With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we would share with you some of our Top Picks for the Best Gadget Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020. Finding cool gadgets that are suitable to be given as gifts can be really difficult because often there is a fine line between quality and novelty. Gadget gifts should bring you the best of both worlds if you want something for its novelty purposes it should at least be high quality.

The other option for gadget gifts is to choose something that is going to be useful. However, with this comes ensuring that it is not very complicated as some techy gadgets can be. If this already sounds like an impossible task, don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Our Top Ten Picks of the Best Gadget Gift Ideas will get everyone ticked off your Christmas list. Each Gadget Gift listed also has a little section where we tell you exactly who that gift would be perfect for. So without further ado, keep on reading to begin your shopping!

1. Chefman Electric Wine Opener

The faster a bottle of wine can be opened the better right? Your prayers have been answered with this (it may be our favorite gadget ever). Chefman’s rechargeable wine bottle opener can open 30 wine bottles with just one charge – should last us the whole night, we think. The sleek design with LED lights makes it a stylish and convenient present for all of the wine connoisseurs in your life. 

Perfect for: the person who always brings the good wine, a stressed mom friend, wine newbies, and anyone with taste buds, really.

2. Laser Galaxy

As someone who always has her head in the clouds, this laser galaxy would be a dream come true. Transform your bedroom, dining room, or meditation space into a dreamy, blissful space with this BlissLights Projector. (For space enthusiasts, we also suggest the SkyView App to see the stars & constellations whichever way you point your phone!)

Perfect for: whoever wants to escape into a dreamlike state while relaxing with a book, having a bath, falling asleep, or… let it take you where it will.

3. BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

What’s more fun than karaoke, right? Especially at Christmas. This cool gadget is a 3-in-1 microphone, speaker, and karaoke device. It is basically a karaoke on the go. Simply connect it to a Bluetooth device and sing along to all of your favorite karaoke songs. It has echo technology for immersive sound, and even doubles up as a mini stereo. It will liven up any family get together and make for an impressive party trick, that’s for sure!

Perfect for: the dad or uncle who always insists on karaoke, the niece or nephew who is a wannabe popstar, the ‘life-of-the-party’ friend

4. Ring Video Doorbell

The video doorbell by Ring is the perfect gadget gift for tech-lovers and homeowners alike. You get a notification to your device when someone rings your doorbell, and it switches to video so you can see who’s there. Never miss your parcel deliveries again – the Ring Doorbell allows you to talk to the delivery person and tell them where to leave your goods. You can also tell visiting friends and family where you are if they are at your door waiting for you. 

Perfect for: new homeowners, smart home enthusiasts, avoiding people (we’re joking, of course – although the Ring Doorbell does make avoiding people easier….)

5. PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

Paxcess’ Electronic Drum Kit boasts portability as well as professionalism. It is ideal for drum beginners who can’t yet afford a huge kit, or just don’t have room for them and don’t want to halt their practice. What makes this awesome is the earphone jack that is attached. This means you can practice without disturbing anyone. No more screaming from your sibling to stop the drumming at midnight! No more complaints from neighbors! It’s a win-win situation if you get this for the drum enthusiast in your life. It also has a built in speaker for those times when it is totally fine to rock out, out loud. 

Perfect for: drum enthusiasts who can’t fit one in their home, beginners who want to keep up their practice at home, families with a drummer who constantly disturbs everyone else

6. Ocoopa Rechargeable Hand Warmers 

This fantastic little gadget can be charged each night before being taken out to work or school the next day to keep your hands warm on the commute. With three levels of heat, as well as fast heating technology at the click of a switch, this little device can warm even the icy coldest hands. It comes in a variety of colors too so you can find the perfect one for anyone in your life. It charges via the universal USB-C port, meaning that you can even charge it on the go! 

Perfect for: anyone with perpetually cold hands, those who work outside, campers who cannot stand the cold, anyone who experiences winter

7. UrPower Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are really having their heyday at the moment due to the innumerous benefits that are thought to be gained from them. Back in the day, the only way of getting the benefit of essential oils around your home was by putting them in a manual burner with a candle underneath. These days, you can get an electrical diffuser that releases bursts of the oil as vapor into the air! This model is one of the most popular and is the perfect gadget for any essential oil enthusiast in your life. 

Perfect for: wellness gurus, yoga bunnies, people who need to destress, aromatherapy enthusiasts

7. Selfie Stick & Tripod by Fugetek

Selfies are probably the most recognizable traits of life as we know it. It isn’t Christmas without a dozen failed selfies taken by the person with the longest arm of the whole family, are we right or are we right? Cut out the stress with this selfie stick and tripod all-in-one gift by Fugetek. It extends to 51 inches, longer than any arm you could imagine! You can also set it up as a tripod, giving you photos of your Holiday Gatherings that rival that of a professional photographer. A perfect techy gadget gift for the whole family to make use of. 

Perfect for: selfie addicts, budding photographers, the designated ‘long-armed’ family member

8. Mydethun Moon Lamp

This incredible light is shaped like the moon, looking like you have your own piece of outer space in your bedroom. It is made from eco-friendly materials and has two color settings – white and yellow – so you can switch depending on your mood. It is also touch sensitive so you can dim it or brighten it depending on your needs. It is rechargeable using USB to do so, and one charge ensures it lasts 8-10 hours, making it the perfect night light! 

Perfect for: space enthusiasts, kids who are a little scared of the dark, that loved one who always says ‘wow, look at the moon!’.

9. Touchless Forehead Digital Thermometer 

These days, we need all the support we can get to ensure health and safety with a simple swipe. This touchless forehead thermometer offers us a quick, easy, and hygienic assessment to confirm we are good to go to head out the door. We all know those people on our list who love a good practical gift. If they don’t have one of these yet? They need one.

Perfect for: People who care about venturing out into the world in the healthiest way, parents who want easy insight into the health of their children, anyone who hates sticking thermometers under their tongue or in their armpit. (Ew.)

10. Precision Cooker

A say what, now? When our founder‘s brother-in-law brought this to her house and proceeded to throw some perfectly beautiful tenderloin steaks in a huge pot of water, she was mortified. Boiling steak? Never. But OMG. After it was done, a quick turn on the grill? Best Steak Ever. (Outside of the steak the love of her life makes her on the smoker.) This is a set it and leave it alternative to the most wonderful tender meat you will ever have.

Perfect for: the chef friend, the lazy loved one who refuses to patiently smoke meat, the collector of kitchen gadgets

We’re sure you now have presents for everyone on your list with Our Top Picks for the Best Gadget Gifts Ideas for Christmas 2020. How wonderful that you can do all this shopping from the comfort of your own home too. We’re positive that all of your recipients will love these gadget gifts, and we’re sure you’ll agree that there is something to suit everyone. There’s a gadget gift idea for everyone on your list. Happy shopping, and happy holidays!