Cultivating and practicing gratitude is something so important to live a meaningful and more mindful life. Very often we are too busy to stop for a moment to focus on how thankful we are and our modern society usually asks us to look for what’s missing in our lives and not to appreciate what’s already ours. With guided meditations for gratitude, you can have a moment of peace, a moment to truly learn how to be grateful and how to let this energy guide our lives. 

7 Best Guided Meditations for Gratitude

best guided meditations for gratitude

1. Bob Baker – Morning Gratitude Meditation Guided | Best 12 Minutes

Duration: 12: 30

Desire: Starting the brand new day with gratitude

If you are struggling to acknowledge the gratitude around you, this guided meditation for gratitude is exactly what you need to spread gratitude into your life and live the brand new day with a more positive mindset. Doing this meditation first thing in the morning can be a life-changing experience to set the whole mood for your day and your life all at once!

2. Davidji – Attitude of Gratitude

Duration: 16:45

Desire: Changing your attitude embracing gratitude

This guided meditation for gratitude created by Davidji, expert of all things mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual and personal growth is a wonderful powerful meditation to change your current attitude and let gratitude be part of your existence. According to Davidji having gratitude in your life means having some fresh new positive energy every single day.

3. Brett Larkin Yoga – Gratitude Meditation: How To Develop a Practice of Being Thankful (15-min)

Duration: 14:44

Desire: Developing a practice of being grateful for what you have in your life

Yoga instructor Brett Larkin will guide you in an easy and practical way towards a more aware attitude towards who you are and what you have in your life. If you are a beginner, don’t worry, this is a great meditation to start as Brett knows how to make things doable for meditation practitioners of all levels! After this practice, you are going to practice gratitude towards yourself but also towards the tiniest simple things that might seem meaningless at first but that actually are the foundations of a happier life.

4. Mary-Kate – MAGNETIZE MIRACLES INSTANTLY | Gratitude Meditation To Shift Your Reality

Duration: 21:08

Desire: Using gratitude to attract a brighter happier reality

If you are looking for a shift in your reality and you think you need some positive energy to attract some blessings from the universe, this is a great guided meditation for gratitude to practice! Mary-Kate will guide you towards a new way of thinking and living that is all about the law of attraction and practicing gratitude to let the universe know you appreciate what it already gave you and that you are open and ready to receive some more!

5. Mindful Movement – 5 Minute Guided Meditation for Gratitude

Duration: 5:56

Desire: A quick practice to cultivate gratitude

If you are out of time and you struggle to find 20 minutes to meditate but you still would like to practice and cultivate some gratitude in your life this is another guided meditation for gratitude to consider. In only 5 minutes you are going to open yourself up to a realm of gratitude, positivity, and openness accepting who you are and what you have in your life. You can do this meditation first thing in the morning or as the last thing you do at the end of your day. Do what feels the best thing for you!

6. The Chopra Well – 10 Min Meditation – Gratitude – Daily Guided Meditation by Deepak Chopra

Duration: 12:59

Desire: Practicing daily gratitude while attracting love and happiness in our lives

With this practice, meditation guru Deepak Chopra is there to help you and guide you in unveiling your inner gratitude. He firmly believes we all have gratitude right there inside of us. We just need to acknowledge the things we could be grateful for and then invited them into our reality in order to create a better happier life. Once you find gratitude love and happiness will find their way back to you.

7. Unlock Your Life – Morning Gratitude Positive Affirmations

Duration: 9:45

Desire: Using affirmations to enhance our gratitude

If you are into affirmations this is a guided meditation for gratitude that might work well for you. Affirmations are an easy but powerful tool to let our intentions resonate into the universe and also to attract more and more positivity and gratitude out way. Practicing this meditation first thing in the morning could bring a difference within, living your life from a brand new perspective.

With these 7 Best Guided Meditations for Gratitude, you are going to explore yourself in a different way, with an approach that is all about start listening to yourself and start appreciating what you have. Choose the meditation that seems to suit your desires, get comfortable and enjoy its benefits!