Green Lake Whistler is a two-hour drive from Vancouver, but is well worth the drive. It’s one of the top attractions in the area, thanks to its stunning clear waters and its natural turquoise color that simply pulls you in. 

Welcome to Green Lake Whistler

From the Sea to Sky Highway, you can already catch a glimpse of Green Lake from a convenient viewpoint. This pull-out spot easily gives you an overview of the gorgeous sceneries that lie ahead, with Green Lake being surrounded by the towering mountains of Wedge Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, and Whistler Mountain.

Green Lake Whistler

It’s also the largest body of water on the mountain, and so is ideal for locals and visitors looking to cool down during the warmer season. From water skiing, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, or simply getting a tan along its banks, Green Lake has plenty of fun to offer. 

Getting to Green Lake Whister

Green Lake Whistler Air Dock

Green Lake sits north of Whistler Village. If you’re coming from the Aspen Condos, it should only take you a very quick five-minute drive. However, if you’d like to have a little bit more adventure getting there, we recommend trying out one of those float planes that fly in from Vancouver, and land right in the lake.

These float planes give you a great opportunity to take in all the gorgeous sights of the Pacific Northwest from the air, and then bring you safely back down to the ground, where you can proceed to do all the fun activities you have planned. 

You can check out the different schedules available from Harbour Air to find the one that best fits your itinerary. 

A Picturesque Day Out at Green Lake Whistler

Green Lake Whistler Air

Green Lake has so much to offer, you can pack your day with various activities in it, or simply take a good rest, quietly soaking up the sun or simply enjoying the view. 

It’s very family-friendly too, with plenty of picnic tables lined up throughout the shoreline. If you want to explore the surrounding areas, there’s a 1.2-mile hiking trail, with an elevation of 249 feet,that you can follow to the lookout. 

It’s an easy trial by all means, and is actually popular for birdwatching as well. As always, just make sure to watch your step and be careful as there is some steepness to the terrain. Nonetheless, the trail is short enough for you to get to the lookout fast enough. 

Green Lake Whistler Boat Launch

You can find the boat launch at the north end of Summer Lane. You’ll find an L-shaped pier here sitting on the calm waters, giving you a great view of the lake. This section is only a few hundred meters away from the highway too, so it’s just as accessible to visitors.

One other interesting feature about Green Lake is that it is the coldest body of water in the mountains. That’s because the glaciers from the surrounding mountains melt and make their way into the lake. So if you’re planning on doing some water activities, best to come here during the warmer months so the water’s not freezing. 

Worth the Trip

Green Lake Whistler Picnic Area

Green Lake Whistler is one of the many natural beauties that you can find in Whistler. Take some time to explore this location, whether as a solo traveler or with friends and family up for an easy adventure. 

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