Bullet journaling is a form of writing that can be helpful for your mind in a myriad of ways.

It can help you to get organized, it can help as a study aid, it can help you to meet health and nutrition goals, it can help you keep track of your spending, of your walking, of your water intake, and so much more.

In its most basic form, all you need to start a bullet journal is a journal and a pen. However, there are a number of bullet journal supplies that we would recommend that you invest in that will vastly enhance your bullet journaling experience.

These range from stickers to colored pens, and even paints! For the purpose of this article, we will be focussing on a range of the basic accessories to the more advanced supplies for you.

We have handpicked what we think is the best bullet journal available, but we also wanted to let you know about all the fabulous supplies you can get to enhance the journaling experience for yourself.

bullet journal supplies

We always like to provide you, our lovely readers, with a super informative Buyers’ Guide when we are recommending products for you.

This gives you an idea of the criteria we use to choose the products, as well as giving you information on choosing a product for yourself.

For this article, because the products are all a little different – i.e. some stickers, some journals, some pens – we thought it would be far more sensible if we gave you a general Buyers’ Guide on choosing the right bullet journaling supplies for your needs.

As well as this, each of the products we have found has an in-depth review and pros and cons list for it. This means that you will know exactly what to expect from each of the products. 

Best Bullet Journal Supplies

Whether you are a beginner to bullet journals, or a seasoned professional looking for an update on your bullet journal supplies, look no further for the best quality supplies for your bullet journal journey.

1. Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

You can’t keep a bullet journal without, well… a bullet journal!  We have found the best one there is.

The Leuchtturm 1917 comes in 16 different colors, meaning you can find one that is absolutely perfect for your needs.

It is plain on the front and back covers, which is perfect for the minimalists among us, and it also means that you can decorate it with stickers if you wish.

It is A5 size, a perfect size for writing, doodling, and whatever else you wish to use it for.

The dotted pages give you the freedom to write neatly or to use it as a guide for stenciling if you’d like.

What we loved the most about it is that it opens flat, meaning you can open it to any page without ruining the spine or having it close on you.

It also has an elastic closure band to make sure that any loose sheets you put inside are kept safe and secure.


  • It is available in a wide range of colors to suit all walks of life, different moods, and for different uses

  • The A5 size makes it easy to transport with you to different places as it is compact, but it is also plenty big enough for most needs

  • It opens flat giving you the freedom to draw and write without the fear that it will close on itself

  • The paper is high quality 80gsm and is ink-proof, meaning you need not worry about your ink bleeding through


  • Some customers thought the paper may be a little too thin for their needs. That being said, for the purpose of bullet journaling, this should not cause a huge issue unless the pens you use are felt tip.

2. CH HAICHENG Journal Stencil Planner Set

One of the biggest worries newbies to the bullet journaling world have is that they will not be able to write or draw neat enough for it.

As we said at the beginning of the article, it is not about having the neatest bullet journal.

You do not need to be an artist to enjoy bullet journaling. That being said, if you are something of a perfectionist, you may be interested in purchasing some stencils for your bullet journal.

This wonderful little pack of stencils works like magic, giving you borders, designs, and even numbers and letters for headings.

There are 20 different stencil pieces, and each has numerous designs on it to suit all needs.

They are made from an eco-friendly, flexible PET ensuring a longevity that you can use again and again.

They can even be cleared in warm soapy water if you get ink on them.

We truly think these are a must-have for anyone just starting out on their bullet journal journey, or even those who have been doing it for years but fancy learning some new banners and designs to decorate their pages.


  • Great size for use in a bullet journal

  • Flexible material makes it more versatile as well as being easier to wash

  • Simple and easy to use, especially for beginners

  • A huge variety of designs to choose from in each pack


  • The fact that the stencils are an opaque white color mean that they can be hard to see on white paper for some buyers

3. Agutape 48 Rolls Washi Tape Set

Here at Best Ever, we love washi tape!

It is so versatile and you can get any design you could ever dream of.

For our bullet journals, we prefer to use thinner tape usually, like these from Agutape. This is because it is thin enough to use as delicate borders, but it can also be used for designs and page keeping easily.

This pack has 48 different designs, 16 of which are also foiled to give that extra bit of pizzazz to your bullet journal.

They are super slim measuring around 3x5mm.

The designs are pretty and decorative, all of them unique and suitable for whatever you want to use them for.


  • 48 different rolls of washi tape each with a unique design. 16 of these are foil designs.

  • They are a very slim design so that you can decorate any part of your bullet journal

  • You can use them as borders for your pages

  • The designs range from patterned, plain, foiled, and much more


  • Some customers have found them to be too thin for their needs.

4. Zicoto Aesthetic Planner Stickers

This is a mega sticker pack with a total of 33 pages and 1504 stickers.

These are a fantastic package of stickers to help with planning and journaling as there are designs to suit every need.

It includes cute quotations, empowering phrases, stickers for different themes throughout the year, and events such as Autumn, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter.

You can even use some of them to decorate the front of your bullet journal if you wish.

If you are new to bullet journaling and not feeling so artistic or creative to do your own doodles, these will bring a touch of color to your pages.


  • There is a huge amount of choice with this sticker pack, with a total of 1504 stickers. They will last forever!

  • There are many different themes of the stockers for different seasonal events and to help with organization

  • It is on adhesive glossy paper

  • They are a great choice for those who want to use their bullet journals for motivation help


  • They cannot be drawn over which may cause an issue for some people

5. PRIMROSIA Dual Tip Fineliner and Watercolor Brush Pens

We love the versatility of this pack of pens.

Each of them have a dual tip, with one side being a 0.4mm fine liner, and the other being a watercolor pen!

There are 30 pens in total, but each of them has a different color on either end, giving you a tidal of 60 unique colors.

Simply outline your drawings or write with your fine line side, and use the watercolor pen side to color in doodles.

You can use it with or without water, allowing you to get a buildable color of your choice.

They come in a pretty patterned carton for easy organization and safekeeping.

This package of pens will really step up your bullet journal game.


  • The colors are really vibrant and allow blending to be achieved with ease

  • They don’t give you a ghosting effect on your bullet journal pages unlike some vibrant fine liners

  • They come in a gorgeous organizer so you can keep them out on your desk

  • The tips and brush are of good quality and feel very comfortable to hold which is an important consideration to make when you know you will be using the pens for a long period of time


  • Some customers were disappointed that they were not numbered as it makes it difficult to find the exact color you need from your swatch list. Talking of swatch lists, most reviews recommend you do one before using them as some of the colors are different from the color on the cap.

Best Bullet Journal Supplies Buyers’ Guide

Bullet journaling is a very personal practice, and when choosing the supplies for your bullet journal, it is best to choose products that feel right and comfortable for you.

A bullet journal is a worldwide phenomenon and has a huge presence on social media, it even has its own hashtag #bujo.

It can be easy to get tied down looking at what everybody else is using for their bullet journal, and you can quickly get caught up with the feeling that you need to buy absolutely every bit of stationery in the world.

This simply isn’t the case, and it is far better to have a handful of reliable, good-quality bullet journal supplies that make it a fun process for you.

If you have always hated painting, then you probably will not enjoy the current craze of using water paints in your bullet journal.

Likewise, if you prefer to express yourself through doodles rather than lots of words, you will not see the point in spending lots of money on fancy black ink pens. 

Choose a journal that feels good for you 

The most important supply you will need to begin your bullet journaling journey is, of course, a bullet journal!

Now, we are not kidding you when we tell you that there are thousands of different bullet journals out there for you to buy.

The premise of a bullet journal is that it has dotted pages which makes it super easy for you to write, draw, doodle, and design calligraphy to your heart’s delight. However, there is no magic rule book out there that says it has to be a dotted journal.

If you prefer lines or even blank pages that is absolutely fine too.  We do have an article on the Best Ever Motivational Journals where you may find one that takes your fancy. We have also handpicked what we think is the most wonderful bullet journal available and give it an in-depth review.

If none of these feel right for you, the most important thing is that you keep in mind that you will want a bullet journal that makes you want to use it. You should choose one that looks good to you.

If you prefer a blank bullet journal so you can decorate the front yourself, you should get that! If you like bright patterns, choose that. If you want thick pages so your pens won’t leak through, choose one with good quality paper.

If you want Bible-thin pages, you do you! 

Make sure the pens you use feel comfortable 

To use your bullet journal, you will need some sort of tool with which you can write, draw, color, or paint.

Bullet journaling is one of those activities that can really get us in a flow.

We can start bullet journaling and not realize where the time has gone because it is that enjoyable. That does, however, mean that the tools we use will be being used for long periods of time.

Who remembers getting hand cramps after holding a thin plastic pen for hours during a long school test?! Worst. Feeling. Ever.

To avoid this feeling, choose pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and whatever else you use that are comfortable.

Pens with grips that fit your hand are perfect, and you can also buy your own soft grips made from rubber or other comfortable materials to put on your pen to make it easier to hold. 

Related to this, you may also want to consider the quality of the tools, too. Pens that have ink that runs out after a few hours of usage will not feel good to use as you will constantly be trying to press harder.

Likewise, a paint brush with bristles that keep falling out will not make for an enjoyable bullet journaling experience.

Choose only what you will use 

As we mentioned in the introduction to the Buyers’ Guide, it can be easy to get bogged down trying to keep up with what everybody else is doing in their bullet journals.

A simple internet search or a scroll through the hashtags on your favorite social media site will show you that the bullet journal community is thriving.

This means that there are constantly new gadgets and accessories coming at you, all set to enhance your bullet journaling experience. There are some super talented people who share the pages of their bullet journals with the world, and it can create a sort of #bujo FOMO.

Wow, all these hashtags and slang words have us feeling like the cool kids. What we mean is that you can get ‘fear of missing out’ seeing what everyone else is using to make their bullet journals look good.

You may feel that you have to do the same or else your bullet journal is going to be wrong. Newsflash!

There is no right or wrong way to bullet journal, and buying the latest stickers, paints, or marker pens just because everyone else is seeming to use them is not a requirement.

You should only get bullet journal supplies that you want to use. Only use what you feel is going to be right for you. 

Final word 

We are sure that, by now, you can see that the most important factor for you to consider when you are purchasing bullet journal supplies is that it is something that will enhance your personal experience.

Remember what we said, if you don’t enjoy watercolor painting now, you certainly won’t want to do it in your bullet journal.

The best bullet journal supplies are the ones that make your bullet journal experience more enjoyable.

Of course, there are the generic basics and some cool ‘advanced’ supplies that will suit everyone but don’t start feeling like you have to invest a ton of money into the latest professional art supplies to feel like you are getting the most out of your journal.

In fact, the five wonderful items we picked out for you will be absolutely perfect for you, whether you are a beginner who is just starting out or a bullet journal OG (original) who is looking to update their supplies.

Go ahead and add the whole lot to your basket, and you will be well on your way to a wonderful bullet journal experience tailored to you.