Steve and I LOVE camping, we are happiest when surrounded by nature. We’ve spent our fair share of time testing the best camping gear to make our camping trips enjoyable and efficient! So, we have some pretty cool ideas when it comes to the best gifts for campers in your life.

If you are not a camper, it can be tricky knowing what can make great gifts for campers.  If the camper on your list is new to camping, you are likely safe to get them some of the essential camping items to get them started. But for established campers, you might have to think outside of the box and go for some new, innovative and unique gear.

(If your camper loves cooking in the wild, or hiking – we’ve got something for them at the end of this article, too!)

While we realize some of these items might be out of stock at the retailers we link to, we still want to include them on this list. If you can get your hands on them, anywhere, then the hero you will be around the tree. These are all well-loved products that Steve and I can’t live without while camping.

When we are camping, people always come around to ask about our gear. Truth be told, our roof top tent usually draws them in. Then, they see our setup. Here are the items that we most often recommend for our most loved purchases!

18 Best Ever Gifts for Campers

gifts for campers ideas

Gifts for Campers: The Essentials

1. Mr. Buddy Heater

If your camper likes to camp outdoors in a tent, you can bet they will appreciate a Tent Heater. Because we camp from Spring-Fall, we love using our tent heater to heat up our tent just before bed and when we first wake up in the morning. It is a MUST HAVE for us and that’s why it is first on our list of camping gift ideas.

2. Portable Power

This portable power unit is only second on our list of gifts for campers and not first because it is a big ticket item. But for us, the Jackery 1000  with 2 solar panels is also a MUST HAVE for our kind of camping. If your camper likes to bring along their computers, cameras, or other devices that need charging on the go, this is a game-changer for dry camping. There are different levels of energy sizes available, but for us, the 1000 perfectly powers our camping life. 

We also love the Goal Zero line. It seems all portable power stations are hard to find these days.

3. Camping Chairs

We’ve tested many different camping chairs and fell in love with our Front Runner chairs. They are super easy and fast to set up and they are super comfortable. We also love our Marchway chairs, but they take a little while longer to set up and takedown but offer a more relaxed leaned-back feel.

4. Camping Table

We get so many compliments on our camping table! It is actually beautiful to look at, but we also love that it easily rolls up and tucks away for easy set up, takedown, and storage. Even if there is a picnic table where we are camping, we always have our camping table set up. You can never go wrong with too much table space.

5. Camping Bed

Sleeping is hands down the most important part of a comfortable camping trip. Sleeping on our Therm-a-Rest MondoKing sleeping pads *almost* feels better than sleeping at home. We LOVE them. This is one of the best gifts for campers who either love tent camping or want to replace their roof top tent mattresses like we did.

6. Camping Fridge

Yes, this is a very large ticket item for a gift. But, if you have the means? This ARB Zero Portable Refrigerator is by far the biggest game-changer for campers. Of course, you need a power source, like the Jackery mentioned above, or hookups at your campsite – but. No need for ice? No sloshy, saggy food? I can’t believe how much I love it, you can read our full review of this portable refrigerator to feel my full love for this must-have essential for frequent campers. We’ve had numerous people stop by our campsites and ask about it. They always walk away wanting one.

7. Camping Blanket

This one holds the possibility to create generational sentimental value. Did you ever get a wool blanket handed down to you that had sentimental value? This is that blanket. I am pretty sure my kids are going to fight over it. The quality is outstanding and the wool keeps us warm on the cooler nights when we are camping. Even at home, this blanket lives on our bed in the winter. This was the Pendleton Blanket we chose, but there are so many beautiful styles. You can find one that suits you.

8. Camping Light


We started with a little lantern that we loved. But, when you are camping a lot, through different seasons, the sun goes down at all different times. After quite a lot of trips, we knew we needed something with more oomph. This was especially true when it came to doing dishes at dusk (or later!).

We looked at these Claymore lights and wanted them! But we came across this CVT UFO light and this solar-powered light is a game-changer. (The song “I can see clearly now” frequently runs through my head when I turn it on. 

9. LED Head Lamp

Speaking about lights. These Petzl Head Lamps live on our heads when it gets dark. Whether we are wandering back and forth between the washrooms at night, or off an adventure that brings us back after dusk, these are essential. Get them as comfortable and as bright as you can. Also, if you camp as much as we do, they need to be rechargeable. These are the best gift for campers who love all kinds of camping, as we feel they replace a flashlight.

10. Camping Grill

As Steve is a Red Seal Chef, food is an important part of our adventures. He loves the comfort of a really great grilled steak while camping. This Webber Grill offers us ease away from our campfire cooking kit with quick grilling solutions when we don’t have access to campfires due to restrictions. We use it for steak, chicken, sausages, pork chops – and yes, even hot dogs in a pinch. We even use it as another way to heat up our premade Spaghetti with Meat Sauce in our cast iron pan while we boil our pasta on our burner.

11. Dry Shampoo

Is this where we lost you? Take it from a gal who camps in the bush for extended periods of time. Dry Shampoo is her BFF. Get her some. Stuff it in her stocking, she will appreciate it. I love the Batiste brand as it’s fantastic for the budget. There are also other brands I love but a bit more pricey. (Like this, this and this.)

12. Microfiber Towel

MEC Towel

We had very limited room to pack for our trip. Towels are super bulky.  As we are Canadian, we love this MEC Microfiber towel but have read reviews that this microfiber towel is also awesome. We love ours when we have access to showers. 

13. Outdoor Body Wipes

When we don’t have access to hot showers, we use these amazing shower wipes (here are some comparable wipes for our US readers) that somewhat sufficed to swipe the stinky feet/pits before putting them into the sleeping bag. 

14. Camping Booties

After exploring all day, it’s nice to throw on some more comfortable shoes other than your hiking boots. I have the taller version of these Camping Booties, but I wish I had this shorter version as they are far easier to slip on and off than the older style I have. I love them for cooler, wet weather as they keep my feet warm and dry. In the dryer warmer months, flip-flops do the trick just fine. So if you are someone who thinks slippers are a great gift? These booties are definitely one of your best gifts for campers.

15. Jetboil Camping Stove

Whether you want to make a quicker cup of coffee in the morning or pack this mini stove into your backpack for a warm lunch while you are out on your adventures, the Jetboil is a must-have piece of gear. We use ours all the time and love it! We use it every day while camping to make our coffee in the morning and for quick oatmeal or soup snacks while we are out exploring. 

16. Camping Coffee Maker

Speaking about coffee… we tried numerous ways to make camp coffee and this is hands down our favourite for flavour. As mentioned, we use the Jetboil above to boil the water, then use this AeroPress to brew our delicious morning coffees. We love it because it is compact, quick and offers us the best tasting coffee out of all the methods we have tried.

17. Backpack Chair

This little chair gets strapped to my backpack on all of our adventures. It is super easy to pull out when Steve is taking photos and I just want to chillax for a little while.

18. Multi-Tool

This Leatherman Wave Plus goes everywhere with us. It comes in handy for fixing up all sorts of mishaps while out camping.

We know that campers have all sorts of varying interests. Here are a some other ideas for the campers on your list:

Gifts for Campers Who Like to Cook

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Gifts for Campers Who Like to Hike

Or maybe your camper also likes to hike! Our Best Ever Guide to Day Hiking covers all of our favourite hiking gear, which would also make amazing gifts for campers who like to hike!