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It’s TIME to Elevate Your Palate: Sip and Savour Excellence at Penticton’s Premier Food and Wine Destination

Perched in the heart of picturesque downtown Penticton, British Columbia, lies the beating heart of the TIME Family of Wines. This charming locale serves as the cornerstone for our collection of storied BC wine labels: the timeless McWatters Collection, the enigmatic Chronos, the vibrant Evolve Cellars, and the captivating TIME Winery.

Amidst this vinous tapestry, a new chapter unfolds with the arrival of a culinary gem: the exquisite OROLO Restaurant + Cocktail Bar. As we step into this realm of taste and terroir, prepare to embark on a journey that embraces legacy, innovation, and the art of elevating palates.

Amid the vibrant tapestry of Penticton, a singular gem emerged in 2018 within the transformed embrace of the Penmar Theatre. Time Winery materialized, a distinct urban haven nestled amidst a landscape brimming with rustic vineyard charm. Now, as the seasons gracefully dance forward, the heart of this establishment continues to beat with an unwavering essence.

Through the passage of time, the essence of Time Winery underwent a metamorphosis that breathed new life into every corner. The once-familiar Time subtly transformed, shedding its old skin to reveal an opulent experience that seamlessly marries culinary artistry and libations.

Yet, what unfolded encompassed far more than a mere launch of a restaurant or the expansion of a tasting room. It was an evolution of the very fabric that weaves the TIME experience.

It’s about embracing the symphony of change, where the enriched kitchen not only expanded its culinary repertoire but also beckoned all to partake in the diverse landscape of sustainable local food and deep respect for time and place.

And as if touched by a magical wand, the Chronos tasting room, once nestled within the original walls, blossomed into a spacious haven—a sanctuary for indulging in the many award-winning wines of the Time Family. Here, the essence of Time Winery thrives, offering not just wines but an elevated tasting experience, a journey through the remarkable tapestry of their winemaking artistry.


Stewards of Tradition and Visionaries of the Future

Time Family Team

The home of TIME Family of Wines finds its roots nestled in downtown Penticton, where its four iconic BC wine labels flourish: the revered McWatters Collection, the compelling Chronos, the effervescent Evolve Cellars, and the captivating TIME Winery.

The name McWatters holds a profound resonance in the world of wine, embodying more than 50 vintages of Okanagan craftsmanship. Guided by the visionary Harry McWatters, whose legacy runs deep in the veins of the Okanagan Valley wine region, the McWatters family left an indelible mark. In 2020, Ron and Shelley Mayert embraced the baton, infusing the winery with renewed energy.

The Mayerts’ custodianship extends into the future through Christa-Lee McWatters, General Manager, and Darrien McWatters, Operations Manager — sisters armed with a lifetime of wine industry experience and insight. This dynamic duo is primed to weave the threads of continuity and innovation, shaping the next chapter of this remarkable story.

Award-Winning Alchemy: Crafting Extraordinary Wines

Enter Lynzee Schatz, the creative hands behind the curtain, who breathes life into the portfolio of uniquely distinct labels.

Lynzee’s journey into the world of winemaking commenced with an introduction at the age of 18.

“I started working in wineries when I was 18 and I haven’t ever had any other job since,” she shares with a touch of nostalgia.

My first job was to hand-label sparkling wine bottles. I was luckily situated in the middle of the cellar, where I could witness the winemaking process unfold around me. It caught my eye, and I quickly transitioned from hand labeller to cellar hand.

Lynzee tells us about the two vineyards growing grapes for the TIME Family of Wines. In her words, they lay the foundation for remarkable winemaking. The first cradled in Osoyoos nurturing Merlot, Syrah, Grenache, and Petit Verdot, while the second, nestled in Naramata, is a haven for Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.

These sites are crucial for their respective varietals in many different ways,” Lynzee explains. “The long hot days of the south are perfect for ripening the red wines, while the cooler overnights on the bench help the sparkling components retain their acidity.

Her approach to winemaking is rooted in a harmonious collaboration with nature. “My approach and philosophy is that great wine is made in the vineyard,” Lynzee declares. “During the growing season, I work closely with the growers, supporting and collaborating to ensure the best possible fruit is brought into the winery during harvest. Once the fruit arrives, I take a gentle approach with the grapes, embodying a less-is-more attitude.

Lynzee Schatz-Credit Chris stenberg-print-CKS04217

In the delicate dance between tradition and innovation, Lynzee finds her stride. “Balancing Tradition and Innovation happens in so many ways,” she states thoughtfully. “We’re always exploring avenues to increase the quality of our wines, often integrating new technologies. But traditions are steadfast; the use of barrels and cork remains integral to our craft.

At TIME Family of Wines, innovation meets tradition in a seamless blend that defines their winemaking philosophy. With a commitment to crafting exceptional wines, they’ve embraced the cutting-edge Barrelwise system—an exclusive technology employed by only six wineries in BC.

“Are there any unique techniques or practices you employ in your winemaking?” we asked Lynzee, eager to uncover the secrets behind their precision. Her response shed light on their innovative approach. “I use a system called Barrelwise that allows me to track the progress of every single barrel in comparison to the usual composite sampling done with barrels,” Lynzee revealed. “I work with around 500 barrels a year, so this insight is invaluable and maintains the red wine at its highest quality.

This revolutionary system extends an unprecedented window into the well-being of every barrel, yielding precise data crucial for informed decisions. From refining Free Sulfur levels with the FS1 Machine to streamlining topping procedures using the Topping Cart, Barrelwise empowers TIME Family of Wines to fashion wines that embody unparalleled excellence.

In the face of the many accolades adorning their wines, Lynzee’s humility shines through. “The awards are really nice to have received, and I am proud of the work that happens in the vineyard for me to take that fruit and make it into outstanding wines,” she reflects, acknowledging the collective effort of the viticulture and winemaking teams. “I am always trying to take the wines further and push them to see what their true potential is, but that isn’t driven by awards.

Her affections for particular wines are revealed as she speaks of her loves: “I love Chardonnay. I love rosé. I love how versatile Chardonnay is, its ability to be used in sparkling and still wines. And rosé? To me, they are personal and a reflection of the winemaker.

This Rosé by the way? It’s a big deal. It has earned its stripes as a Double-Gold winner at the 2023 Cascadia International Wine Competition, amongst other awards. Keep reading as we dive into the world of TIME Family of Wines’ award-winning creations that have captured both hearts and accolade in the upcoming section.

Tastings at Time Winery

Chronos Tasting Room Experiences

From the redesigned Chronos tasting room to the thrilling Saber School and the exclusive behind-the-scenes Wine Thief journey, join us as we journey through the remarkable tasting experiences that define TIME Family of Wines.

Now that we’ve explored the intricate tapestry of TIME Family of Wines’ history, winemaking philosophy, and innovations, it’s time to step into the heart of their offerings. Enter a world of palate-enchanting experiences that awaken your senses and deepen your appreciation for the art of winemaking.

From the redesigned Chronos tasting room to the thrilling Saber School and the exclusive behind-the-scenes Wine Thief journey, join us as we explore the remarkable tasting experiences that define TIME Family of Wines. Plus, discover the benefits that await members of the TIME Family of Wines.

Explore the accolades as you scroll through TIME Family of Wines’ collection of award-winning wines.

Make sure you also check out their special bundles to take advantage of significant discounts! Or even better, become a Wine Club member!

Make sure you also check out their special bundles to take advantage of significant discounts! Or even better, become a Wine Club member!

Chronos Tasting Room Experience

Portfolio Tasting Experience

An introduction to our TIME Family of Wines brands, with selections tailored weekly by their Wine Education Team for your enjoyment. You will get to try from our fantastic BC VQA wine brands: Chronos, McWatters Collection, and TIME.

Unveiling the Art of Sparkling Celebration

Saber School

Embark on a captivating journey through the world of bubbly with the Saber School experience. Here, the effervescent tales of sparkling wines come to life, guided by the expertise of TIME Family of Wines’ passionate team. As the cork pops and the bubbles dance, you’ll learn the art of sabrage—a tradition that dates back to Napoleonic times. With a swift stroke, the saber meets the bottle’s lip, creating a theatrical cascade of sparkling delight.

At Saber School, it’s not just about technique; it’s about celebration. Raise your glass high and toast to life’s unforgettable moments. Whether you’re commemorating a special occasion or simply embracing the joy of the present, Saber School offers a sparkling adventure that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the artistry behind every pop and pour.

Steal A Sip Straight From the Barrel

Wine Thief

Step behind the curtain and experience winemaking like never before with the exclusive “Wine Thief” experience. This behind-the-scenes journey takes you deep into the heart of the winery, where the alchemy of winemaking unfolds. Guided by TIME’s experts, you’ll witness the meticulous process of crafting exceptional wines, from grape to bottle.

But that’s not all—the “Wine Thief” experience offers a truly immersive encounter. Enthusiasts are invited to savour wines straight from the barrel, a rare and intimate opportunity that connects you to the very essence of the winemaking journey. As you taste the evolving flavours and aromas, you’ll gain a unique insight into the transformation that occurs during the aging process.

Elevate your appreciation for the art and science of winemaking as you become part of this exclusive circle, sipping on wines that are still in the making. The “Wine Thief” experience is an ode to curiosity, a tribute to craftsmanship, and a truly exceptional journey for wine enthusiasts seeking an inside look at the magic behind the bottle.

A Prelude to Palate Pleasures:

Cocktails at OROLO

After indulging in the art of savouring exquisite wines, we set the stage for an enchanting transition. Just a step away from the Chronos tasting room, a new dimension of taste and terroir awaits at OROLO Restaurant + Cocktail Bar.

As we move from the captivating world of wines to the realm of mixology, anticipation takes hold. OROLO beckons with its inviting ambiance, an intimate space where elegance and innovation collide. The scent of crafted cocktails mingles with the echoes of laughter, setting the scene for a prelude to palate pleasures.

Our journey continues with the clinking of glasses and the mellow lighting that paints the room in warm hues. Expert mixologists curate an array of cocktails that pay homage to the rich flavours of the surrounding landscape. Every sip becomes a narrative, a fusion of ingredients that whisper tales of local bounty and global inspiration.

From classic concoctions with a twist to daring innovations that challenge the boundaries of taste, OROLO’s cocktail menu mirrors the essence of the region. Just as winemakers craft their wines with care, the mixologists pour creativity and passion into every glass.

So, why not linger a while longer? Embrace the fleeting moment when the world slows down, and conversations flow as smoothly as the spirits in your glass. At OROLO, the curtain rises on an interlude of libations before the grand finale: a dining experience that promises to elevate your senses and ignite your culinary imagination.

Savouring Locally Sourced Flavours

Dining at OROLO

As daylight gracefully recedes, we step into the world of OROLO Restaurant—a canvas where culinary imagination paints unforgettable experiences. The stage is set, an inviting ambiance that merges the warmth of hospitality with the allure of creative culinary artistry.

The name itself, derived from “horology,” the art of timekeeping, echoes the winery’s belief in the profound connection between wine and its sense of place and time. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional cuisine, a captivating ambiance, and a deep reverence for tradition, OROLO stands as a must-visit Penticton Restaurant for connoisseurs of fine dining and wine enthusiasts alike.

OROLO welcomes guests with open arms, seamlessly fusing the warmth of hospitality with the finesse of cutting-edge culinary artistry — an experience that is both accessible and extraordinary.

The narrative evolves from glass to plate, as a symphony of flavours takes centre stage. Each dish, painstakingly crafted by the gifted culinary team, serves as a testament to their artistry. The menu reads like an ode to culinary excellence, thoughtfully designed to complement the wines that have already captured the hearts of enthusiasts.

A culinary overture unfolds with every course, each plate a harmonious note within an intricate composition. OROLO’s menu isn’t just a mere collection of dishes; it’s a captivating tale that interweaves local terroir with global influences, told with the utmost care and passion.

Exceptional Culinary Artistry: Elevating Flavours at OROLO Restaurant

Orolo Farm to Table Penticton Restaurant

One of the standout features of OROLO is their exceptional beef program. The restaurant boasts dry-aging fridges, a unique addition to the Okanagan dining scene. Steaks are expertly dry-aged on-site for anywhere from 30 to 100 days, crafting an unparalleled depth of flavour.

What sets them further apart is their meticulous approach to sourcing beef, marked by collaboration with local BC purveyors who supply them with hormone-free, antibiotic-free, all-natural beef.

In a recent and captivating development that adds a unique touch to OROLO’s culinary identity, they’ve embarked on a journey of raising their own cattle. This visionary initiative, borne from a commitment to sustainability and hyper-local practices, was set in motion merely two months ago, when the owner’s brother took the lead.

As the proprietor of a nearby ranch in Rock Creek, BC, he acquired multiple calves through auction. These calves, carefully chosen, are now under OROLO’s stewardship, being lovingly raised with the intention to eventually be part of the restaurant’s own beef program.

As the OROLO team carefully nurtures this new addition to their culinary family, it promises to redefine the concept of local sourcing. The aspiration to eventually have their own locally-raised beef program is a testament to their dedication to innovation and quality.

This ambitious undertaking resonates with their ethos, reflecting a journey that encapsulates the essence of farm-to-table practices. This remarkable feat echoes their philosophy of offering a truly exclusive and locally-sourced beef experience.

Local farm to table beef
Dry Aged Meat OROLO

While this captivating journey has become a topic of conversation among patrons and staff alike, the OROLO team has chosen to keep this venture within a more intimate circle—a cherished secret that is steadily maturing.

Just as each calf holds the promise of becoming part of OROLO’s exclusive and locally-sourced beef experience, the restaurant itself remains dedicated to nurturing authenticity and sustainability in every aspect of their culinary narrative.

With the entire process from raising the cattle to their final destination at OROLO covering less than 50 kilometers, it showcases their unwavering commitment to authenticity and a truly sustainable food culture.

As our visit draws to a close, OROLO’s philosophy echoes: “Every day is a chance to create the best ever moment for guests.” OROLO isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a tribute to exceptional food, wine, and sustainability.

Disclaimer: Thanks to TIME Family of Wines for facilitating our meals and experiences. TIME Family of Wines is also a photography client of ours however this post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions shared ours and not influenced in any way. 


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