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5 Best Ever Men’s Hiking Shoes


Hiking can quickly become a most hated activity if your shoes are wrong. Wearing the wrong men's hiking shoes can cause blisters, they can make your feet wet, they can let in stones, and they can even cause injuries (rolling over on your ankles is a thing and a very painful one at that!). For this reason, it is of utmost importance that you find a hiking shoe that fits you perfectly, is ideal for your specific needs, and protects your foot in the best way possible for you. Shoes, as we know, are not one size fits all. However, as well as this

5 Best Ever Men’s Hiking Shoes2021-04-19T19:32:49+00:00

5 Best Ever Women’s Hiking Shoes


When it comes to hiking, whether a relatively short distance or on a hiking holiday, comfortable women's hiking shoes are key. Investing in the correct, most comfortable gear possible can take your hiking experience from ‘fine’ to ‘fantastic’. Of course, we have all made those rookie mistakes every once in a while, for example, only planning to go on a short stroll in your Chucks but ending up on half a day hike on rocky terrain! The truth is, as comfortable as our old beat-up Chucks are, or as bouncy as our running/gym sneakers are, they just were not made with hiking in mind!

5 Best Ever Women’s Hiking Shoes2021-04-19T19:23:28+00:00

8 Best Hiking Daypacks


Are you getting overwhelmed trying to search through all of the best hiking daypacks for your next adventure? Having a good quality, and durable daypack is essential when you are hiking as it can keep all your necessities in a safe, secure, and comfortable place. The versatility of daypacks means you can also use them when out biking, or even for work. It might seem like you can just buy any old backpack and call it a day, but when you are looking for a daypack especially for hiking, there are certain features and factors you should consider. After all, when you are out

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5 Best Ever Men’s Hiking Boots


While your old Vans or gym shoes might be the most comfortable shoes you own, they were certainly not made for the mountains! Luckily for you, some shoes have been made with hiking in mind. Men's hiking boots are any budding trail hiker’s best bud. Now, when you first go to buy a pair of men's hiking boots, it can quickly become overwhelming because of the sheer amount of choice available. Being keen hikers here at Best Ever, we have done our fair share of hiking boot buying. We now know a thing or two about what makes for a good pair of men's

5 Best Ever Men’s Hiking Boots2023-04-14T16:10:15+00:00

5 Best Trekking Poles for 2021


Here's our Best Ever Review of the 5 Best Trekking Poles in 2021 (Including Michelle's faves that she's used for 3 years now.) There’s nothing like being out in the fresh, mountain air, is there? Our Co-Founder Michelle found her way back to herself hiking, so you could say we are a wee bit passionate about hiking. Whether in a place that is special to you or while exploring somewhere new, trekking is up there with some of the most therapeutic things you can do. The thing is though, as is the case with many other things in life, it’s sometimes nice to

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How to Let go of Someone


One of the hardest parts about life, about being human, is that we all have to let someone go eventually. Whether that be a partner, a friend, or a family member, learning how to let go of someone can be one of the hardest experiences we will ever go through. We at Best Ever wanted to make sure that you are not alone when you go through this. We have all had to experience this in one way or another. We are sure that there are many people out there who have had to let go of someone and wished that they had a

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Over 200 Fun Questions to Ask


Whether we are just starting to get to know someone we are dating with the hope that it will lead to a relationship, or whether we are making small talk at a party or event, knowing what to say can be a little tough. I mean, do you really want to talk about the weather for 20 minutes again? The answer to that is probably not! All the same though, the weather and other small-talk/chit-chat questions often seem like the easiest thing to grasp for when you are chatting to someone you don’t know very well. What if there was a sure-fire way to

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How to Be Flirty: 9 Ways to Flirt


We all know those people who are just naturally flirty. All they have to do is smile and everyone around them instantly swoons. However, for the majority of us, we have no idea how to be flirty. It requires skill and precision in order to be executed successfully and get the desired results….sounds like a mechanical operation, right? It doesn’t need to be this way though. Still not convinced, huh? Well, as it turns out, flirting is scientific, and luckily, anything that is scientific can be approached methodically.  To expand, think about this…. people are all unique, right? What one person defines as flirting

How to Be Flirty: 9 Ways to Flirt2021-03-30T19:28:32+00:00

7 Ways You Can Learn How to be Funny


Having a good sense of humor is one of the best personality traits a person can have, in our opinion. Some people don't need to learn how to be funny, they just seem to be naturally funny. They have a knack for seeing the positives in all situations and always know how to get a smile from someone by cracking a joke or saying a witty comment. You may think that being funny is something that just happens naturally, and to some extent it is. We are sure that you can all think of that one friend who doesn’t even try to be funny

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How to Open a Jar: 5 Quick Best Ever Tips


The Best Ever (Quick) Guide: How to Open a Jar We’ve all been there… you get a sudden craving for a pickle so you go and grab a fresh jar out of the pantry ready to taste that sweet, sour, vinegary goodness, but the jar has other ideas! No matter how hard you try, you just cannot get that lid to budge off the jar. Before you throw the jar of pickles at the wall in a fit of frustration, we highly recommend that you check out our quick guide on how to open a jar. This doesn’t just work for pickles either. It

How to Open a Jar: 5 Quick Best Ever Tips2021-01-04T12:03:26+00:00