On our list of Whistler Waterfalls to visit is Alexander Falls. It’s a majestic sight to behold at 43 meters (141 feet) high. Its waters, flowing from Madelay Creek, cascade down the three tiers continuously, making a powerful statement.

Welcome to Alexander Falls near Whistler, British Columbia

Alexander Falls Whistler

One of the top things that some folks might love about Alexander Falls: it doesn’t require any hiking for you to reach it. A viewing platform is readily available right next to the parking lot, making it a perfect sight to behold for curious folks of all ages. 

The area is located close to the Whistler Olympic Park, the venue of many Nordic skiing events at the Vancouver 2010 Games. In fact, were it not for these games, the waterfalls would have remained obscure and far from accessibility. 

Prior to the 2010 Games, Alexander Falls was only accessible through a remote service road through the forest, and then down a rough trail to get to the viewpoint. But because of the influx of people they expected due to the Olympic Games, the local government developed the roads leading to the falls so more people can revel in its natural beauty. 

Enjoying Alexander Falls

Alexander Falls is ideal to visit anytime of the year, especially because it doesn’t require any hiking at all. But if you want to see it in its best form, you’d want to visit sometime in late spring or early summer (around May or June ). The water from the falls is strongest this time of the year because the snow melting from the nearby mountains is feeding into the creek. 

It’s a smooth and scenic drive getting there too. You might even get to spot a few bears while on the way. Once there, you can find a spot on the platform to take that perfect souvenir photo, then have a small picnic. You can even bring your dogs with you, as long as you keep them on a leash. 

With reliable cell service, picnic areas, and outhouses, you’ve got everything you need for a quick scenic getaway here at Alexander Falls. There are no camping sites in the park where the falls are located. You used to be able to camp at Madeley Lake & Callaghan Lake but there was a gate blocking the road when we were there.

Getting to Alexander Falls

While Steve and I were at Whistler, we couldn’t help but be amazed at just how easily surrounded we were by all of these natural beauties and parks. Alexander Falls, in particular, is only a short 20km drive south of Whittler. 

The first 10km will lead you to the sign leading to Callaghan Valley Road; take a right here. The remaining 10km will take you down a paved road heading straight for the fall. An open gravel parking lot awaits you, and from there, just walk to the wooden platform. 

Do take note that the parking lot is only open for day-parking, and keep in mind that there are no campsites available. This goes to say that camping, campfires, and other related activities are prohibited at the falls area itself. 

An Easy Adventure

Although there are no hiking opportunities in Alexander Falls, it still provides plenty of opportunities to take in the natural beauty of the area. We highly recommend adding this to your itinerary, even for just a quick stop. 

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