Going on a hike is the perfect way to appreciate the beauty that nature offers. It’s also a great way to stay physically fit and healthy. It’s no wonder that thousands of people hit the trails every weekend. Our founder found her way back to herself through hiking, so we are a wee bit passionate about this topic.

Whether you’re buying for someone who likes a leisurely stroll, or someone who wants a week-long trek, we have plenty of gifts for hikers.

15 Best Ever Hiking Gifts

1. Mini Water Filtration System

Hiking can be a lot of fun. But it’s best to take a few safety precautions, just in case.  This is especially important if planning a longer journey. One of the biggest issues is running out of water. Thankfully, this mini water filtration system is a great way to make sure that never happens. It will be able to remove 99 percent of bacteria, providing clean drinking water. It has an attachment that can be put onto the end of the filter, connecting it to a water bottle. It weighs two ounces and will be able to filter up to 100,000 gallons of water.

2. Ultimate Direction Hydration Belt

This is the hydration belt that our founder wore while she wandered through the lush & charred landscapes for months learning to love herself first. She loves it because it is not a heavy, hot backpack yet gives her the amply hydration she needs in the hot Okanagan summers. It has a big enough pouch to hold her phone and protein bar. She still wears it to this day, along with these Solomon shoes (which she loves even more than the first Solomon pair she wore her toenails off in).

3. Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

When hiking, many people like to use a walking stick. This helps them navigate uneven ground. It also reduces the impact that hiking has on their knees. These walking poles are some of the best on the market. They are very lightweight. They also have great handgrips, which absorb sweat. These poles are very durable and will be able to last for a long time. At the end of the day, they can be collapsed down and slip into the backpack. (Our founder doesn’t head out on the trails and was thankful she had hers when she took a tumble…)

4. Ultralight Sleeping Bag

When you’re hiking, you’ll need to make sure that you have a comfortable place to rest your head. However, bringing along a regular sleeping bag can take up a lot of space in your bag. They also tend to be very heavy. The solution is to use an ultralight sleeping bag, like this one, which has been designed specifically for hikers. Despite its small size, it will be very comfortable, featuring a lot of padding. It’s also capable of dealing with extreme conditions and will be waterproof.

5. Backpack Cooler

If you’re buying for a more casual hiker, you might want to get a backpack cooler. This is perfect for picnics and day hikes. We are big Yeti fans, and this backpack has been on our wishlist forever. The Yeti technology ensures superior cooling capabilities to keep your refreshments cold. The Dryhide™ shell and zipper banish your fears about leaks. We are very impressed with the antimicrobial liner that resists mildew and mould. The backpack straps have ergonomic padding, making them comfortable for long journeys. (You can opt for a more budget-friendly backpack cooler here.)

6. Rechargeable Portable Waterproof LED Flood Lights

Hikers need to make sure that they have adequate lighting. However, they need to balance this with the weight of taking lights. Thankfully, you can use these portable LED floodlights. In this case, they will be able to provide enough illumination to light up a large area. This makes it easy for hikers to set up their campsite. These lights have a stand on the back. This can allow them to get put them in multiple positions. Another cool feature is the ability to use the lights as a USB charger, keeping your phone battery topped up. Finally, these lights are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about facing bad weather on your trip.

7. Cell Phone Belt Holster Case

The next gift idea that you might want to consider is a cell phone belt holster. This will make it easy to have your phone in close reach, without needing to carry it in your bag. It will also provide some protection from the elements, stopping it from being affected by the wind or rain. This case can easily be attached to your belt buckle.

8. Portable Outdoor Camping Stove

When hiking, you need to make sure that you have a reliable way of cooking food. A portable stove can solve this problem. It’s lightweight enough that it won’t weigh down the pack. But, it’s powerful enough to cook meals. It’s also made from durable materials. This protects the stove from getting damaged during your hike. When you set it up, this exterior protection converts into a pot for cooking. All of the components are kept in a pull-string bag, keeping it all together.

9. Outdoor Emergency Gear Kit

No-one wants to think about the prospect that they will get hurt while hiking. However, it is a real issue. Getting this bag of emergency kit is a great way of making sure that your friends will be kept safe on their adventures. It comes loaded with a ton of useful gear. For example, you’ll be able to get a fire starter and an emergency blanket. You’ll also be able to get a whistle and compass. Using the items in the kit, hikers will be able to stay safe until rescue arrives. Even if they never have to use it, your friends will appreciate you wanting to keep them safe.

10. Hiking Socks

Hiking can often take a toll on your feet. You’ll be spending all day in the boots, walking along the trails. Without the right socks, blisters can develop, making the rest of the journey torturous. These hiking socks will be able to stop this. They are thick, offering plenty of protection. They also come with a breathable mesh, to stop your feet from sweating. These socks have been developed by professional endurance hikers and mountain climbers, so you know they’ll be a good choice for long treks.

11. Pocket Flashlight

Lighting on a hike can be critical. If you arrive late, you’ll be setting up a tent in the dark. This torch is small enough to slot easily into your backpack or slip into your pocket. It’s light, so it won’t be a burden. But it’s bright, illuminating your campsite.  It’s anti-slip and comes with a band to slide around your wrist. It’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about the rain. 

12. Lightweight Binoculars

One of the biggest benefits of going hiking is to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. Many trails will wind through the picturesque countryside. Having a pair of binoculars is the best way to soak in all the stunning views. This pair of lightweight binoculars might be a great choice. They will be able to be light enough to slip into a backpack or wear on a strap around the neck. Despite their small size, they are powerful. They offer 12 times magnification and a large field of view, to take in the whole landscape.

13. Powdered Cocktail Mix

When hiking, you’ll need to limit the amount of food you take with you. On long journeys, you don’t want to it weighing you down. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on quality food – or drink. This powered cocktail mix comes in pouches, so it’s easy to slip into your pack. When you’ve set up camp, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a cocktail. Just add alcohol and water, and you’ll have a delicious cocktail.

14. Survival Bracelet Watch

This is not just an ordinary watch. With everything a hiker could ever want, this does far more than just tell the time. This survival watch comes packed with some innovative features. For example, it comes with a built-in whistle. There are also some lengths of paracord. There’s a Firestarter. You’ll also be able to use it as a thermometer and compass.

15. Self Inflating Pillow

Just because you’re going hiking doesn’t mean that you need to get a bad night’s sleep. This self-inflating pillow can be ready to go in minutes. You won’t need to bring along a pump. The microfiber cover feels comfortable against your skin. The other side comes with non-stick materials, stopping you from sliding around at night. If it ever gets dirty, you’ll be able to clean it with a damp cloth. This ensures that it will be durable and can last for a long time. Because it’s so lightweight, you’ll be able to slip it into your pack and forget it’s there.