In this fast-paced world, it’s important to take some time to slow down. Spending some time relaxing can be the ideal bring about a calmer approach to your days. How people relax and practice self care varies from person to person. Our list of the 15 best self care gifts are sure to make your loved ones feel zen-sational for all forms of self care.

self care gift ideas

1. Sydney Hale Candles

These are Steve and Michelle‘s favorite candles, by far. Michelle first got introduced to the scent when she first walked into Steve’s house. He had these candles burning and she fell even more in love than she already was. Our two favorites are the Coconut Milk and Vetiver and the Cedarwood and Vanilla, which we don’t see on the site at the moment and hope to God she brings it back!

2. Neck & Shoulder Massager

Stress can often cause tension. This is most apparent around the neck and shoulders. This massager will be able to remove this tension, helping you relax. It simulates the experience of getting a hand-massage, kneading around your neck and shoulders. You can customize the massager to suit your intensity level. It’s also made from breathable mesh, so your skin won’t end up getting hot and sweaty. If it ever starts to overheat, it will automatically shut-off, keeping you safe.

3. Bath Bombs

One of the most relaxing activities is to sink into a warm bath. To make this even better, you’ll be able to use bath bombs.  This set of bath bombs is a soothing way to create a relaxing experience in your home. They are crafted from dead sea salts and essential oils. Get swept away with the self care of bath bombs.

4. Dual Foot Massager

Some people might work in a job that requires them to stand up all day. This can often leave their feet feeling sore at the end of their shift. In this case, a dual foot massage roller might be a great gift idea. It will be able to provide powerful foot relief. It comes with ten independently moving rollers, for a more effective massage. It’s also been tested, ensuring that it hits all the pressure points for maximum relief. It will be able to work will all kinds of feet.

5. Motivational Journal

We’ve shared our top picks for our best motivational journals before. Whether you want to offer encouragement or a clear structure to support your loved ones, these journals are chosen to motivate you.

6. Hippo Hug Weighted Blanket

Hippo Hug makes the best weighted blankets that you will find in the market. Giving someone a weighted blanket is as close to giving them a big, warm hug other than actually giving one. If you are unfamiliar with weighted blankets and how they are of enormous benefit to people, you can learn all about them through their helpful content on their website.

7. Zen Satori Board

One of the newest calming trends is a Zen Satori Board. In this case, you’ll need to dip a pen into water. Then, apply the pen to the board. This will allow you to create a beautiful watercolor. Then, the board will dry out, and your painting will disappear. This is a great way to express your creativity and emotions. It can also form the basis of a daily mindfulness routine. This set comes with three Water Pens, a bamboo brush, the Satori board, and a stand.

8. Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity, you might want to consider a jigsaw puzzle. We love this puzzle because it is created from the first-person point of view. We want to actually be right there in that puzzle. How relaxed does just looking at it make you feel?

9. Jellyfish Changing Color LED Light

If you’re looking for a simple way to make a space more relaxing, you might want to get this jellyfish color changing LED. It’s like a lava lamp but has a jellyfish instead of lava blobs. When the lamp is on the jellyfish will float around in the light. It will also change colors frequently, so it’ll be able to keep you interested. This can also make it great for a nightlight if you have a small child. This light runs on batteries.

10. Headache Hat

Whether you have a headache or not, sometimes, you just want to shut out the world to relax. This Headache Hat offers cool, soothing compression to relieve tension while blocking out any light. You can wear it around your head or your neck, or simply lie back on it.

11. Rocking Chair

One of the best ways to stay comfortable is by using a rocking chair. It will allow you to lean back, finding the angle that you find most relaxing. Also, many people find the gentle rocking mechanism to be very calming. If this is the case, you’ll love this rocking chair. You’ll be able to adjust the footrest, to find the best possible position.

The rocking chair is made from strong leather materials. This ensures that it will be able to last for a long time. If it ever gets dirty, you’ll just need to wipe it down with a damp cloth. For tough stains, you’ll be able to remove the zip. It also has a solid frame, made from birch wood. It comes with side pockets. This is perfect for storing things like books and glasses. The mats at the bottom of the chair will ensure that you don’t damage the floor.

12. White Noise Sound Machine

In some cases, people might struggle to block out background noise. To help with this, you might want to consider giving them a white noise machine. This noise machine comes loaded with a few different sound options. For example, you’ll be able to listen to the noise of thunder or the gentle trick of a brook. This machine is designed to be lightweight and portable. This makes it a great choice for taking into the office or on vacation. You’ll also be able to set when the machine turns itself off. This ensures that it won’t be on all night.

13. Aaron’s Thinking Putty

This is what Michelle uses instead of a stress ball. She absolutely loves playing with this stuff, stretching, tearing, molding – it keeps her hands active and her mind relaxed.

14. Practicing Mindfulness Book

If you’re looking for a book that’s sure to help you find the joy of meditation, you might want to check out Practicing Mindfulness. It’s been designed to make it easy for anyone to learn how to meditate. The book features 75 meditations, each of them designed to be easy to follow. This will help you learn more about your body and the way that you think. It also comes with plenty of practical advice to have more productive meditations. For example, it will be able to show you how to deal with a wandering mind.

15. Meditation Cushion & Mat

Many people find that meditation can put them into a more relaxed state. They like to use it to clear their head, focusing on the day ahead. Many people love the Florensi Meditation Cushion. It’s been designed to stay comfortable and supportive for years. The cover is removable, making it easy to keep clean. The pillow can ensure that your back stays in alignment when you’re meditating for an extended period. Michelle likes to meditate with both a cushion and a mat because it protects her knees and gives her a far more comfortable experience overall.