One of the most powerful experiences in Mount Revelstoke National Park is the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail. It’s an accessible, wooden boardwalk lined with towering trees that will leave you speechless.

*UPDATE*: Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail is closed for 2022 due to heavy snowfall and fallen trees. The boardwalk will now need to be repaired. You can follow all Mount Revelstoke trail updates at Parks Canada.

A half-kilometer trail may not sound exciting, but when you see the scenery, you’ll understand the draw. Few places on earth compare to the utter magnificence you witness along this wooden boardwalk. So, while it may not be the physical rush you can find with other trails, sometimes we need a different kind of escape.

The wooden boardwalk takes you through some of the oldest parts of the forest. We should note that you can’t see many of the trees from the road, so it’s a little surprising to find yourself enveloped by such immense cedars and firs.

Once you find the trailhead, it’s a short hike that will feel like paradise, especially on a sunny day. The boardwalk-style trail keeps you off the surrounding vegetation but allows you to get close to the magnificent trees.

Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail Revelstoke Old Growth

About the Cedar Trees on the Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail

Since Western Red Cedars are the official tree of British Columbia, it’s no surprise to find them everywhere. However, the Giant Cedars Boardwalk trail puts you up close and personal with some of the oldest trees in the park. Many of these cedars have thrived in the park for more than 500 years! Old-growth forests are fascinating and need protecting. Watch this short film on protecting Old Growth Forests to learn more.

The cedar trees have wider bases and narrow as you look up toward the tops. Though many of these trees are red cedar, the external bark can look grey until you peek under the cover and find that glorious reddish-brown hue that makes them famous. When you do, make sure to inhale deeply because there is nothing quite like the cedar scent.

Visiting the massive cedars is a grounding experience that makes you realize how everything in nature is deeply connected. The ecosystem in Mount Revelstoke National Park has existed and thrived for so long that these trees tower over everything as a protective cover. These old-growth cedars also happen to be part of the temperate inland rainforest.

If you love Old Growth Forests, you might want to visit Vancouver Island where you can find more Giant Cedars and other big trees in Avatar Grove and Cathedral Grove.


Visiting Giant Cedars Boardwalk near Revelstoke, BC

You can find the trailhead about thirty kilometers east of town, though it can be a bit tricky to locate. It helps to look for the Giant Cedars Picnic area, which is wheelchair and stroller-friendly, so it’s a wonderful place for a leisurely picnic lunch. You can even bring canine friends as long as you have them on a leash.

The Giant Cedars Boardwalk is a 500-meter wooden boardwalk with multiple benches along the way, making it appropriate for any skill level. However, due to the steps, it may not be the best situation for wheelchairs and strollers.

Mosquitos can be problematic for most of the season, so you may want to bring along some bug repellant or wear protective clothing. It’s also an older part of the forest, so you may have a better chance at seeing wildlife, specifically bears.

The gates close from October through May due to snow, but you can visit Giant Cedars Boardwalk from June through September with a Parks Canada Discovery Pass. If you don’t already have a park pass, you can purchase one at the kiosk located in the parking lot.

Giant Cedars Boardwalk Revelstoke

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