Adult coloring books are an incredible way to get some much needed ‘downtime’ in our ever-busy lives.

There has been lots of research done on the effects that coloring has on our minds, as it is thought to be a very relaxing activity to do, allowing our brains to just switch off and focus on the task right in front of us.

When it comes to coloring in our adult coloring books, it can be difficult to know exactly what type of colors to use.

Do we stick with the classic colored pencils? Do we reverie back to our childhood with crayons? Or how about some watercolor pencils?

One thing that has always remained a favorite, no matter what age we are is colored markers.

Colored markers can bring a vibrancy to the pages of any coloring book that just cannot be matched by pencils and crayons.

They are especially ideal with the technology available today to ensure that they don’t leak through.

With so many options for colored markers on the market, it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide which colors to go for.

To make that choice a little easier for you, we have decided to compile a list of our top 5 choices for best markers for adult coloring books.

That’s right, we have found markers that have adult coloring books in mind.

In our search for these markers, we encountered a number of desirable features that we began to feel that each set should have, so to make your search that little bit easier, we have compiled these desirable features into a handy and informative Buyers’ Guide for you.

This will ensure that you know exactly what to look for in your colored markers, making them the perfect choice for your adult coloring books. 

best markers for coloring

Our Top Pick for The Best Markers for Coloring:

We get it, the urge to color is strong and you want to get the Best Markers for your Adult Coloring Books right now.

To make your life that little bit easier, we have decided to tell you all about our Top Pick here, so you don’t have to read the whole article through.

This one fared the best out of all of the products we reviewed, and here’s why.  

Top Pick – Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Markers

Why we liked it: 

  • The markers have a very impressive 40 color choices all of which are unique 
  • Each of the pens is dual tipped, so you can color big pieces as well as tiny, intricately detailed areas. 
  • The ink is alcohol-based, making the markers very fast to dry so you can color without the fear of smudging or bleeding through the page
  • They come with a carrying case for easy organization and transportation. They are also color coded by their caps making it even easier to sort them and pick out the color you need.

1. Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Markers

The first on our list just had to be these amazing dual tipped markers from Ohuhu.

They are an alcohol-based marker and the package comes with 40 different colors to choose from.

The dual tip means that you get two different thicknesses of the pen. One is a broad tip and the other is a fine tip.

The two different tips allow you to create a variety of drawings in different thicknesses and ensure you can draw and color in various styles and patterns.

Each of the 40 colors is unique so you need not worry about getting any repeats. They are super pigmented and made for longevity so they color very vibrantly.

The package also features one blender for creating dimension in your artwork.

What we love about these is the fact that each of the caps is color coded so you can organize it how you like as well as being assured that you will pick up the color you wanted each time.

Because they are alcohol-based markers they are fast drying so you don’t need to worry about smudges and ink leaking through the pages.

They come complete with a carrying case for easy transportation.


  • 40 unique colors in dual tip format so you get two different pen tips with each one

  • Fast drying alcohol-based formula to ensure it does not smudge on the page

  • The colors are very high-quality thanks to their vibrancy

  • They come complete with a carrying case so you can transport it easily

  • The pens are color coded for easy sorting


  • Not all of the colors blend as well as others which may cause an issue for those customers buying it because of the added blending tool

2. Crayola Brush & Detail Dual Tip Markers

Next on our list, we have a very worthy runner up in the form of the Brush and Detail set from Crayola.

Crayola is, of course, a very well recognized brand in the art world. Their Dual Tip Markers certainly will not disappoint.

Their markers are water-based, making them a great choice for someone who wants to avoid alcohol-based markers for any particular reason.

The formulation is safe and non-toxic meaning you can even let your children use it if they want to.

They come packaged very professionally in a sturdy, decorative tin.

They are made with calligraphy writing in mind, however, we loved them for the purpose of adult coloring books too due to the precision you get from each of the tips.

There are 16 pens in total, but each tip is actually a different color.

To explain, each pen has two different colors on there, each in a different size tip.

One side is a fine liner and the other is a little thicker. Altogether, then, you get 32 unique colors.

They can be easily stored away in their tin and transported with you through your day.


  • They are water-based markers which makes them a great choice for those wishing to avoid alcohol-based pens

  • They have very precise tips for intricate coloring as well as hand lettering

  • Each tip of the dual sided pens is a different color. Therefore even with just 16 pens, you get 32 unique colors

  • They store easily away in their professional, decorative tin making for easy storage and transportation


  • Some customers have found the colors to be a little too dull for their needs. If you prefer bright colors these may not be the best choice for you

3. Bianyo Classic Series Dual Tip Art Markers

Biyano’s Classic Series Dual Tip Art Markers are an excellent choice for those artists looking for guaranteed smudge and water-proof qualities.

They are an alcohol-based formula meaning they will not smudge or bleed through in the same way as a water-based formula might.

They dry fast allowing you to color for long periods of time with ease. They also boast low odor as well as being free from toxins so you can color safely.

The dual tips have a broad chisel tip on one side measuring 1.7 mm and a fine line point on the other measuring (0.7mm).

This means you can do large areas and intricate areas with equal amounts of ease. The pen is also a square shape for better grip and comfort when coloring.

There are 71 colors altogether and it even comes with a blender tool for even more design options.

To complete the set there is also a sturdy black canvas zip bag for storage and to easily transport them wherever you go. 


  • 71 colors each with a dual tip for different coloring thicknesses

  • It comes with a blending tool for even more creative possibilities

  • The alcohol-based pens are low odor and toxin free, making them as safe for use as possible

  • The pens are square in shape which makes holding them for long periods of time more comfortable due to the extra grip


  • Some customers have commented on the fact that the colors of the caps do not exactly match the color of the ink inside, so do be aware and do a test before using them

4. Tanmit Dual Tip Brush Marker Pens

These water-based dual tip pens by Tanmit are another great choice when looking for the Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books.

What we loved most about them is the fact that they are so vibrant! You’re probably sensing a theme by now… dual tip pens really are the best!

We love that you get two different thicknesses. This particular package offers a 1.2mm brush tip on one side and then a super-fine tip of 0.4mm on the other.

This means you can color bigger pieces with ease, and then go on to outline with the fine line marker.

Each of the 36 colors is unique, meaning you get a great choice of colors with this pack.

The worry with water-based pens is that they may smudge, but thanks to the high quality nylon fiber tips, you don’t need to worry about any blotches or smudges.


  • High quality nylon fiber tips mean that you need not worry about smudging or bleeding through the page

  • 38 unique colors, each with two tip sizes

  • The water-based ink is free of toxins and alcohol

  • Each color is bright and vibrant


  • Some of the reviews we found when conducting our research stated that there are some colors that look almost identical, especially the reds. Although their cap colors are different, upon drawing with them they look very similar 

5. Caliart 100 Colors Artist Alcohol Markers Dual Tip

Last up, by certainly not in any way least, we have this  100 Color extraordinaire.

We are sure you can see why we just had to include the Dual Tip Alcohol Markers from Caliart on our list.

This wonderful range of one hundred colors has proved to be a popular choice with so many fellow adult coloring book fans over the years.

The pens boast dual tips, meaning there are two different size tips on each pen, enabling you thinner and thicker strokes.

The thicker tip is a chisel style and is around 1.7mm in width. The thinner tip is a fine liner and is just 0.7mm.

The fact that it is alcohol-based rather than water-based means that the markers dry much faster than their water-based counterparts, promising better resistance against smudging and bleeding through the pages.

The range of colors is fantastic, and each of the caps is color coded so you know exactly what you are picking up each time.

Even though it’s last on our list, don’t let that put you off, as we are sure you can see by now that all of the markers we have included are of very high quality.


  • The package includes a total of 100 unique colors

  • The dual tips enable you to color in two different styles

  • They are alcohol-based pens so they dry very quickly to avoid smudging

  • The caps are color-coded for easy finding and organizing


  • Some of the reviews we looked at found that they had a very strong alcohol smell to them which may put off some buyers.

  • Because of the nature of the pens being alcohol-based, Amazon does not like accepting them as a return because they can be flammable.

Best Markers For Adult Coloring Books Buyers’ Guide 

There are a number of things that you may want to consider when it comes to choosing the best markers for your adult coloring book.

We thought we would compile them all together for you to serve as a sort of Buyers’ Guide to make sure you make the most informed decision possible. 

Water-Based or Alcohol Based 

Typically markers are divided into two types – water-based and alcohol-based. When searching for colored markers, we found that both of these types kept appearing, and apart from the obvious difference, we had no clue as to why it mattered.

Little did we know that this is actually a really big consideration to make when it comes to choosing the best markers for adult coloring books. There are pros and cons to each of them, and they should be weighed up according to your own specific needs. 

First, we will deal with the water-based markers. These markers tend to be a little thinner in terms of solution, making them a little runnier when you are using them. This does mean that they are more prone to streaks, especially when you are coloring a big piece or section of your page.

This does also mean that when using water-based markers on paper, they are more likely to soak the paper, making it more susceptible to tears.

That being said, water-based markers are a good starting place if you are someone who is just starting out with coloring as a hobby and don’t want to splurge on an expensive set of alcohol markers.

They are also washable, too, making them a good choice for young children who may be more prone to cover themselves in the pen rather than paper. Water-based markers also tend not to give off a smell in the same way alcohol markers do, which makes it a good choice for anyone who is sensitive to smells. 

Alcohol-based markers on the other hand are not known to be as prone to streaks and smudging. Because of the alcohol content within them, they tend to dry very quickly when they make contact with the page, ensuring that they do not soak through the page.

That being said, alcohol-based markers can still tear your page due to the heavier ink. This means a slightly gentler pressure should be used when using them.

The ink in this style of the marker is also permanent, meaning that unlike water-based markers it cannot easily be washed off.

This makes them less of a good choice for younger people. Although for your adult coloring book they may well be perfect, especially because the quality of them is often much higher than that of water-based markers. 

Do they bleed? 

This section links nicely to the section above about the different types of markers – water or alcohol-based.

This is because often, the base of the marker can determine whether they will be likely to bleed through your pages or not.

Of course, this theory is not foolproof. Certainly, we would expect water-based markers to leak more as they tend to have wetter ink.

However, as we know, because alcohol-based markers have thicker ink, they too can cause tears in the pages and cause the ink to go onto the next page.

Your best bet for ensuring the ink does not leak is through checking out the reviews of your chosen pens before you purchase them.

There is a good chance that other customers have mentioned whether the ink bleeds in their reviews, seeing as it is very important to most marker users, especially if the purple is for an adult coloring book. 

Color range 

The colors you use are going to be one of the most important aesthetic factors of your marker pens.

We all want to use pretty colors in our coloring books, and so we want to be able to purchase a marker pen set that will ensure this.

If you have a particular set of colors in mind, then make sure you look for a set that has these colors.

There is no point going for a set of reds and pinks if you also want greens and blues. Look for sets with a good range of colors. 

Tip type 

Think about the tip of your markers.

Do you want thinner tipped markers that allow for precision when you are coloring, or would you rather something a little thicker for coloring larger pieces?

Perhaps you want a mixture. Some markers actually come with dual tips (one on each end) giving you the best of both worlds.

You also want to ensure the tips are of a high-quality and that they will not flatten easily, especially if you will be using one color for a long time – we’d hate for it to flatten halfway through you using it. 

Final word 

As you can see, when it comes to picking out the Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books, it isn’t as simple as just choosing the prettiest colored pack.

There are many factors to consider to ensure that the Marker pack that you choose will be high-quality, durable, and long-lasting.

Of course, color does play a big part in your choice,  but you also need to ensure that the ink is perfect for your needs (remember, alcohol-based is probably best to ensure it does not smudge or leak through), as well as ensuring that the tips are the size you need.

We are sure that you all feel like experts now though, thanks to our in-depth product reviews of our favorite picks for the Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books.

We would recommend going ahead and choosing one from our list above, but if these still don’t suit your needs, please ensure to use our very informative Buyers’ Guide so you know exactly what to look for when you buy your own markers. 

Happy shopping, and even happier coloring, friends!