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A unique membership offering combing captivating commercial photography and immersive storytelling that gets real results from your ideal audience.

BestEver.Guide is a lifestyle guide that invites us to reimagine what it means to live our Best Ever Life through enjoying exceptional experiences, products and services in British Columbia.

We leverage nearly 20 years of digital marketing expertise to craft visually compelling commercial use photography and storytelling content that influences consumer action.

Why choose us? In a nutshell, we focus on…


Here’s the Blueprint for our Best Ever Brand Stories

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Step by step, we tailor the story to resonate with your target audience, strategically distribute it to precisely those individuals, and seamlessly guide the transition from engaged readers to enthusiastic customers.

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Unlike media strategies centred around brief interactions with a broad reach, our targeted approach crafts immersive stories that captivate and engage the segment of your audience most eager to buy.

These Best Ever Stories are designed with an engaging approach that utilizes scroll-triggered elements to enhance user engagement through dynamic visuals, reader participation, and fluid transitions. It’s the ideal choice for long-form stories providing an immersive user experience like never before.
Imagine your audience being drawn into your brand’s narrative, exploring your offerings with each interaction, and staying engaged throughout the entire journey. This incredible added value comes at no extra cost – a seamless integration of Captivating Commercial Photography and Interactive Storytelling to elevate your marketing campaigns beyond expectations.
Choose us for your commercial photography needs and unlock the power of Interactive Storytelling to tell your story in the most compelling and interactive way possible. Your brand’s essence will come to life, and your audience will be left with an unforgettable experience. Welcome to a new era of immersive marketing.




Having crafted your Best Ever Brand Story, the next step is clear: attract an audience. Yet, not just any audience – a hyper-targeted audience filled with eager buyers seeking precisely what you offer.

Our guides reign as BC Food, Wine, and Travel authorities. BestEver.Guide owns Google’s first page, conquering 1800+ keywords. When your story graces these guides, it’s like a VIP pass to your dream audience.

But we don’t need to stop there.

We can extend your reach even further if you wish by creating customized, hyper-targeted audiences that deliver millions of impressions every month.

We are dedicated to finding you the right audience to get best results for your marketing investment. Accurate targeting means less wasted media budget and improved campaign performance.

And that’s not all.

We can track onsite conversions of anonymous consumers that have seen your ad and walk through your door.

Custom audiences are built based on relevant:

  • Events, conferences or trade shows they attend

  • Businesses or locations they frequent

  • Neighbourhoods they live in

  • Proximity to your business

  • Keywords or topics they search for

The size of the relevant audience you want to reach is tied to your monthly advertising budget.

The best part?

We skip any extra charges on your ad spend beyond our monthly management fee. This channels your investment solely into boosting your visibility, connecting with your ideal audience, and attaining optimal results.




With captivating content and a dream audience on your side, now’s the time to turn readers into raving customers.

Let’s lead them with strategic call-to-action magic to your website. That’s where the real show begins. Our call-to-action (CTA) strategies are individually tailored to your objectives.

Website Visits Transform To:

💥 Bookings for exclusive experiences
💌 Newsletter sign-ups for lifelong connections
🍷 Enrolment in unique programs
🎭 Attendance to your special events
💰 Conversions turning clicks into sales


Experience the Best Ever Brand Stories

Food & Wine

TIME Family of Wines / OROLO Restaurant

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Bottleneck Drive

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Summerland Waterfront Resort

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Collaborator Testimonials

Relationships are everything to us! We genuinely care about the individuals behind the brands and are grateful and excited to play a role in their success story. The extent of time, passion, creativity and delight we invest in our collaborations stands as a testament to the caliber of content and campaigns we create.

Here are a few kind words from folks we have collaborated with:

We have loved working with this talented duo!

“Steve and Michelle are an absolute dream to work with – professional, creative and very talented. Never waiting for project completion and always open to suggestions and questions, they treat your business’ priorities like they are their own and deliver beautiful work every time always going the extra mile to ensure perfection. We have loved working with this talented duo and will continue to do so on future projects!”


Chronos Wine Thief
Leeann Best Ever Testimonial

We have been blown away!

“Our agency has had the chance to work with The Best Ever Guide team for various guides that involve our clients. In every instance, we have been blown away with the high quality of the images and content, and the Best Ever team always overdelivers. They are collaborative, easy to work with, and I would recommend them for any photographic, video or content needs.”


The two of you are so good at what you do!

This is absolutely fantastic! We are so pleased at the quality of the piece and the photos as well. The two of you are so good at what you do and it was truly a pleasure working with the both of you!


morning breakfast at watermark beach resort


View Our Photography Portfolio

Explore our captivating photography portfolio that captures the essence of food and beverage, lifestyle moments, vibrant events, and the heart of hospitality. Immerse yourself in a visual journey that speaks volumes. Whether you’re drawn to our curated collections or seeking a custom touch, our a la carte photography shoots await, ready to transform your vision into stunning reality.

Ready to join the Best Ever Business Community?

Join a collective of dedicated partners committed to showcasing the best of British Columbia. As a partner, you’ll enjoy:

  • High-profile landing page with immersive storytelling

  • Comprehensive commercial photography package for versatile marketing imagery

  • Tailored audience development plan starting at 50,000 monthly impressions

We will create stories for the Best Ever BC Businesses in the following lifestyle categories:


Fill out the form below to request membership information.

Got Questions?

Our approach focuses on three key elements: Engagement, Attraction, and Conversion. We craft immersive stories tailored to engage the specific segment of your audience most inclined to make a purchase. Additionally, we have extensive experience in digital storytelling, impactful imagery, and hyper-targeted audience attraction. This combination sets us apart in creating a truly unforgettable and effective marketing experience.

Your Best Ever Brand Story will be easily discoverable through multiple channels.

  1. It will be positioned at the top of its relevant channels, providing easy access for users exploring specific categories.
  2. If relevant, it may be linked within high-ranking guides on our site, further enhancing its visibility to users interested in related topics.
  3. Your brand logo (linking to your story) will be showcased in the Best Ever BC Businesses Showcase in the footer section of our website, offering further exposure.
  4. Beyond our platform, we can implement hyper-targeted audience development advertising campaigns to ensure your story reaches a precisely targeted audience.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your story gets in front of the right people at the right time.

Unlike strategies that target a broad audience with brief interactions, we specialize in crafting immersive stories that captivate and engage the segment of your audience most eager to buy. Our Best Ever Stories feature scroll-triggered elements, dynamic visuals, reader participation, and fluid transitions, offering an unparalleled long-form, immersive user experience.

Absolutely! Your Best Ever Brand Story can always be updated with new product releases, events, and newsworthy updates to keep your audience engaged and informed. We believe in keeping your brand’s narrative current and relevant.

We specialize in ensuring that your Best Ever Brand Story reaches the exact audience that is most interested in your offerings. With our established authority in BC Food, Wine, and Travel, we hold a dominant position on Google’s first page for over 1800 relevant keywords. Additionally, we have the capability to expand your reach even further. By creating custom, hyper-targeted audiences, we ensure that your Best Ever Brand Story reaches the audience most interested in your offerings. The volume of impressions is directly tied to your advertising budget, giving you precise control over your campaign’s visibility and impact.

That’s absolutely fine! We understand that you may have specific preferences for your target audience. If you choose not to extend your reach beyond BestEver.Guide, we’ll focus on maximizing your presence within our platform to ensure your story reaches the right audience within our engaged community. Your Best Ever Brand Story will still receive the same level of attention and dedication from our team.

The initial production fee of $1275 covers your membership expenses for the inaugural year. If you choose to continue featuring your brand in our member community, there will be a monthly fee of $49. This ensures that your brand remains visible and engaged within our Best Ever audience.

Your ad impressions are strategically positioned on high-traffic websites, apps, and other digital platforms that resonate with your target audience. We focus on online spaces where your audience is most likely to engage, ensuring maximum visibility and impact for your Best Ever Brand Story. Instead of relying on assumptions about your audience’s location, we utilize precise analytics and data-driven insights. This guarantees that your ads are strategically placed in locations where they will be seen by the right people, maximizing the effectiveness of your campaign.

We employ a range of strategies to track the performance of your advertising. This includes monitoring onsite conversions of anonymous consumers who have viewed your ad and visited your physical location. We also build custom audiences based on various factors, such as events attended, locations frequented, neighborhoods lived in, and more, to ensure precise targeting.

With captivating content and a carefully curated audience, we guide readers to take action on your website through strategic call-to-action (CTA) methods. Whether it’s booking experiences, signing up for newsletters, enrolling in programs, attending events, or making purchases, we tailor our CTA strategies to align with your specific objectives. This transforms clicks into tangible results.

That’s great! If you choose to supply your own imagery, it won’t impact the membership fee. Essentially, our base package is designed to provide you with a bonus of commercial use imagery. For just $1275, you’ll not only receive the production and placement of your Best Ever Brand Story on BestEver.Guide, but also 15 high-quality images to enhance your brand’s visual appeal and storytelling potential. Our members benefit from the inclusion of commercial use imagery, ensuring you have access to top-notch visuals that amplify your brand’s impact and storytelling capabilities.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner with us! The process involves several steps:

  1. Fill out the form below: To get started, kindly complete the provided form. This will help us gather initial information about your brand and goals.
  2. Schedule an Immersive Visit: After receiving your form, we’ll coordinate a convenient date to visit your location. During this visit, we’ll delve into your brand’s story to ensure we capture the essence that aligns with your goals.
  3. Story Production: Following the visit, our team will meticulously craft your Best Ever Brand Story, utilizing captivating imagery and immersive storytelling techniques.
  4. Delivery of Images: Once the story is finalized, we’ll provide you with the high-quality images. These can be utilized across various marketing channels, including your website, social media, and print materials, to enhance your brand’s visual impact.
  5. Ad Creation and Campaign Launch: We also take care of creating the ads for your hyper-targeted ad campaigns and ensure their successful launch.
  6. Ongoing Campaign Monitoring and Optimization: Our team monitors the success of your campaign and makes adjustments as needed on a monthly basis to ensure optimal performance.
  7. Monthly Performance Reports: We provide you with detailed performance reports every month, giving you insights into the impact of your campaign.

We’re committed to creating a partnership that elevates your brand’s presence and resonates with your target audience. We look forward to creating a long term, sustainable and profitable relationship with you!

We understand that every business is unique, with distinct goals and budgets. That’s why we offer flexible packages designed to be customized according to your specific needs. Below, we’ve outlined a general overview of our offerings, which can be further personalized to best suit your brand’s objectives.

Basic Package – $1275

  • An on-site visit to capture essential talking points and imagery for your story.
  • The production of your engaging Best Ever Brand Story.
  • Placement within our prominent Best Ever BC Businesses Showcase in the footer of BestEver.Guide (see what it will look like)
  • Provision of 15 high-quality images, ready for use in your marketing efforts.
  • One year of basic membership, featuring your brand in the showcase. (Membership is $49/month beyond the first year.)

Elevated Membership Package – $1275 + $99/month

Our Elevated Membership Package combines the benefits of the Basic Package with additional features for enhanced visibility and engagement:

  • Strategic audience development plan considering factors such as their event attendance, frequented businesses, residential area, proximity to your business, and their search interests or topics of choice.
  • Ad impressions start at 50,000 for $400/month, but we’re flexible in creating custom budgets tailored to your unique goals and needs. This way, you have complete control over your campaign’s visibility and impact.
  • Ad creation and campaign launch.
  • Ongoing campaign monitoring and optimization.
  • Monthly performance reports.

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