While Steve and I were in Whistler,  British Columbia, chasing waterfalls was at the top of our fall activity list. Nairn Falls Provincial Park might be our favourite Whistler waterfalls.  With a super short, easy hike wandering along a turquoise river, it should be a must-see for those visiting Whistler. It’s so easy, in fact, that even the entire family can do it, with kids and all. The trail is an easy 2.6K out and back trail. At the end of this trail are two viewing platforms, perfect for either the upper or lower sections of the falls.

Welcome to Nairn Falls Provincial Park

Nairn Falls Hike

If you want to go on a hike on this out-and-back trail, you’ll need at least 1.5 hours to complete its entire 2.6km Nairn Falls Hile. It rates as an easy hike though, thanks to the minimal elevation change. 

Nonetheless, hikers and other visitors should still keep in mind that taking the necessary precautions for any hike remains very important. Even with an easy trail like Nairn Falls Trail, there are still sections that need to be approached with much care to avoid any dangers. Drop-offs, steep banks, and the fast-running Green River are all real concerns that you should pay attention to.

Nairn Falls Trail

Nairn Falls Trail River

The Nairn Falls hiking route can be found by the parking lot, near the restroom. Admittedly, it’s rather anticlimactic, but don’t be put off by the lack of a more dramatic start of the trail. That’s not what you came here for anyway. 

Instead, what you want to do is to walk down the path to the chain-link fence just above the Green River. The trail is generally smooth and even, and the direction is straightforward. As long as the Green River stays on your left side, you’re heading in the right direction to the waterfalls.

Nairn Falls Hike

As always, be alert and mindful of your environment. Take it slow and easy during the parts where the terrain may be sloped or steep. 

Watch out, especially once you get to a little over a kilometer into the hike. At this point, you will be coming upon a short trail that will finally lead you to the lookout platforms. Although it’s the shortest section, it’s also the toughest, with the climb higher and rockier.

Nairn Falls Lookout

Getting to the lookouts makes all of that worth it. The upper section of the fall cascades strongly from above, before making a sharp 90-degree turn to the right, and then flowing down the lower levels. That’s why you need two different platforms to enjoy the Nairn Falls in its entirety. 

Because the waterfall is so strong, it is highly recommended that you take every important precaution so you don’t lose your footing and fall into the raging waters. 

Nairn Falls Campground

Nairn Falls Campground

Apart from taking in the natural beauty of the falls from a safe distance, you can spend more time enjoying the relaxing sites of Nairn Falls Provincial Park. You can even go camping or RVing in this park!

 Not only are tent sites available, but they also have RV sites that you can reserve in advance. The Nairn Falls Campground closes in the winter, unfortunately.

You can go biking, hiking, or fishing. You can even bring your pets along, as long as they stay leashed the entire time. 

The Nairn Falls Experience

Nairn Falls Provincial Park Whistler

We hope you love Nairn Falls Provincial Park as much we did! 

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Nairn Falls Hiking and Camping

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