighty Anarchist Mountain spring.

Sample the test potential of their painstaking processes in the lounge, with bespoke cocktails that will make your palate effervesce. Or, take away your own bottle of distinctive spirits that span moonshines, brandies, vodkas, gins, and whiskeys!

Kobau Lanes Bowling Centre

Location: 8404 97 Street.

As well as one-off locations and cultural treats, Osoyoos also offers that cornerstone classic of family fun and casual entertainment: bowling! Swing by on a rainy day or any evening you fancy serving up some strikes. They have eight lanes and are licensed to sell you alcohol to bolster your bowling confidence.

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