Welcome to your guide to the Best Ever Penticton Restaurants!

As residents of Kelowna, we have the privilege of frequently exploring the vibrant city of Penticton, nestled beautifully amidst the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia’s wine country.

As BC Wine Ambassadors, we have a deep appreciation for the remarkable nearby Naramata Wineries and Summerland Wineries. These wineries have not only captured our hearts but also influenced our discerning palates, fuelling our passion for exceptional food and wine pairings. (Looking for BC Wine Pairings? Check out some of our Red Seal Chef’s Food & Wine Pairings: Wine with Ham | Wine with Carbonara)

In this guide, we will take you on a gastronomic journey, showcasing the diverse range of dining establishments that Penticton has to offer. From cozy cafes serving perfectly roasted coffee to elegant fine dining establishments featuring farm-to-table creations, this city is a haven for food enthusiasts.

Penticton’s culinary scene is a delightful fusion of regional flavours, global influences, and a commitment to using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Whether you are seeking a casual meal with friends, a romantic dinner for two, or a memorable celebration, you will find an array of options to suit every taste and occasion.

Join us as we explore the hidden gems and beloved favourites, uncovering the culinary talents that make Penticton a haven for food lovers. Let our Best Eve Guide to Penticton Restaurants be your trusted companion as you embark on a delightful culinary adventure in this picturesque city, where food, wine, and natural beauty intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.

Your Guide to The
Best Penticton Restaurants

Best Penticton Restaurants

Best Penticton Fine Dining

OROLO Restaurant + Cocktail Bar

Best Restaurants in Penticton Orolo
Patio Penticton Restaurant Orolo
Penticton Restaurants Orolo

When Penticton’s Time Family of Wines transformed the Penmar Theatre building into an urban winery in 2018, it stood out as a unique establishment in a region dominated by rural wineries. Now, the venue expanded it’s culinary offerings with a new restaurant bearing a name that captures its essence: OROLO Restaurant + Cocktail Bar. The term “OROLO” is derived from “horology,” the study of time, which aligns perfectly with the winery’s belief that wine is intricately connected to time and place.

OROLO’s menu, predominantly created by Chef Kirk Morrison, showcases a variety of exquisite dishes. They take pride in offering a diverse culinary experience beyond their amazing top-grade dry-aged steaks, featuring other standout options such as a sous vide rack of lamb. The restaurant also boasts a robust seafood program, sourcing organic and sustainable options.

OROLO’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its seafood program. The restaurant prioritizes sourcing ingredients locally and seasonally, even abstaining from offering items like mussels and oysters until they become available in the region to minimize their carbon footprint. By prioritizing the use of local ingredients and sustainable practices, OROLO aims to create a dining experience that not only delights the palate but also supports the surrounding community and environment.

With its emphasis on exceptional cuisine, a captivating ambiance, and a deep respect for time and place, OROLO Restaurant + Cocktail Bar is a remarkable destination for food and wine enthusiasts in Penticton.

Whether indulging in dry-aged steaks, savouring innovative seafood creations, or exploring the carefully crafted cocktail selection, guests can expect a culinary journey that celebrates the flavours of the region while embracing a sustainable and time-honoured approach to dining.

Take a deep dive into this Penticton Restaurant and read our full story, which covers the CHRONOS Tasting Room and OROLO. Pssst – you can even Saber your own bottle of Brut for dinner!

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Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 361 Martin Street

Website | Instagram

The Hooded Merganser Restaurant

hooded merganser best penticton restaurantsThis is what it looks like to be modern and Okanagan, with a gorgeous contemporary lakefront restaurant boasting big windows for feasting your eyes on the views across the waters.

Your eyes aren’t the only thing you’ll be feasting though, with a menu that shows off the best of British Columbia produce – with farm-to-table commitment throughout. It’s not just any farm though, as The Hooded Merganser are so committed to ensuring the highest quality from seedlings to servings, that they grow the lion’s share on their very own farm out on Valley View. Now that’s an ethos we can get behind!

If you appreciate precision cooking, get a load of their Tenderloin or Halibut. If you’re more of a fan of the results of a great long game, their Braised Beef Pasta will have been a work in progress for more than 24 hours before it reaches your tastebuds. No matter what you order, choose your drinks wisely – as their menu features not only bespoke craft cocktails but standout highlights from the local wineries too.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 21 Lakeshore Drive West

Website | Instagram

Best Penticton Casual Eateries

Salty’s Beach House

Salty's Beach House Penticton RestaurantPenticton is one of only two cities in the world sandwiched right between the shores of two lakes – so it’s only natural that fresh catches and stunning lakeside dining are on the menu here.

Salty’s gives you both. Their establishment is right on the beach, with a menu which reflects that in both dishes that were swimming earlier that day and an extensive range of cocktails meant to be relished in direct sunlight and sand contact. They’re also rather handy at replicating the fresh tastes of the local lakes using plant-only products, so vegetarians and vegans don’t have to miss out on the experience.

Needless to say, the fish/seafood options are the ones to choose, if you enjoy that sort of thing. Their Honey Bourbon Salmon is deliciously glazed, their Ceviche makes everything tingle with a citrus and jalapeño sauce, the Oysters are fresh-shucked and come in three varieties, and the Fisherman’s Pot is basically an entire ocean ecosystem. They even do great sushi! There are plenty of other options though, including Filet Mignon, Pad Thai, and Honey Sriracha Chicken, for those who prefer their meals land-based.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 1000 Lakeshore Drive West.

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Theo’s Restaurant

Restaurants in Penticton TheosFor Greek and Mediterranean dishes done fresh and from scratch in an authentic setting that is still unescapably Okanagan, get yourself down to Theo’s.

They’ve been cultivating their relaxed dining setting that doesn’t compromise on quality since 1976, with produce that comes from either the best local farms or their own vegetable patches – which can be found both in Naramata and on the roof of the restaurant itself. They like to show off the dishes of their home country, with an especial fondness for those from Crete. They’re in the business of nurturing the bodies of their guests with the best in healthy cooking and thoughtful preparation processes.

If you’re going to eat here, you want to sample food the way they do it back home. For starters, try the Yigantes, Fava, Dolmathes, or the Dako – and if you’re not sure which to pick, your smiling waiter will help you figure out which is most to your taste. Follow them up with Moussaka or Lamb Shoulder for the best tastes of Greek village cooking. Over on the dessert menu, try the traditional-style Tiramisu or see how bread pudding looks in the Mediterranean with the Ekmek.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 687 Main Street.

Website | Instagram

BRODO Kitchen

Brodo PentictonThe mission statement at BRODO (meaning ‘broth’ in Italian) is simple: serve up flavourful bites (and slurps) made from local ingredients without breaking the bank in an accessibly casual environment.

If this sounds too good to be true, trust us – it isn’t. BRODO has got it nailed. Their passion for cooking is evident across a menu that features the best of the wealth of local farmyard produce they have access to. Innovation is a continuous process at this rustic-themed eatery too, with up to three featured dishes per day – many of which haven’t seen the light of the regular menu ever before.

We’re going to have to insist that you sample one of their soups, whether it’s the Pulled Chicken + Dumpling, with cheddar crisps and rosemary, the Roasted Mushroom + Lentil, with truffle chilli oil, or their signature One-Litre Bone Broth. We promise you’ll love it, and they offer it take-away-style by the litre if you really love it. The rest of the menu, we’ll leave up to your personal tastes – as it’s a safe option whatever you opt for.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 483 Main Street.

Website | Instagram

Best Penticton Winery Restaurants

The Kitchen at Da Silva

Penticton Winery Restaurant Da Silva‘The Kitchen’ might be a slightly unimaginative name for a restaurant, but that just makes the innovative delights of their menu all the more inspiring.

The dishes on offer here are ever-evolving, subject to the continuing inspiration of the chefs and the changing seasons of the Okanagan. However, you can expect to find an emphasis on Mexican and Portuguese cuisine – with ingredients fresh from the farmyards and paired vintages fresh from their own vineyards. When presented with an overwhelming array of appetizing options at Da Silva, we usually take the tapas approach.

The Kitchen is a great place to open your mind and try something new. Whether it’s with the Spanish bar-snack staple, Boquerones, or unusual meat options like Chicken Hearts “Salteados” or Pickled Pork Feet Escabeche – we really recommend pushing the boat out a little. If you prefer to dine on the safe side, their Paella really is the Okanagan’s best. Finally, if indecision is really getting to you, opt for the Chef’s Choice to fill your table with the best tapas on offer.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 375 Upper Bench Road North.

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Sonetto at Play Estate Winery

Sonetto is Italian for sonnet, a short 14-line poem characterized by its formal rhyme scheme and originating from Florence, though arguably made famous by none other than William Shakespeare.

If the food wasn’t so inspirational, we would accuse Play Estate of being a bit cheesy – but the taste alchemy at work in their kitchen is nothing short of poetry itself. Italian cuisine transplanted to the Okanagan works particularly well, as each dish gains new life with fresh terroirs across both the locally-sourced ingredients and the house-grown wine pairings.

Start things off with the classic Bruschetta Duo, featuring a local mushroom medley, or opt for Arancino, the traditional Italian rice ball served with sautéed king oyster mushroom and dollops of truffle mayo and punchy arugula salsa verde. The Charcuterie is a great choice too, if you want to sample a bit of everything. For the main, all we’ll say is go for one of their pasta dishes or live with regret forever, or maybe opt for Filetto Etrusco if you want something heavier, like Angus tenderloin with fontina scallop potatoes. Or ignore us entirely – the important thing is only that you visit!

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 507 Skaha Hills Drive.

Website | Instagram

Poplar Grove Winery

Penticton Winery Restaurant Poplar GroveInspired by a childhood spent immersed in the endless international dining opportunities of London, Head Chef Rob Ratcliffe of Poplar Grove serves up equal parts nostalgia, refined imagination, and locally-sourced bliss.

The dishes here don’t only seek to impress your tastebuds, they look to capture your heart and inspire your mind by showing just what can happen when you combine the best of international influences and lovingly-grown produce. It’s a natural extension of the work that goes on in the surrounding award-winning vineyard and winery (whose incredible views you will be privy to from your dining table), where grapes from all over the world flourish in conditions you can only find in the Okanagan.

The menu is compact, usually with just a single page to ensure that everything is done to perfection. Our trip saw us try their incredible Grilled Pork Belly, along with a Paella to share, and an impeccably baked Crème Brûlée to wrap things up. Who knows what your visit will have in store.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 425 Middle Bench Road North.

Website | Instagram

Best Penticton Pizza and Italian Restaurants

Mykonos Pizza & Spaghetti House

Penticton PizzaMykonos prove that you don’t have to get caught up in fanciness to provide top-notch food – all you need is a comfortable atmosphere and passion for cooking.

Well, they have those two things by the boatload. Serving up authentic Italian and Greek food, Mykonos is the place to be if you love pizza pies or pasta dishes. They also stock plenty of seafood, prime-cut meat, and traditional Greek options if you’d prefer to opt for something a little less obvious. All of this is served in a warm and inviting environment, by staff who will have belly-laughing into your appetizers if you give them half a chance.

Their pizzas span simple staples to pizzeria classics and DIY customizable treats. Their spaghetti takes home the deserved title of best-in-town. Their namesake Mykonos Platter gives you the comprehensive tastes of Greece with taramosalata, spanakopita, pita breads, Greek salad, and plenty of humous and tzatziki to accompany it with. Plus, with affordable prices, you can go wild without breaking the bank.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 329 Main Street


Gusto Ferrari

Gusto Ferrari PizzeriaIf you’re on the search for the comprehensive tastes of Italy in a casual eatery environment, then you’ll want to stop by Gusto Ferrari – they’ve even just finished renovations at the end of January, so freshness is guaranteed across the menu and the space!

There’s so much more than pizza on offer at Gusto Ferrari – although the pizza is incredible enough on its own! They also stock freshly-caught seafood, pasta dishes made from scratch daily on-site, and authentic Tuscany charcuterie, which features the best cheeses and cured meats imported from the historical Italian region itself.

We loved their Snakebite pizza, loaded with spicy Tuscan salami, hot capicollo, onions, and feta cheese. Their white pizzas (sans tomato sauce) were also incredible, with the Valtellina with bresaola, arugula, and truffle oil winning our hearts. As for the pasta, we only got chance to try the Crab Meat & Shrimp Ravioli, but if these hand-crafted bites are anything to go by, you would be missing out to opt only for slices on your visit.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 201 Okanagan Avenue East.

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Pizzeria Tratto Napoletana

Penticton Pizza TrattoIn our humble opinion, there’s no better slice than Neapolitan pizza. The thin base, fresh flavours, and slightly charred finish of these Naples-originating delights are unrivalled. Especially when fired for between 60-90 seconds in an authentic wood-fired pizza oven, like the one found at Tratto.

Normally we’re against importing anything into the agricultural breadbasket of the Okanagan, but we’ll make a happy exception for San Marzano tomatoes and milky fresh for di latte mozzarella – as these are essential to the authentic pizza tastes of Naples. Besides, the rest of the goodies used for toppings come from local farms, so it’s a best-of-both-worlds situation.

As well as essential antipasti dishes, Tratto stock all those Naples staples, like the four-cheese Italian-style Quattro Formaggi and the mouth-watering Capricciosa with salami, ham, mushrooms, olives, artichokes, and plenty of parmesan. They also have a guilty pleasures section featuring NY-style double pepperoni and the ever-controversial Hawaiian. If you’ve still got room after, we advise wrapping things up with a Cannoli (whose flavours change constantly, so multiple dessert trips bring new rewards) or some flavoured Sicilian fruit ices.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 256 Westminster Avenue West.

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Best Penticton Pubs

The Station Public House

The Station Restaurant in PentictonPubs are an essential stopping point on trips to the Okanagan, as we can’t let the local wineries get all the credit. Especially when locally-brewed beers are served up in cozy atmospheres, alongside pub grub that redefines the usually underwhelming expectations we have for plates that accompany pints. They almost always feature the best vintages from local wineries too, which helps.

Coziness extends both indoors and outdoors at The Station. Inside, you’ll find rustic fixtures and plenty of friendly locals. Outside, warm lighting lulls you into tranquillity on the patio, and fire pits are on-hand to keep you toasty if the evening turns chilly.

The food options span pizzas, salads, seafood, steak, fish and chips, and some surprising international influences – all cooked with a chef’s passion and no corners cut. Their spread of beers includes fifteen local brewing highlights and rotating guest taps, all fresh on draught. There are craft cocktails too, plus ciders fresh from the best B.C. orchards and cideries.

Visit this Penticton Pub:

Address: 1070 Eckhardt Avenue West.

Website | Menu | Instagram

Tug’s Tap House

Top Restaurants in Penticton Tugs Tap HouseTug’s Tap House gets its name from the mighty steamboats and paddlewheelers integral to the logging industry that used to be the lifeblood of the region. This nautical-themed pub also claims to have downtown’s biggest coldest beers, which is always a plus.

Despite this beery claim, Tug’s is much more than a simple bar. They have a classy atmosphere bookable for private dinners, a knowledge-rich wine tasting room, and host weekly poker, trivia, live music, and karaoke events. It’s no wonder this place is a local favourite to enjoy a cold brew, whether it’s a post-work de-stressor or a Friday night out.

Their menu features a sterling selection of the local beverage highlights, plus special deals that change with each night of the week. Wednesday’s $8 per pound wing deal, alongside 16oz Big Surf Honey Lager, and Friday’s fishbowl cocktails were our favourite – but check out the menu below to find out when to maximize the personal appeal of your visit. They even do killer breakfasts (plus mimosas!) at the weekend.

Visit this Penticton Pub:

Address: 260 Martin Street.

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Barley Mill Brew Pub

The Barley Mill PentictonThe only thing better than a local pub, in our opinion, is a local brew pub – where craft bevies are made on-site with the passion, persistence, and imagination of the in-house brewing team.

That’s exactly what’s on offer at Barley Mill, alongside casual-yet-attentive snacking opportunities in an unpretentious rustic setting where you can get a glimpse of the complicated brewing equipment for yourself. Their craft brews can be purchased straight and unfiltered from the tap, or to take away at the Barley Mill Liquor Store next door. For the best results, consult the knowledge of the staff, identify and taste-test your favourite flavours, and take a case away with you back to your rental accommodation.

Recommendations-wise, we suggest you try their Rude Pony NEIPA, for one of the lightest and most refreshing glasses of citrus-based flavours we’ve found. Follow it up with a Nite Mare Brown Ale, for a full-bodied English contrast, and then soak up the booze with a pick from their menu that includes various small plates, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, steak, ribs, seafood, and special weekly features. For a true taste of Canada, get involved with the Brew Battered Poutine – we couldn’t get enough!

Visit this Penticton Pub:

Address: 2460 Skaha Lake Road.

Website | Instagram

Best Penticton Cafés and Coffeeshops

The Dream Café

Restaurants Penticton The DreamTruly a unique venue in Penticton, The Dream Café describes itself as ‘an oasis where friends, great food and live music unite!’ – and we think that’s a very fair description indeed.

The founder, Pierre Couture, has created an incredible multi-purpose space with the healing energy of a church, beautiful fresh-roasted coffees brewed by knowledgeable baristas, tasty treats from tiding-over snacks to full meals, and a whole host of genre-spanning musical talent regularly gracing the rafters. The Dream Café is the ultimate multi-sensory experience and should not be missed out on by any visitor to this fair city.

Their brunch offerings are a particular standout, with French Baked Eggs, Belgium Waffle Perdu, and the Big Latina with Yucatan pulled pork, pickled jalapeños, scrambled eggs, homemade red potato fries, roasted salsa, and chipotle crema rolled into a whole wheat tortilla making up just a few of the international delights. Lunch offers Moroccan Beef Kebab Pitas, Viet Summer Rolls, and Roll Your Own Tacos, to name just a handful. They also have a sweet shop and the best alcoholic beverages from the local area!

Visit this Penticton Coffeeshop:

Address: 67 Colourful Front Street, Penticton, BC, V2A 1H2

Website | Menu | Instagram

The Prague Café

The Prague Cafe PentictonAs their name would suggest, The Prague Café brings European tastes and all the best delights of the Czech Republic right to the beachfront of Okanagan Lake.

Their lakefront chairs and dining tables make the perfect place to bask in the sun as you enjoy a regenerative snack stop during your exploration of the city. You can wake yourself up with authenticity and class with one of their coffees, which are all organic and made-to-taste. They also have some great home-baked fruit teas, if you would prefer something a little less caffeinated that originates straight from the local orchards.

The Prague Café offers the perfect opportunity to try some new culinary items from halfway across the world, including traditional Babovka, Apple Strudels, and old-world-style Ginger Breads. It’s also one of our favourite places to start the day off right, as you can take in the sights across the lake while being soothed by classical music and the best in continental breakfast offerings.

Visit this Penticton Coffeeshop:

Address: 102-250 Marina Way.


Best Penticton Sweet Treats

Crêperie Ooolala

Creperie OoolalaYou’ll have to time your visit right, as this cute little food van is open from mid-June onwards or found at the Penticton Market on Saturdays only. However, we think their elusiveness only adds to the charm. (As you can see, we missed them being open!)

You can find them parked up in their regular spot next to the historic S.S. Sicamous – making it the perfect place to fill up on deliciousness before or after a bit of education. Their crêpes and galettes are crafted authentically, using traditional techniques and only ever relying on the best local ingredients for their truly memorable tastes.

It’s not necessarily just a sugar-packed thing either, with both sweet and savoury options on offer – you could even get one of each for a full dinner and dessert experience. Their savoury range includes Mexican tastes with the Olé, Italian with the Mamamia, southern European with the Mediterranée, Okanagan produce highlights with the Farmer – plus a super filling Breakie option. Their sweet crêpes have everything you’ve come to expect and then some, with bespoke coffees available too!

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 1099 Lakeshore Drive West.



Gratify PentictonWhy should the best sweet and savoury treats rely on unhealthy ingredients and problematic animal products? That’s the question asked by Gratify founder Connie Oickle – and answered by her too: they don’t have to!

Gratify are allergic to compromise. Their holistic nutritionist-inspired menu uses only the best quality vegan ingredients and a wealth of dietitian’s knowledge to create taste sensations that are 100% free from guilt. They even stock Keto substitutions and gluten-free options, because they’re well-versed with the disappointment of finding out you’ll have to miss out on menu highlights because of special dietary requirements.

All sweet and savoury bases are covered here. They bake delicious pizzas lavished with mind-blowingly realistic cheese alternatives. Their orchard-fresh smoothies are free from refined sugars. The range of hot and cold drinks includes a flagship Gratify Chai, blended ice coffees, organic teas and coffees, and Kombucha. We won’t even bother listing the extraordinary range of fresh-baked delights, but you might struggle to bring yourself to bite into the aesthetic bliss of their swirled cheesecakes because they’re so pretty – but the reward for doing so is well worthwhile.

Visit this Penticton Shop:

Address: 544 Main Street.


Ogo’s Ice Cream

Penticton Ice CreamOgo’s Ice Cream, just next to the lovely Gyro Park near the waters of Okanagan Lake, specialize in frosty cones that show off the very best of the fruits that flourish in the lands around Penticton.

However, ice cream is not all they do. For the health-conscious among you, their Sorbettos eschew fattening cream for pure frozen fruits. They also custom-make cakes for customers who call ahead, and serve a variety of paninis, burgers, bowls, and salads for folks who need to fill a gap between breakfast and dinner!

The ice creams are the undeniable highlight though. They’ve got more than forty different flavours on-hand at any one time, with highlights including a Salted Caramel that’s just to die for, and many flavours that work in seasonal fruits at the very height of their freshest taste. If you’re not an ice cream fan, we can also personally vouch for their Bliss Bars, or their artisanal gelatos if you’re feeling fancy.

Visit this Penticton Ice cream Shop:

Address: 166 Main Street.


Best Penticton International Food


Elma PentictonRight on the shores of Okanagan Lake, in the west end of Penticton, awaits a true Turkish delight in the form of Elma’s, where you can enjoy unique culinary takes in a modern, fuss-free environment.

Michael and Ayse Barluk have brought traditional recipes with them from Turkey, giving them a chance to shine anew when combined with the very best produce that the Okanagan region has to offer. The flavours balance novelty with local-favourite touches, and you have the option to dine with the accompaniment of beverages from the very best Penticton wineries and breweries.

We would advise starting things off with a Meze Flight, which pairs your choice of three entrees with Elma’s own home-baked breads. If you’re struggling to choose, the pomegranate molasses and Urfa pepper of their Muhammara made us true believers, and the seasonal House Pickles aren’t half bad either. For mains, there’s plenty to choose from too. We opted for a gorgeous Grilled Swordfish, Bison Tartare done Turkish-spiced-style, and a side of Harissa Prawns, complete with stewed squash and Turkish feta to share.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 994 Lakeshore Drive West.


Sushi Heaven

Penticton SushiWith two well-stocked lakes bordering the city itself, and countless other teeming bodies of water within a short driving distance, it’s no wonder the fish dishes of Penticton are worth writing home about. If you’re looking for sushi, look no further than the aptly-named Sushi Heaven.

Inherently artistic, precise, and boasting near-infinite flavours – we love sushi; our only complaint is that often the portion sizes are too small, and it can leave our wallets smarting if we get carried away. Not at Sushi Heaven though, where the portions are huge – and that doesn’t come at the expense of taste, presentation, or authenticity.

We personally love to get a Party Tray and/or Boat to ensure all the best tastes reach our tastebuds. They have seven to choose from, ranging from 28 pieces to a whopping 124, so you can go all out if you want to. They also offer a sushi and BBQ combo, with delights such as Korean-style Bulgogi and Bibimbap. Roll-wise, get involved with the Mango Seven Roll, Krazy Roll, or the city-special Penticton Roll, which pairs BBQ salmon with cream cheese, crunchy yam, and a top-secret sauce for an idiosyncratic taste sensation like no other.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 564 Main Street.


Polish Bistro

Penticton Polish RestaurantPolish food is, unfortunately, something we think you don’t see enough of in this part of the world. Luckily, a certain husband and wife dream team have taken it upon themselves to ensure Penticton doesn’t suffer from this problem.

If you’ve never tried Polish food before, it’s all about hearty meals that warm the soul and tastes that are similar to what we’re used to here in Canada, but still distinctively different at the same time. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to visit and let the dishes speak for themselves – or let the passionate owners explain in their own words.

You should opt for the authentic tastes of tradition on this menu. That means sampling the Polish take on dumplings with some of their Pierogies, of which the potato and dill varieties were our favourite. Their Schnitzels were incredible too, and you can never go wrong with anything sausage-based here in general. Finally, if you’ve never tried Sauerkraut before (or even if you have), Polish Bistro is the place to ensure you change that.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 65 Nanaimo Avenue East.



Italian Penticton RestaurantsOne thing we’ve noticed is that most of the cities worth visiting in the Okanagan have excellent Indian restaurants. We’re not quite sure why – but we’re sure not complaining.

Lachi take the best ingredients of the local area, with an emphasis on vegetables and seafood, and transform them into incredible curries and other Indian cuisine highlights. The accompaniments are just as good too, the sense of community as your table stacks high with poppadoms, chutneys, buttery naans, and fluffy basmati rice is unmatchable. They’re great with personalizing dishes too, so if you have any special dietary requirements or preferred spice levels, just let them know!

With Indian food, we believe it’s best to go with a communal approach. Ask the chefs for recommendations, pick dishes that pique your curiosity, opt for the specials, and fill your table with a smorgasbord of novel tastes to share between everyone. If you’re not a fan of sharing food, then go with some kind of biryani for a really good time.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 510 Main Street.


Happiness Thai Restaurant

Thai Penticton RestaurantsDon’t be fooled by their admittedly uninspiring venue, Happiness Thai are serving up the best authentic Thai food in Penticton – with huge portions packed with the freshest veggies and choicest cuts of meat.

Their offerings are no cheap imitations, you’ll be getting the genuine tastes of Thailand across a menu with separate lunch and dinnertime deals, plus tantalizing appetizers for all times of the day. It’s worth mentioning the drinks menu too, as their range of slushies and bubble teas ensures every part of your order is exciting! We especially loved the Thai Milk Iced Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls, mango and lychee jellies, and mango and strawberry poppers.

Food-wise, the Pad Khee Mao (aka Drunken Noodles) are a standout, as are other traditional dishes such as the Pad See Ew, Tom Yum Gai, Yellow Curry, and the Tom Kha Vegetable Soup. Don’t limit yourself to our recommendations though, as we’ve got it on good authority that each dish is as delicious as the last.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 535 Main Street.


Tequila Vallarta Restaurante Mexicano

Penticton Mexican RestaurantThe owners of Tequila Vallarta have brought the genuine tastes of Mexico all the way north to Penticton, picking up a few tips on how to best utilize the local produce without compromising on the authenticity of their tastes along the way.

The staff are as friendly as can be, the service is top-notch, and their patio area couldn’t be cozier, with greenery, quaint wooden structures, and parasols to keep the sun off you. If you’re feeling a little rowdy, they can provide you with some excellent tequila slammers with a number of varietals, and they also make the best margaritas we’ve tried in Penticton so far.

If you can handle your spice, there’s no way to start off the meal like their Jalapeño Poppers – plus some obligatory nachos, you are in Mexico-away-from-Mexico, after all. For mains, we loved their Stuffed Peppers, and the traditional tastes of the Mole de olla con Pollo, which is chicken lovingly prepared with chocolate and chilli, if you don’t speak the language. You can’t go wrong with their Chimichangas either.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 610 Main Street.


Wild Ginger

WILD GINGER RESTAURANT IN PENTICTONWild Ginger win the prize for providing the best Chinese food we’ve managed to find in Penticton.

Inside their sleek modern interior, you’ll find the best bites of China served up with beautiful presentation, plus heaps of both vegan and gluten-free options for those with special dietary requirements. No matter your take on ethical eating, you can try everything on the menu, as they are happy to substitute any meat component with seafood or tofu!

Don’t overlook the soups here, as starting off with a homemade Wor Wonton broth packed with BBQ pork, prawns, chickens, and seasonal veg is an excellent way to get your appetite rolling – as are their delicate noodle Phos. For mains, we like to stick to the Chef Speciality Dishes, as they are what the cooks do best, after all. Particular props go to the flagship Wild Ginger Seafood Sir-Fry, the Pineapple Sweet and Sour Pork, and the nutty, spicy delight of the Kung Pao Chicken.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 340 Main Street.


Best Penticton Vegetarian/Vegan

Angry Vegan Juice Bar & Vegan Food

Angry VeganTapping into traditional vegan stereotypes with good humour, you probably won’t be surprised to find out that Angry Vegan refuse to make any compromises.

All their offerings are totally free from animal products, across a range of soups, salads, and fresh-baked pizza slices. Not content to stick to solids, they also stock an invigorating range of smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices that show off the true potential of Penticton’s surrounding orchards to excellent effect.

Their burgers are the pick of the bunch for us. If you’re vegan, you’ve probably experienced many an underwhelming attempt to mimic a meat patty – but not here, where all the best thought and locally-sourced ingredients have gone into producing memorable tastes. The salads stand out from the crowd too, with their potato salad being maybe one of the best we’ve ever tried.

You can see a blurry glimpse of their menu on the Facebook page, but you should pay a visit yourself for the full experience.

Visit this Penticton Restaurant:

Address: 950 Westminster Avenue West.



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