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5 Best Trekking Poles in 2021

(Including Michelle’s faves that she’s used for 3 years now.)

There’s nothing like being out in the fresh, mountain air, is there? Our Co-Founder Michelle found her way back to herself hiking, so you could say we are a wee bit passionate about hiking. Whether in a place that is special to you or while exploring somewhere new, trekking is up there with some of the most therapeutic things you can do.

The thing is though, as is the case with many other things in life, it’s sometimes nice to have a little support when you are trekking. No, we don’t mean another person (although, trekking with someone else is cool). What we mean is physical support.

It’s no secret that trekking, as beneficial as it is for us physically and mentally, can cause a little bit of pressure for your joints (we’re looking at you, knees). This is where trekking poles come in. Trekking poles can help to stabilize you while you are walking, especially when you frequent rugged and uneven terrain. They can provide more comfort for you, easing pressure on your feet, knees, legs, and even your back. This is because they can help you get better posture. They may even help make trekking a safer activity for you, decreasing your chances of falling and injuring yourself.

best trekking poles for hiking


  • Very durable material to ensure longevity

  • Super versatile poles that are suitable for all terrains

  • They are length adjustable to suit all needs

  • They are very lightweight for no unnecessary pressure when in use


  • Lightweight and durable materials used

  • Great grip with moisture wicking for comfort on even the hottest day

  • Height adjustable up to 20 cm allowing for excellent range to suit all needs

  • Great locking system for security

In this review guide, we are going to be exploring five of the Best Trekking Poles for 2021 we could find, ensuring that you know all about these amazing pieces of equipment. We will also be supplying you with a handy Buyer’s Guide to ensure you know exactly what features to look out for when buying a trekking pole. So, whether you are in the market for your very first trekking poles, or whether you are just looking for an upgrade, this article is for you!

In a hurry to know our top picks? Look no further….

Best Trekking Poles for 2021


This Trekking Pole set by Black Diamond is an excellent choice for someone looking for durability and versatility above all else. It is made with SlideLock adjustable technology, ensuring ease of use for you. There is also excellent joint support thanks to the stiffness of the pole. It is ideal for all four seasons, working in the coldest winter and hottest summer. The pole is made from strong and sturdy aluminum, ensuring all user’s security and safety even when descending the steepest of slopes. The poles can easily fold down into three sections, making them compact enough to just pop in your backpack or in the boot of your car. You can choose either carbide or rubber tips, depending on what your terrain demands and your preferences. The handles are cork, providing excellent grip, and the poles overall are very lightweight, coming in at just under half a kilo! A great choice for those looking for durability and lightweight poles for all sorts of terrain.


  • They last a long time even with regular use thanks to the high quality design

  • Suitable for all terrains thanks to the changeable tips

  • Can be easily folded and adjusted from 105cm to 127cm

  • They are very lightweight so as not to add unnecessary pressure when trekking


  • These poles are prone to creaking if lots of pressure is applied to them which may be annoying for some users


These trekking poles are very lightweight, ensuring that you can use them for long periods of time, thanks to their hollow core. They are edgeless and rounded in order to provide comfortable gripping at any angle. The grips are also made with comfort in mind, as well as safety. Their thermo-foam material provides insulation in colder months, and the built-in 8-degree positive angle keeps your wrist in a neutral position. The thermo-foam is also moisture-wicking and fast-drying, ensuring that even on the hottest day your sweaty hands won’t lose their grip.

The poles are also adjustable by 20cm, but with the added security of the only locking system that meets the minimum requirement by TUV. This means that at any height, you can rest assured that the lock will be secure enough to keep your poles in place. It can be folded down quickly when you are ready to store it away. The materials used are durable. All in all, these poles are an excellent choice, promising the convenience of the adjustable height, but with added reliability thanks to the high-quality materials used.


  • Super lightweight while remaining durable even after heavy use

  • The height is adjustable by 20cm to suit your needs, and to change for uphill or downhill trekking

  • They have a great grip that resists moisture and keeps your hands comfortable

  • The locking mechanism is of really high quality, giving you that extra reassurance


  • It was very difficult to find criticism about these poles. However, we noticed that one reviewer made the point that they had to check out videos on how to adjust the height as they could not work out how to do it. This is very minor, of course, but worth bearing in mind.


These are the poles Michelle has used for the past three years. She chose them for value alone as she was brand new to hiking. She loves how light and durable they are!

We are so impressed by these poles considering the low price! They definitely had to be our best value pick. The poles are lightweight and compact, weighing just half a pound. However, do not worry that the durability will be affected because that is certainly not the case with these poles. Cascade Mountain Tech has ensured that you will get a sturdy pair of poles thanks to their durable 3K carbon fiber. This means they can handle pressure, even when descending a steep hill.

The poles are adjustable from 26 inches to 54 inches, giving an excellent range to suit the whole family. The quick lock gives you the sense of security you need for those downward slopes, too. The cork grip finishes the poles off, ensuring impressive moisture-wicking technology, even on the warmest of days. A great value choice!


  • Best value for money we could find

  • Very lightweight so they are ideal for long hikes

  • Lots of room for adjustment

  • Excellent materials used to ensure durability


  • Some users found it difficult to adjust the wrist straps so do bear this in mind

Worthy Contenders

One of our worthy runners up is yet another by Black Diamond. These trekking poles are great for all terrains and are a versatile choice if you are someone who likes to explore different places. The grip is made from cork, ensuring comfort even after extended use. There is also a padded strap for extra comfort and security. The shaft can collapse into three sections, and it has adjustable levers, allowing you to choose from 27 to 55 inches it is a little heavier than some others on the list, but it is super durable, and perhaps a better choice for shorter walks.


  • Versatile and suitable for all terrains

  • Adjustable lengths from 27 inches to 55 inches

  • Durable material

  • Padded wrist strap for extra support and stability


  • A little heavier than some other poles on our list, and therefore they may not suit those looking for poles to use over long periods.

Last but by no means least we have the Distance Z trekking poles by Black Diamond. These are made from a lightweight and durable aluminum, meaning not only will you get stability during a downhill walk, but you will also not be hindered by excess weight while walking uphill. The slide lock technology allows the poles to stay stable in their position. There is an EVA foam grip to ensure maximum levels of comfort and moisture-wicking abilities. This means that even when your hands are sweaty, your grip will not be compromised. The poles can be folded away easily in three parts, making storage much easier. Yet another great choice from Black Diamond.


  • A number of length options so you can choose the one best suited to your height

  • Durable and lightweight material

  • Moisture-wicking foam grips for comfort

  • Can be easily stored away when not in use


  • Some customers have found the locking mechanism to be unreliable which could cause an issue if too much pressure is applied

Trekking Poles Buyer’s Guide

Fixed Length vs Adjustable Lengths

The first important consideration to make is whether you want your trekking poles to be of a fixed length or whether it would be more beneficial to get trekking poles that could have adjustable lengths. There are certainly pros and cons for each, and ultimately, it will be based on your personal preferences.

Fixed length trekking poles do not have the ability to adjust the height depending on your needs and so you will need to ensure that you research well to see what height pole will be best suited to you. Another factor to consider is that a fixed length pole will not give you the option to alter the lengths as you climb or descend a peak. However, there are often options to get fixed length poles that fold away for the purpose of storage. While these fixed length poles do not give you much freedom in terms of adjustments, they do tend to be far more durable and sturdy, making them a more reliable choice.

Trekking poles with adjustable lengths are an excellent choice if you are someone who thinks they will need height adjustment depending on the terrain. For example, when descending a particularly steep slope, you may want your poles to be longer than usual. Likewise, climbing uphill on uneven terrain may call for a shorter length. In this case, adjustable length trekking poles are preferable. They can also be easily disassembled for storage, for example, by folding them down. A downside of these types of trekking poles is that they can sometimes be more prone to breaking than their fixed length counterparts, due to the adjustable area getting weakened over time.

Weight of the poles

You may also want to consider how heavy your trekking poles are. Poles that are unnecessarily weighty can impact your overall experience. They will be harder to use and will be likely to tire you out more easily. Think of it this way, each time you walk, you will also be lifting the poes. While they may feel fine for the first hour or so, they can quickly begin to feel very heavy, causing you to stop or overwork yourself. Look for poles that guarantee lightweight, with materials that are known to help this. You should also ensure you carefully check the product specifications for exact figures.

Comfort and grip when holding them

If you are like Michelle, you will be a keen hiker who loves to wander in the wild for hours on end. You may also know the struggle, then, of holding heavy trekking poles for hours on end. When we are using something continuously, it is very important that that thing is comfortable. This is especially true of trekking poles. Consider what grips you find most comfortable, remembering that you will be holding them for long periods of time. There is no right or wrong as it is a personal preference, but you may want to consider getting trekking poles with grips that offer moisture-wicking abilities, such as those made from cork. This is to ensure that no matter how sweaty your hands are, the poles will stay safe and comfortable in your hands.

How durable are they?

Lastly, you should also consider the durability of your trekking poles. This will vary depending on how often you are able to get out on the trails. Certainly, if you go out every weekend and on any chance you get, you will want to invest in poles that are designed to withstand heavy usage. However, if you are a casual trekker that maybe does it every month or so, you may not need to splash out on anything so high-tech. The main consideration to keep in mind when it comes to durability is the materials they are made from and remembering that in general, fixed length poles will be more durable than adjustable ones.

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