It’s not easy to ignore the majestic power and beauty of the Revelstoke Waterfalls. Set against a glorious backdrop of lush greenery and towering rock formations, these falls provide a calming respite from the daily grind. Here are a few of the falls we discovered while exploring the Best Ever Things to Do in Revelstoke:

Revelstoke Waterfalls: Sutherland Falls

Revelstoke Waterfalls Sutherland FallsHead outside of town toward Blanket Creek Provincial Park to find Sutherland Falls, a marvelous spectacle that wows visitors year-round. The surrounding rock formations create a partial enclosure which naturally amplifies the thundering water as it passes into the pool below. Peppered with moss-covered rocks and tree stumps, the landscape is sure to give you a sense of peace.

The trek is easiest in summer because you can park relatively close if you drive down to the lower parking area. From the lower lot, you only have to walk a few minutes to the falls. You can even take your pup along if you use a leash.

Adventure seekers looking for a wintery wonderland may appreciate the journey as much as the destination. Winter renders the road to Sutherland Falls undrivable, so you have to hike it. Though it’s winding and could be slick in certain conditions, you could make the hike in fifteen minutes or less.

Revekstoke Waterfalls: Begbie Falls

Revelstoke Waterfalls Begbie FallsIf you’ve ever traveled near Revelstoke in any capacity, you probably noticed the towering Mt. Begbie. The mountain is a staple for many visitors hoping to explore the treasure trove of beautiful trails. For people who have spent time scaling, hiking, or biking the mountain, it may be no surprise that there’s more to the mountain than meets the eye, including a waterfall.

Begbie Falls marks the exit point of Begbie Creek as it plummets into Upper Arrow Lake. The water remains cold year-round, so the beach is refreshing and rejuvenating on a hot day. If you fall in love with the area, it’s possible to camp in the area for a small fee.

Bluff Trail is the easiest route to the falls; it’s a moderately difficult trek that’s just under five kilometers. You can take several other paths to reach Begbie Falls, including a canoe trip across the lake. Every path offers breathtaking scenery culminating in a thundering cascade of crystal-clear water.

Revelstoke Waterfalls: Moses Falls

Revelstoke Waterfalls Moses Falls

Though it’s known by name, Moses Falls remains an unmarked wonder near Revelstoke. Locals can probably direct you to the area, but it’s not too challenging to find if you know where to look. Take Highway 23 south to Westside Road, where you’ll find a dirt road that marks the trail.

It’s not a particularly treacherous trail, but you do cross some flowing streams that can pack a punch after heavy rains. Additionally, it’s a steeper trail that can get muddy. The trail and the falls have plenty of character and picturesque scenery worthy of photoshoots. It’s also an excellent place to have a picnic and commune with nature.

Revelstoke Waterfalls: Broken Bridge Falls

Revelstoke Waterfalls Broken Bridge

Most people can make the hike to Broken Bridge Falls via the Broken Bridge Trail in Mount Revelstoke National Park. It’s an incredible nature trip that culminates in a broken bridge crossing over a waterfall.

The out-and-back trail is about five kilometers roundtrip. Since it’s well-marked, the Broken Bridge Falls Trail isn’t too challenging for most people. The trail starts narrow but opens up at various points to give you an excellent view of the Columbia River, surrounding mountains, and lush landscape. Of course, since the bridge is broken, it’s unsafe to cross. You’ll have to return the way you came.

Though it’s not a challenging trail, you may want to visit during the summer and fall months. Note that the hike to the bridge and falls is mostly uphill, but there are plenty of places to rest along the way.

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