When you are home you can easily get bored! It doesn’t matter if you are home alone or you have the whole family with you, staying at home for a really long time can be challenging. Let’s explore some great things to do at home while learning new things and enjoying new experiences while reconnecting with your life from a brand new peaceful, and fun perspective. 

things to do at home

Things To Do At Home When Bored
…with friends

If you are stuck at home with friends and you don’t know how to entertain them, these are the best ways to avoid getting bored while having fun together!

A dinner together

Have dinner with friends and ask everyone to bring a plate to share. It will save you a lot of time in the kitchen, is very friendly and is perfect for anyone who cannot cook or has a very small kitchen. You won’t have to prepare much while your guests are there, you just have to reheat the dishes a little in the oven, and it will also be an opportunity to discover new and fun recipes!

A day at the spa at home

Get a manicure. Try new hairstyles. Make yourself a mask. You can also try relaxing massages, test yoga postures if either of you is taking a yoga class, while listening to some background music. And don’t forget to drink something good!

A Netflix marathon

Watch all a series again right from the start (Orange is the New Black?) or choose a series of old movies you love. Make some popcorn, and let’s go for an afternoon or evening (or weeks!) of fun!

Video game tournament

It’s not just the kids who can play games like Minecraft or Fortnight with their friends. We’re big fans of Just Dance to wiggle the waggles away with a few friends. There are loads of choices based on your interest. There’s also cool printable tournament brackets you can use to track progress, 

Play classic board games

There are so many fun board games: the classic Monopoly, Pictionary, or Cluedo to name a few. You could ask each of your friends to bring their favorite board game so they can share it with yours. Whatever the game, the goal is to laugh together.

Picnic on the carpet

A picnic worthy of its name but on the carpet in the living room. Make the scene just like an outdoor picnic: bowls of fruit, snacks, sandwiches, and plenty of juice. A good bottle of wine or freshly tapped beer could complete the menu. You could also decide on a theme together and make sure all snacks, items, and decorations fit perfectly.

Plan a trip

Where have you always dreamed you would go, if you could? Give yourself the pleasure of imagining it all coming together, regardless of whether or not you feel the trip could be a reality. Start planning which attractions, restaurants, excursions, and shops not to be missed: don’t overlook any detail. You could also take a virtual trip to your destination.

Organize a themed party

Choosing not to party in clubs or to participate in organized parties does not mean giving up enjoying a nice party. You organize it, mimic the one seen in a movie, set up a themed scenario, and establish a dress code. The result can be surprising (and when the neighbors ask you to turn down the music, invite them to join!).

Shoot videos or short films

We are in the social age and we are witnessing the boom of videos, right? Ride the trend and invent original videos or even short films. The strength of the improvisation and the goliardic spirit of the group could have unexpected and funny effects. The choice is yours whether to make the result public (and perhaps viral)!

Escape room at home

Do you know what an escape room is? It is a logic game – generally for 2-6 participants – in which people are ‘locked’ in a room and in a predetermined time must be able to ‘escape’ by solving puzzles, finding codes, and exploiting any element found in the environment. 

Normally spending an evening with friends in an escape room means leaving the house and going to a dedicated place (if you type on Google ‘escape room’ you will be amazed at how many places dedicated to this game are being born in your area), but there are two solutions for those who want to stay at home:

  • for game experts, creating an original setting and storyline in a room at home;
  • for the inexperienced (or the lazy!), you can opt for a board game inspired by the escape rooms.

Things To Do At Home When Bored
…with kids

When you can’t leave the house, the little ones need tailor-made entertainment. Don’t panic! There are so many things to do with children: here are some ideas.

Plant a tree

If you have a garden, this is ideal, but a terrace, balcony, or window sill may also suffice. Obviously, you must have previously bought some seeds or bulbs … and then go gardening! The seeds can also be bought online and are very cheap, for example, you can buy seeds to grow a lemon tree. Do you know what satisfaction to be able to use the fruit grown from their tree?

Make a puzzle

A simple and silent activity that children can also do alone. An excellent pastime that stimulates concentration and logic. This 500 piece puzzle looks amazing!

Learn to make origami

Purchase pre-made origami kits or cut out some sheets of paper yourself to make squares. Online there are many tutorials to make origami of all kinds, from the simplest to more complex figures.

Make some paper dolls and make clothes for them

A nice game to play with almost nothing. White sheets, paints, and scissors are enough. Paper dolls are an immortal game that will appeal especially to those who can improvise themselves as little stylists.

Read a book

To pass the time you could read them a book, explaining the story in simple words; or alternatively, tell him a story, perhaps even that happened in reality or a particular situation for which I am at home

Coloring or drawing

Many children like to color and draw. If you are at home this might be the best solution to keep them from getting bored. In particular, you can buy notebooks with drawings, and they will be able to color us inside the spaces of these.

Watch movies

Children love animated films very much. This is a good opportunity to let them discover new movies or re-watch old favorites from Disney, Pixar or even Studio Ghibli!

Make keychain or jewelry

Some kids really like creating bracelets with beads: this is an excellent solution for them. Alternatively, they can also make the so-called Scooby doo, the very famous colored and woven key rings.

Things To Do At Home When Bored

When there is no one else at home, the minutes turn into hours. To entertain yourself, you just need to know what to do: your home is an inexhaustible source of ideas and activities. Do not limit yourself to those concerning the classic house cleaning, but take advantage of your free time to improve yourself as a person and above all to give yourself those little moments of relaxation dedicated to special occasions.

Order and cleanliness

  • Is your wardrobe a mess? One of the first things to do at home when you get bored is tidying up the closets. Discard what you no longer use and put everything in cartons or bags to give to those who need it most.
  • Wash your curtains and carpets without waiting for spring cleaning time.
  • Store everything you don’t need, from documents to photographs, without forgetting manuals, receipts and objects you no longer need. Use boxes or containers and label everything carefully.
  • Order the books in the library: you can do it according to publisher, genre, alphabetical order and even following a chromatic order. Take a look at Instagram and Pinterest to get inspiration from the most beautiful bookstores.
  • Organize a make-up area, carefully dividing each product and arranging everything in a cosmetic bag or organizer.

Personal well-being

  • Give yourself a little relaxation in your personal spa: if you have a bathtub, run the hot water, light some scented candles, and play your favorite music in the background.
  • How long have you not put your thoughts on paper? Start writing a diary or journal – you will need it to reflect on your life and to establish new goals or projects.
  • Use the ingredients you have at home and create DIY masks for the face, body, and hair.
  • If you want to start a sporting activity, but without leaving home, try taking an online yoga class. It is not a substitute for personalized advice from a good teacher, but it can be the first step to approaching a discipline that has many benefits.
  • Take an online course, listen to an audiobook, or participate in a webinar to improve yourself as a professional or simply to deepen a specific knowledge.
  • Read all the books and listen to all the podcasts you never have time for.

Recipes and culinary experiments

  • Raining outside? Don’t worry: organize a picnic at home! Spread a blanket on the floor and prepare all those classic picnic foods, like sandwiches, focaccia, and savory pie.
  • Have a themed dinner and test your chef skills by cooking local and international dishes. Don’t limit yourself to the classic Japanese or Tex-Mex menu, but explore lesser-known cuisines, such as Lebanese or Korean.
  • Try making vegan banana bread – it’s healthy, tasty, and easy to make at home!
  • Prepare meals for the whole week. It is a good idea to save and eat more balanced.
  • Try to reproduce your favorite recipe: it can be Sacher cake, which you think is impossible to prepare at home, or ravioli.

Things To Do At Home When Bored
…for couples

When it’s not just you at home, but your partner is with you too, you need ideas that everyone can agree on. Here are lots of tips on what to do when you get bored with your partner.

Workout together

Let’s challenge your partner with an abs competition! If we are well trained despite the cloister, we test our endurance with a plank marathon: whoever resists the longest wins. You can compete on just about everything from squats to push-ups. Or, if we are very flexible and really experienced, we can try some couple yoga asanas, being very careful not to overdo it at the risk of getting hurt. If we don’t feel so competitive, a couple of training session is good for your body and also for your mind!

Gardening together

There is no need to have an estate or a vegetable garden: a balcony, or a windowsill or even a corner of the house is enough: many plants are also on sale in supermarkets and can be purchased when doing the normal food shopping. Taking care of plants and flowers is a great way to spend some time together, perhaps reading up on the Net to choose the variety that best suits our environment and more in keeping with our taste.

Romantic dinner for two

Do we feel nostalgia for our favorite restaurant? Prepare dinner for two, trying to replicate the dishes you would have ordered from the waiter. Or, if your area is covered by the service, get dinner delivered at home. Either way, enjoy dinner just as if you were in a restaurant, complete with a candle on the table, elegant clothes, and background music.

The most beautiful photos

Use an afternoon to rearrange the photos of a vacation or a significant moment. Choose thirty or so and we create a collection to be transformed into a book. There are many sites that create beautiful customized volumes, complete with titles, texts, and hardcover. They can be budget-friendly and it will fantastic to have the photos you love most at hand.

Learning together something new

Let’s take advantage of the empty times of these days to learn something new. For example, learning the language of the next country that we plan to visit, even if it is abstruse and uncommon. There are free courses online in any language, from Hungarian to Mandarin Chinese!

Let’s play games

Aside from chess, cards, and board games, let’s try to remember what we enjoyed as children. Maybe you even still have a box of lego bricks or wooden constructions, or some markers and tempera colors, or a large puzzle abandoned due to lack of time. Ever tried a video game? Even if we are refractory to the idea, it is worth experimenting with. Let us be carried back in time, without shame: being a child is always good. (Granted, this idea might not carry the same appeal if we have children – the last thing we might want to do is play a kids game with our partner!)

A new hobby

Let’s invent ourselves painters or sculptors for a day, or classical dancers or jugglers, tailors, and designers. There are tutorials online for everything from crochet to decoupage, from dance barre for beginners to oil painting. Just put aside potential creative fears, encourage each other, and have fun.


It is a great way to bring a good mood and deceive an empty afternoon. Let’s go back to the old guitar of when we were students and the songbook of the scouts, or let’s connect to Youtube where we will find the karaoke of our favorite songs and let us go.

Let’s dance!

Dancing is fun, it burns calories, brings us closer to our partner, and promotes skin contact. So, let’s go wild. Everything is fine: from a slow waltz to rock and roll (pay attention to the acrobatics, however, to avoid getting injured).

Make love!

It is obviously the most natural and pleasant way to pass the time. It’s not even worth talking about – let’s just make it.