While your old Vans or gym shoes might be the most comfortable shoes you own, they were certainly not made for the mountains! Luckily for you, some shoes have been made with hiking in mind. Men’s hiking boots are any budding trail hiker’s best bud.

Now, when you first go to buy a pair of men’s hiking boots, it can quickly become overwhelming because of the sheer amount of choice available. Being keen hikers here at Best Ever, we have done our fair share of hiking boot buying. We now know a thing or two about what makes for a good pair of men’s hiking boots and have decided to put that knowledge to good use for you.


  • Great ankle and arch support

  • No need to break them in – they can be worn out of the box

  • Comfortable fit and waterproof

  • Excellent traction and grip


  • Waterproof

  • Lightweight, even after a long hike

  • Stable, even on uneven terrain

  • Super breathable to let out sweat

Men’s Hiking Boots

In this article, you will find five of our Best Ever picks for the top Hiking Boots around. We know how difficult it can be to find the right shoes for men’s feet. You may be tempted by ‘unisex’ shoes, but actually, men’s and women’s feet have different needs, and so their shoes must be suited to those needs.

In our research, we have found that some important things should be kept in mind when buying shoes. These things have been formed into our informative Buyers’ Guide that we have included at the end of the article to let you know what features to look out for when buying hiking boots.


These waterproof hiking boots are the perfect shoes for backpacking, camping trips, and all of those long hikes. The waterproof element comes from the GoreTex technology that Salomon is famed for, ensuring your feet stay dry whilst still allowing sweat to escape thanks to their breathability.

They are designed for maximum traction, thanks to the Contagrip TD technology and deep lug on the outsole, making them the perfect shoe for all terrains. Salomon’s boots feature their 4D Advanced Chassis which is designed to guide your foot and reduce fatigue over the long duration of your walk. They are lightweight and cushioned, made with running shoe technology to ensure you have great flexibility.

This is all thanks to the EnergyCell midsole which is made from EVA foam for comfort and shock attenuation. Even though they are super flexible and cushioned, they are also supportive enough for your feet and ankles even on the most rugged terrain.


  • Excellent ankle support

  • Very comfortable and well-fitting

  • They are very durable, giving you the reassurance they will last a long time

  • No need to break them in – they can be worn right out of the box

  • Lightweight whilst still being sturdy enough for uneven terrain


  • They are laced with traditional style laces rather than the popular ‘Quick Lacing system’ that is often found on hiking shoes and boots. This makes them a little more prone to coming undone on long hikes.


The rubber sole of these walking boots are sturdy and have excellent traction thanks to the Vibram TC5+ 5mm lug. This means that you can wear them with ease on a mixture of terrains, including rocky, rugged surfaces, water, and snow.

They are waterproof thanks to the M Select DRY barrier which is an impermeable membrane that keeps water and outside moisture from getting in and keeps sweat out. It also ensures debris cannot get into the inside of the shoe. There is also a protective toe cap to protect your feet from rocks. These are a great, budget-friendly choice for a keen hiker, whether a seasoned pro or beginner.


  • Excellent arch and ankle support

  • Lightweight but sturdy

  • Great traction for uneven terrain and snowy or wet conditions

  • Excellent waterproofing


  • Some customers have recommended that you choose the next size up in these hiking boots


Yet another pair of Salomon shoes have found their way onto our list. The reason we have included these is because of how incredibly lightweight they are. It is important that your shoes do not add any unnecessary excess weight, but that they remain sturdy enough for all terrains.

These shoes do just that, they are designed to be well-fitting, ensuring your ankles, arches, and everywhere else on your foot is fully supported, even when walking down a steep hill. The advanced chassis is surrounded by foam cushioning made from EVA foam for extra comfort and support, allowing a spring in each step. The types of rubber on the sole work to ensure that there will be an intense grip on the ground, whatever the weather.


  • Super lightweight

  • Comfortable foam cushioning to make every step a comfortable one

  • They fit comfortably right out of the box

  • They come in half sizes to suit all foot shapes and sizes


  • They are not as waterproof as some other shoes on our list, and so may not be suitable for those who will be hiking in wet environments

Best of the Rest

These suede boots by Scarpa are fitted with GoreTex waterproofing to keep the elements from getting in and letting sweat out. Their rubber soles offer excellent traction and grip on all surfaces. There is a TPU toe cap for protection from any rocks that fall underfoot.

As well as this, the midsole is made from a very lightweight PU material to give impact protection as well as comfort.


  • Comfortable and lightweight

  • Protective toe cap

  • Easy to lace up


  • These shoes may need to be worn in before you wear them on a hike.

Last but not least we have this pair of hiking boots by Danner. These support shoes offer stability for your arches and ankles, whatever the terrain.

They are made with Danner Dry waterproof protection to protect your feet from the elements and have a super cushioned footbed thanks to the OrthoLite open cell technology. The Vibram midsole offers maximum rebound and support.


  • Good range of color choice

  • Super comfortable cushioning thanks to the OrthoLite footbed

  • Megagrip technology to stabilize you on any terrain


  • They are not the most breathable of shoes, so if your feet sweat a lot then you may not like this pair

Men’s Hiking Boots Buyers’ Guide

Do you need them to be waterproof?

When it comes to hiking boots, we think that most of you will agree that waterproofing is pretty important. It does, of course, depend a lot on where you are hiking.

If you are willing to hike in any weather and through all terrains, even if they are wet or muddy, then we think that waterproofing is pretty essential. However, if you live in a dry area and know for sure that you will not be encountering enough water to warrant waterproof shoes, then you can give it a miss.

It should be noted though, that having wet feet can be harmful. If you have wet feet for a prolonged period of time then you are more susceptible to infections, blisters, and even trench foot!

Traction and grip

Wherever you plan on walking you will likely be met with at least some sort of uneven or rocky terrain. Ensure you are prepared for this by buying shoes with excellent levels of traction and grip.

Whether you are walking on rocks, over tree roots, through mud, or on the snowy and icy ground, you will want shoes that ensure you do not go tumbling back down the mountain you just climbed. A good choice is some rubber-soled hiking boots with deep tread and excellent traction. They will support you and give you more balance and control, even when conditions get a little unpredictable.

How will they fasten?

A popular choice for walking or hiking boots is a quick lacing system. These are laces made from a strong and durable elastic that can be pulled tighter or looser depending on your needs. These also allow you to easily put them on and take them off.

Of course, you can also choose hiking boots with a traditional set of laces. Many people like traditional laces as they feel they stay in place for longer, resulting in a more supportive shoe. That being said, it is a personal preference. You may even want to look for shoes with a velcro fastening if that is more your style! The choice is yours.

Consider where you will be hiking

The routes that you take on your hikes will be one of the best things to keep in mind when buying new hiking boots. If you tend to frequent steep inclines and snowy paths, then choose your footwear accordingly, making sure they are warm and supportive.

If you prefer to hike in a dry desert-like area on warm days then you will want a little more flexibility from your shoes and will probably value breathability as opposed to extra warmth on your feet. This also comes into the section earlier on waterproofing. When you begin to consider where you will be hiking, your need (or lack of) for waterproofing will become all the more clearer.

Design and style

Just because something is practical, does not mean it can’t look good! Consider what sort of style or design you want from your hiking boots. With the wealth of choice out there you will not be stuck trying to find your favorite color.

The hardest part will be narrowing it down to one choice because all of them look good. Sure, this may not be important as the functional elements of the shoe, but we think it is important that you like the look of your hiking boots!

Do you need toe protection?

You can purchase hiking boots with molded rubber toe caps on them. These are a great idea for giving your toes extra protection. It may be an especially important factor to keep in mind if you walk on rocky, rugged terrain.

These toe caps will ensure that any rocks that come loose when you are walking will not injure your toes. However, you should also keep in mind that toe caps can add extra weight to the overall weight of the shoe. This could be an issue if you are trying to find a lightweight pair.

Weight of the shoe

This links to the previous section about toe caps, but it is so important that we felt it needed a section of its own. How lightweight your shoes are may not seem like a huge deal at first. You may well be considering choosing the sturdiest pair you can find because you think they will be more durable and protective. However, shoes that are too heavy can add excess weight to your legs. After a few hours of walking in particularly heaving shoes, your legs will feel like lead weights!

There is no need to compromise on the weight of the shoe when looking for a durable and protective pair. You can choose a pair that is lightweight whilst still giving you all the support you could need. Bear in mind that things like toe caps and extra padding can add even more weight to the shoe overall, so consider whether you need these or if you would prefer a lightweight pair instead.

Final Verdict

Our knowledge of hiking boots has proved useful in this case, and we feel happy to have shared some of our tried and tested favorites with you. We bet you already have a pair or two in mind, right? If you are anything like us you are about ready to buy all five.

That being said, if our list has not shown you your dream pair, there is no need to fret. Our handy Buyers’ Guide above has given you all the factors you will need to consider when buying your own hiking boots, setting you up to make an informed choice and reassuring you that any pair that you find using our guide will be quality.