For some folks, the many amazing Tofino Restaurants are one of the main reasons behind their visit to this highly popular travel destination. Nestled on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino is a fine example of British Columbia’s natural beauty. The beaches and surf culture are the area’s primary selling points, but this tiny town also boasts hidden coves, luscious forests, and gastronomic delights.

Despite its small size, Tofino is home to a range of fine dining restaurants, laid-back coffee shops, and innovative, grab-and-go food trucks. With most restaurants focusing on wild-caught fish, seasonal ingredients, and popular flavor profiles, it’s unsurprising that out-of-towners have made Tofino their go-to spot for a delicious meal.

To save you figuring out what’s hot and what’s not, we’ve created a list of the best Tofino restaurants that you need to try during your next visit. Whether you’re looking for the yummiest desserts in town or just want to grab a wood-fired pizza with your crew, you’re sure to find your perfect match in this guide.

Your Guide to the
Best Ever Tofino Restaurants

Best Tofino Restaurants Ever

Best Tofino Restaurants for Breakfast

Driftwood Café

Driftwood Inn Cafe Tofino Restaurants

Driftwood Café – Courtesy Wickaninnish Inn.

Located inside the beautiful Wickaninnish Inn, the Driftwood Café is famed for its fresh food, wilderness views, and iconic driftwood bar. If you’re searching for a reliable breakfast option in Tofino, then be sure to check these guys out. Their Homemade Granola & Berry Parfait is great for a light breakfast, while the heavier soups and sandwiches offer plenty of sustenance for the day ahead.

The focus here is on lighter bites and baked goods, but this hidden gem is also regarded for its quality coffee. During the summer, the beachside patio provides the perfect setting for a cheeky aperitif!

What to order: The Pulled Pork Sandwich or Homemade Granola & Berry Parfait.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 500 Osprey Lane, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Rhino Coffee House

When it comes to the best restaurants in Tofino for breakfast, Rhino Coffee House certainly deserves a mention. Their menu is simple but delicious and includes fresh donuts, roasted coffee, incredible egg sandwiches on bagel or donut bases, and signature wraps. The owners pride themselves on their coffee beans being sourced from Sumatra, Ethiopia, and Peru, giving coffee fanatics plenty of choice when it comes to flavor.

Their “Bro Nut” sandwich is a particular fan favorite, but the Breakfast Wrap and Pastrami on Rye are classic options that never disappoint. If you can’t get enough of the Organic Dark Roast or Medium Roast, all beans are available for purchase, allowing you to recreate a signature Rhino brew from home!

What to order: The signature “Bro Nut”.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 430 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Best Tofino Pizza

Basic Goodness Pizzeria

The name of this Naples-style pizza joint is deceiving, as the delicious Italian food served at Basic Goodness Pizzeria is anything but basic. Pairing traditional Italian flavors with tried and tested preparation methods, this reliable eatery serves customers until the dough runs out – literally! The restaurant is also entirely family-owned, giving it a quaint and cozy vibe that makes it feel like a home away from home.

The Polpette and Ortolana pizzas are the most popular items on the menu, and both are packed with local ingredients and covered with Fior Di Latte Mozarella for that authentic Italian flavor. Delicious. If you’re looking for something to drink, you’ll find an extensive selection of Italian cocktails and light wines on offer to pair with your carb-filled feast. Whatever entrée you go for, don’t forget to save room for their homemade Tiramisu or sinful Nutella Pizza before you leave!

What to order: The Polpette or Ortolana Pizzas.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 551 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R2Z0

Menu | Instagram


Tofino Pizza

Pizzamoto is an up-and-comer on the Tofino restaurant scene, but this reliable joint has already made its mark by dishing up high-quality pizzas that give back to the community. How, you ask? Well, the company uses locally sourced ingredients where possible and proves all dough for 72 hours before baking. Not only does this make them one of them one of the more conscious neighborhood pizzerias we’ve seen, but their commitment to proving ensures a perfectly risen crust every time!

Start things off with a round of Spare Parts, which includes crispy mozzarella, mixed peppers, and Castelvetrano olives, before moving on to the main event: the pizzas. The Supreme Operator is a must-try, featuring pepperoni, red onion, black olives, roasted mushrooms, and bell peppers. If you’re keeping things meat-free, opt for the flavorsome Il Pomodoro or Quattro pizzas. With plenty of choice for kiddos with small appetites, this pizzeria is quickly becoming an enduring family favorite.

What to order: The Supreme Operator.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address:131 First St #4, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Website | Instagram

RedCan Gourmet

RedCan Gourmet isn’t strictly a pizzeria, but it’s home to some of the most delectable pizzas in Tofino! If you’re craving pizza but love the idea of customizing your pie and chowing down on your own masterful creation, then this is where you should head to.

There are almost 20 topping options available on the menu, and you get 4 included before having to pay an additional $2 per topping. Whether you want to create a meat lover’s feast or prefer to keep things earthy with a full-blown veggie pizza, the ball is well and truly in your court. Don’t be afraid to mix and match toppings or ask servers about popular combinations – you may just find a new go-to!

What to order: A pizza brimming with toppings.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 700 Industrial Way, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Best Casual Tofino Restaurants

Wildside Grill

Outdooor Tofino Restaurants Wildside Grill
Wildside Grill Tofino Restaurant

For top-tier takeout and freshly caught wild fish, head to Wildside Grill. Run by commercial fisherman Jeff Mikus and prized chef Jesse Blake, this small-scale restaurant serves up the finest fish and chips in Tofino. Always crispy on the outside with a perfectly flaky interior, you won’t find better Ling Cod in BC – guaranteed.

Depending on the time of year, you’ll be treated to various local flavors, with beef, pork, and elk frequently making an appearance to spice things up. The Fish Tacos and Panko Crusted Fish and Chips are the standout dishes, but the Louisiana Gumbo, Salmon Burger, and Classic Poutine are also guaranteed to hit the spot.

We are creatures of comfort and often also order their amazing burgers served with the best ever fries!

Frequently seeing queues out the door during peak periods, Wildside Grill shows no signs of slowing down.

What to order: Their bestselling Panko Crusted Fish and Chips.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 1180 BC-4, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Surfside Grill

Surfside Grill Pacific SandsFor some of the freshest seafood takeout in Tofino, stop by the Surfside Grill at Pacific Sands. With a commercial fisherman on board as part owner, it’s unsurprising that this popular local joint knows how to source the finest fish sustainably. What diners love about this place is its fast-food approach without the pesky additives; whatever you order will make it to you in a flash – no questions asked.

Expect comfort dishes like fish tacos, beef burgers, and fried oysters to make an appearance, as well as in-house beers and classic wines. Don’t miss their famous fries either. Said to be the best fries in Tofino, you’ll be ordering a second portion before you’ve cleared the first!

What to order: Fish tacos and a portion of piping-hot fries.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 1421 Pacific Rim Highway, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Lil’ Ronnie’s Beachside BBQ

Mackenzie Beach Resort Lil' RonniesAre you searching for traditional woodfired BBQ delights? If so, be sure to check out Lil’ Ronnie’s Beachside BBQ for the best burgers and ribs in town. The folks at Lil’ Ronnie’s are all about taking things back to basics, and the small menu reflects their focus on quality, staple meats.

The Brisket, Ribs, and Pulled Pork by the pound are excellent picks, but hot-dog fanatics will love the Tommy Dawg. For something on the side, why not try out the famous Heart Attack Mac? Oozing cheese and bursting with flavor, this is a side that deserves top billing.
What to order: The Brisket, Ribs or Tommy Dawg!

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 1101 BC-4, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram


Tacofino Truck
Tacofino Tacos

No list of the best restaurants in Tofino would be complete without Tacofino. This humble taco truck incorporates flavors of the West Coast with traditional Mexican cuisine, serving everything from simple bowls of Chips and Guacamole to buttery chicken wings and chipotle mayo-covered Pacific Cod.

This isn’t the spot for a sit-down meal, but the filling burritos, dangerously cheesy quesadillas, and famous Lime Curd Vaso are the perfect pre or post-surf bite for Tofino’s water babies. With several locations dotted all over BC, you’ll be able to enjoy a taste of Tacofino wherever you go.

What to order: Any of their tacos, burritos, or desserts.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 1184 Pacific Rim Highway, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Tough City Sushi

Tough City Sushi TofinoPerched on the edge of Clayoquot Sound, Touch City Sushi serves up some of the finest Japanese fare in BC. Employing highly trained sushi chefs and using only freshly caught fish for each dish, this sushi bar never disappoints when it comes to flavor and presentation. Unlike other sushi spots in town, Tough City takes classic staple Japanese sushi dishes and modernizes them.

The Futomaki Roll and California Orange Roll are among the top picks, but don’t leave without sampling a portion of the famous Chicken Kara-age or Smoked Eel Unagi Roll. If you’re partial to sashimi, you’ll find a wide range of assorted pieces made fresh each day. With friendly staff and breathtaking views to boot, you’ll never want to leave!

What to order: The Futomaki Roll and Chicken Kara-age

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 350 Main Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Best Classic Tofino Restaurants

Sobo Restaurant

Sobo Tofino Restaurant Breakfast Sandwich
Sobo Restaurant Tofino

For delicious seafood that’s made using seasonal and wild foraged ingredients, there’s no better place to be than Sobo Restaurant. Standing for Sophisticated Bohemian, this restaurant believes that British Columbia’s west coast offers enough natural ingredients to create perfect dishes. As a result, head chef Lisa works alongside Tofino’s fishermen, harvesters, and growers to produce fresh dishes that make the most of regional flavors.

The portions are large, so come with a hefty appetite to enjoy their burgers, fresh fish, and international fare to the fullest. Our Tofino Dog Walker told us we had to try the Smoked Salmon Chowder and the Key Lime Pie, and they were both amazing! Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with this carefully curated menu!

What to order: Smoked Salmon Chowder and Key Lime Pie

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 311 Neill Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0


Roar Tofino

Roar Tofino Restaurant

Courtesy of Roar

With its outdoor barbeque pits and impressive charcoal grill, it’s unsurprising that Roar Tofino is the go-to restaurant for beachgoers wanting top-quality meats. The concept at Roar is simple: local ingredients are cooked over a blazing fire and served fresh off the grill for a back-to-basics experience that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

You can rock up to Roar for breakfast and enjoy their Pan-Fried Eggs and Hash or keep things light with a Chia Pudding. If you’re heading down for dinner, try their famous 37-Day Dry Aged Beef Tomahawk. Soaked in a wild mushroom pan sauce and served with creamy potato salad, it’s a culinary experience like no other.

Finish things off with one of their signature cocktails or draft beers while watching the sunset – bliss.

What to order: The Tomahawk Steak!

Address: 1258 Pacific Rim Highway, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 258 Pacific Rim Highway, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Shelter Restaurant

With a focus on locally sourced ingredients and classic flavors, Shelter is a family-friendly restaurant that boasts a gorgeous dining room and fabulous inlet views. When things cool down in Tofino, it’s wise to seek shelter (pun intended!) by one of the cozy indoor seating areas while nursing a hot bowl of soup. Each dish at Shelter is built around ingredients sourced from Meares island, making it an excellent place to stop for seasonal fare year-round. If that wasn’t appealing enough, they have taken steps to minimize their carbon footprint alongside the Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild.

All the food here is excellent, but you can’t go wrong with the Farmhouse Chicken Burger or Salmon Surf Bowl. If you’re looking to ramp up the indulgence factor, finish your meal with the decadent Dark Chocolate Truffle.

What to order: The Farmhouse Chicken Burger or Salmon Surf Bowl.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 634 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Website | Instagram

The Great Room

Located inside the luxurious Long Beach Lodge Resort, The Great Room is one of the finest restaurants in Tofino that takes its commitment to farm-fresh ingredients and fresh-caught seafood seriously. This spot orders from local fisheries each day to get the best picks, and the cozy fireplace, stunning wooden beams, and plush décor make the atmosphere welcoming. Additionally, the incredible views of the Pacific Oceans and Vancouver Island coastline are nothing to scoff at.

Start things off with a signature cocktail before diving into their extensive menu. Open for brunch and dinner, you can enjoy everything from the loaded Surf’s Up Breakfast (which features their delectable chicken-apple sausage) to Crispy Pork Belly and Coconut Curry Chowder. Whether you’re looking to stop in for a coffee by the fireplace or want a quick après-surf bite after hitting Long Beach, The Great Room has you covered.

What to order: Crispy Pork Belly or Coconut Curry Chowder.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 1441 Pacific Rim Highway, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Website | Instagram

The Pointe

Looking Outside The Pointe Restaurant Jeremy Koreski

Looking Outside The Pointe Restaurant by Jeremy Koreski – – Courtesy Wickaninnish Inn 

If you want fine dining in Tofino, then you need to check out The Pointe. This place may be pricey, but as it’s inside one of the best hotels in the world (the Wickannish Inn), you can expect great things from its sophisticated, upscale menu.

The selection of dishes isn’t as extensive as what you might find at competing restaurants, but it speaks to the restaurant’s “quality over quantity” mantra. Among the contemporary picks, you’ll find inventive salads, fresh seafood, and unbeatable meat dishes that are always cooked to perfection. The Beef Tenderloin truly melts in the mouth, while the Grilled Sablefish with Mushroom and Miso glaze is one of the most dimensional dishes in Tofino. Be sure to stick around with a cocktail to revel in the gorgeous views of the Pacific Coast. Don’t forget that they have a smart-casual dress code too!

What to order: The Grilled Sablefish or Tenderloin.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 500 Osprey Lane, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Website | Instagram

1909 Kitchen / The Hatch

The Hatch Restaurant Breakfast

If you’re looking for two stellar options in one spectacular spot, check out this shared space at the Tofino Resort and Marina. On one side, you have your a fantastic pub atmosphere,  The Hatch Waterfront Pub. On the other side, you will find an elevated dining setting in the 1909 Kitchen.

Known for its stunning views of the Tofino Inlet, warm atmosphere, and traditional comfort food, this is the place to be if you’re looking to indulge in a lazy afternoon or want to take a breather from sightseeing.

The breakfast menu is outstanding, and features everything from Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins to their perfectly poached West Coast Eggs Benedict. For reference, both dishes pair perfectly with a Classic Mimosa for a mid-morning pick-me-up!

The wood-fired pizza here is also top-notch, and the Cook Your Catch option lets you pick your own seafood, sides, and condiments for a custom experience. With plenty of cocktails, wines, and draft beers available, you can turn any humble dinner into an all-night affair. Sign us up!

What to Order: The Cook Your Own Catch!

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 634 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

The Hatch Website | The Hatch Instagram | 1909 Kitchen Website | 1909 Kitchen Instagram

Wolf in the Fog

Wolf And Fog Tofino Restaurant
Wolf and Fog Pork Belly

Wolf in the Fog is a Tofino favorite that’s been voted one of the top restaurants by Canada’s Best 100 list for years. Located directly above a surf shop and right on Vancouver Island’s coast, this restaurant is all about being hip and down to earth. Although the menu isn’t entirely seafood-based, there’s an emphasis on fresh-caught fish and shellfish cooked using BC’s finest ingredients.

The Seacuterie board is a particularly good choice for indecisive folk who want to try several dishes, whereas the Thai Pork Belly & Clams is a unique surf ‘n’ turf that puts a creative spin on the tradition. For dessert, the Basque Cheesecake is not to be missed.

What to order: The Seacuterie Board or Thai Pork Belly & Clams.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 150 Fourth Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

The Schooner Restaurant

The Schooner Tofino RestaurantIf steak, seafood, and ghost stories are your bag, then you’ll adore The Schooner Restaurant. Famous for both its food and resident ghost Morris, this enduring restaurant is a family-owned gem that never fails to impress. The vibe here is quaint, and you’re welcome to stay for a drink or three if you’d like to extend your meal.

To get the full Schooner experience, grab one of their popular seafood starters. The Maple Smoked Salmon Platter is the most popular pick, but the Baked Oysters are a close second. For the main event, sample a portion of the rich and tender Second Street Steak Tenderloin with melted cambozola cheese and a pleasantly fruity blackberry port. There are several local beers and wines available, with the Tofino Blonde consistently being passed over the bar.

What to order: The Second Street Steak Tenderloin and an ice-cold beer.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 331 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram


Focusing on plant-based fare that’s full of flavor, this budget-friendly restaurant is a go-to for vegans and vegetarians in Tofino. As the only dedicated veggie option in town, it’s one of Tofino’s most bustling local spots. Offering wonderful breakfast platters, juicy burgers, boneless wings, and tasty fusion dishes, there’s truly something for everyone at Bravocados.

Staple dishes like the Kimchi Poutine and Burrito Bowl are always a hit, but their limited-edition feature menus are also worth a look. With rotating dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients, you’re sure to find a plant-powered plate to tickle your tastebuds.

What to order: The famous Kimchi Poutine.

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 368 Main Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

The Shed

The Shed is one of those perfect places to go when you want to grab a burger and a beer, although their entire menu is fantastic. This family-friendly spot has an year-round outdoor patio for some amazing people watching.

The Shed prides itself on using the highest quality products from local farms & waters. Their beef, pork & chicken are locally sourced from sustainable farms on the island.

What to order: The Shed Bruger

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 461 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Best Tofino Coffee

Tofino Coffee Roasting Company

Tofino Coffee Roasting

For freshly roasted coffee that’s ethically produced, Tofino Coffee Roasting Company is the place to be. This roastery is dedicated to using sustainable, ethically grown beans, allowing customers to sip away at coffee that does good (and tastes even better!).

They specify that all coffee is roasted in small batches, so you won’t have to deal with stale, day-old beans that don’t have the same kick as their fresher counterparts. If you need something to give you an instant lift, head to the espresso coffee bar. Here, you’ll find strong shots and an assortment of baked goods to add bulk to your order. With a mellow atmosphere that makes mornings less of a drag, this quaint roastery is the perfect place to start your day.

What to order: A strong espresso or medium roast coffee.

Visit this Tofino Coffee Shop:

Address: 605 Gibson Street #112, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Drift Mfg Co.

Alright, it might not be a Tofino Coffee Shop really at all, but you can get a delicious cup of coffee (that comes with a cool story) while you explore a super sweet shop.

The shop itself is built and designed with many reclaimed materials, so just being in the place is a treat in itself. But the products they manufacture are even better.

Visit this Tofino Shop:

Address: 511 Campbell Street, Tofino BC

Website | Instagram

Tofitian Café

Tofitian Cafe & BakeryWhen it comes to serving excellent coffee and bringing the Tofino community together, nowhere does it better than the Tofitian Café. Not only has this national treasure won the Best Coffee in Tofino Award countless times, but they offer a range of unique loose teas, freshly squeezed juices, silky-smooth hot chocolates, and even imported Matcha (totally worth trying, by the way)!

To dial up your breakfast beverage, grab one of many sweet or savory items from the in-house bakery. Offering everything from melt-in-the-mouth chocolate muffins to breakfast sandwiches bursting at the seams with eggs and sausage, the Tofitian Café is a local hotspot that you need to visit at least once during your trip.

What to order: A scone, muffin, or breakfast sandwich!

Visit this Tofino Restaurant:

Address: 1180 BC-4, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Best Tofino Treats

Chocolate Tofino

chocolate tofino restaurant

A panacea for anyone with a sweet tooth, Chocolate Tofino is one of the best places to visit for dessert in the area. This popular hotspot is famous for its creamy gelatos and fresh sorbets, but it’s better known for serving up gorgeous handmade chocolates. If their delicate designs and rich flavors weren’t enough to draw you in, you may be interested to know that this chocolatier only uses sustainable cocoa across all products.
Guilt-free dessert, anyone?

There isn’t a single dud in the bunch, but the Organic Lavender Truffle (grown in Vancouver!), and iconic Maple Syrup Vanilla Bean Caramel chocolates shouldn’t be missed. For the ultimate indulgence, don’t miss the Creamy Caramel Bear Claw coated with candied cashews.

What to order: the Organic Lavender Truffle or Maple Syrup Vanilla Bean Caramel.

Visit this Tofino Sweet Spot:

Address: 1180A Pacific Rim Highway, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Website | Instagram

Ouest Artisan Patisserie

ouest tofinoThose looking for French luxury and desserts that belong on Instagram will find everything they need at Ouest Artisan Patisserie. After all, when you’re feeling fanciful, sometimes nothing less than delicate macarons and delicious patisseries will do.

What makes this place special is its location – it’s literally inside a small shipping container! Whether you’re feeling buttery croissants or soft cookies, you’ll need to act fast, as this extraordinary patisserie closes shop as soon as they sell out. Although they’re better known for their dairy options, you’ll typically find a small selection of vegan fare on display too!

What to order: Any of the patisseries!

Visit this Tofino Sweet Spot:

Address: 220 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0


Tofino Licks

Campbell Street is packed with foodie favorites, and local gem Tofino Licks is no exception. Offering decadent soft-serve Italian ice cream and frozen yogurt, this place is paradise for dessert lovers. The Tacofino’s Diablo Cookie and Sobo’s Key Lime Pie are fan favorites, but you’re unlikely to be disappointed with any item on the menu. If you’re on the hunt for a dairy-free option, you can’t go wrong with the rich dark chocolate sorbet.

Aside from their top-tier treats, what makes this place special is the company’s approach to collaboration. All toppings are made with locally sourced ingredients, with BC organic milk being their main import. What’s not sourced from local suppliers or businesses is made in-house (including all sauces!).

What to order: The famous Key Lime Pie.

Visit this Tofino Sweet Spot:

Address: 220 Campbell Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0

Menu | Instagram

Savary Island Pie Company

Savory Pie Company TofinoTucked away on Main Street, Savary Island Pie Company offers a variety of sweet pies, breads, and pastries to the good people of Tofino. Although it’s pies that put them on the map, this humble, family-owned bakery also dishes up classic breakfast plates and excellent coffee.

You’ll get magnificent harbor views whether you’re sitting indoors or out on the patio, making it an ideal spot for watching the sunset. If you’re looking to bring the magic home, why not grab one of their sourdough loaves or whole pies? Just be sure to bring your appetite – the portions are large, and each pie is heavily topped!

What to order: A sweet or savory pie.

Visit this Tofino Sweet Spot:

Address: 230 Main Street, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0


We hope that this list of the best Tofino restaurants has helped with creating your ultimate foodie itinerary. Whether you want to keep things simple with classic dishes or prefer to expand your horizons with international cuisine, Tofino has plenty of choices!

PS: We highly suggest making the trip to Ucluelet one night for an amazing dinner at Pluvio!

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