Buying an 8 person tent is a big purchase. Whatever you buy is going to have to provide you with a place to sleep, give you some much-needed privacy between campers and act as a barrier between you and the elements on any trip you take.

So, you want to choose something that functions well but also offers comfort and support. There’s nothing worse than waking up from an uncomfortable night’s sleep when you’re camping, especially if you’ve got a day of hiking or activities to look forward to or realizing you’ve bought the wrong tent for the weather conditions you’re camping in.

For this reason, it can be really difficult to weigh up all of your options when there are so many tents on the market! So, we’ve created this Best Ever guide to help you choose the best 8 person tent for all of your adventures with some of our top picks.

8 person tent

How to Choose an 8 Person Tent

Even though we now travel with an iKamper off-the-ground roof top tent for 2, we’ve spent many days enjoying camping on the ground as well. So, when it comes to buying a tent, we have plenty of personal experience and are able to share all of the things we took into account when making their purchase.

Whether you’re traveling as a family or in a large group of like-minded adventurers, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the best 8 person tent for your needs. You might want to prioritize comfort and luxury, you might be looking for something light and portable, or you might just need a low-budget starter tent that quite simply gets the job done.

So, we’ve created this list to help you make the best choice for your needs. We’ll cover some of the factors you should consider when buying a new tent, as well as giving our recommendations for the best 8 person tents on the market.


REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent

The REI Kingdom 8 takes the gold for our editor’s pick in this guide. Outdoor experts across the board love this brand, this tent tops many must-have lists.

Sitting at under $600, this is a durable, spacious option that might be a tad more expensive, but the quality and functionality are worth every penny. With easy set-up, two large doors, a two-room divider, and a mesh-dome design, this is an excellent choice for family camping. As a tunnel tent, we love the 75-inches height allows for people up to around 6 feet to stand up inside.


  • Reasonable weight considering its size

  • Spacious interior, with peak standing room of 75 inches

  • Divider that creates two private rooms


  • Footprint is not included


KingCamp Khan Canvas Tent

The KingCamp Khan Canvas tent is a luxury 8 person tent perfectly suited to campers who don’t want to leave luxury behind them. With an impressive 212 square foot interior, this will comfortably fit 8 people with sleeping pads. It also boasts a ceiling tall enough for its occupants to stand upright, making it a great option for longer trips.

When it comes to luxurious camping, this model just can’t be beaten! It’s large enough to bring plenty of gear and upgrade your comfort level with items such as inflatable furniture. It also provides excellent protection from multiple weather conditions with features such as excellent inner circulation capability, a roll-up entrance as well as material that is UV protective, waterproof and mold-proof. It’s also heavy-duty and durable enough for cold or windy weather. For an extra luxurious touch, campers can also add a stove to the inside of this tent with the use of its chimney holes to filter smoke from the interior of the tent.


  • Easy to set up
  • Chimneys for stove use

  • Great airflow and circulation


  • Higher budget 

  • Heavier and less portable

  • More difficult to set up on your own


CAMPROS Waterproof 8 Person Tent

If you’re buying a tent for family camping, you’ll need to look out for features such as easy set-up, separate compartments for privacy, and a nice large porch area to provide shelter on sunny or rainy days. You’ll probably also want to choose a tent with E-ports especially for teenagers who won’t leave home without their cell phone or for movie evenings with the kids.

The CAMPROS Waterproof 8 person tent offers all of these features and more. It comes very highly reviewed by other family campers, offering a spacious porch area and blackout bedroom compartments to help you get a decent night’s rest. This option is perfect for larger families or even smaller groups who just want that extra bit of room to bring more gear for extra comfort.


  • Innovative all-weather design
  • Separate bedrooms for children

  • Projector screen for movie nights

  • Good value for money


  • Larger tent pack due to interior space
  • Door zipper less durable


Pacific Pass 8 Person Tent

With a weight of 23.32 lbs. the Pacific Pass Camping 8 person tent is considered an ultralight option. So, if you’re traveling in a group but still want to carry your gear on foot, this is a great choice. With an impressive price of under $200 depending on where you shop, this is a perfect option for campers with a lower budget who still want great value.

This 8 person tent offers 3 rooms, 3 windows and plenty of ventilation. It also comes with innovative features, including color-coded easy set-up, an e-cable port, and plenty of pockets and overhead storage. However, it’s best suited to warm weather conditions without a great deal of wind due to its weight.


  • Light and portable
  • Easy to set up

  • Lots of storage


  • No floor vents
  • Not freestanding

  • It could be a slight squeeze for 8 people


Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

The Coleman Montana 8 person tent is the second Coleman model to make this list. At around $220, this tent offers incredible value for money, and unlike other low-budget tents, this one comes with a number of great features that you won’t find in similarly priced options.

This 8 person tent comes with a hinged door, an e-port for electricity, three windows, and an interior large enough to sleep 8 people comfortably. While this doesn’t leave much room for gear, this tent is still a great option for short camping trips, and at this price range, you simply won’t find a better option.


  • Amazing value for money
  • 3 season compatibility

  • Lightweight


  • Single room tent
  • Not freestanding

  • Not much extra space for gear

8 Person Tent Buyers’ Guide


Probably the main thing you’ll need to consider when buying an 8 person tent is comfort. Whether you’re camping for one night or planning a multi-day trip, you want to be sure you’ll have a good night’s sleep and won’t feel too cramped – especially if you’re traveling with 7 other people!

Therefore, you should always look for tents that offer plenty of space on the inside. You’ll also need to take into account the extra room you might need for things like mattresses and gear. – Never underestimate the amount of space that all of your equipment will take up! There’s nothing worse than sleeping in an overcrowded tent next to all of your gear and spare clothes, which could become wet in poor weather.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to look for tents with plenty of space, room dividers, as well as features such as bathtub bases and mesh pockets for some of your gear, as these qualities will add to your overall comfort.

Remember, if you’re not so focused on traveling light, you can also invest in extra mattresses and padding for improved comfort. Alternatively, if you’re traveling with a party that’s likely to bring lots of extra equipment, you might be more comfortable purchasing a 10 or 12 person tent.

Weather Compatibility

For camping in extreme weather, you’ll need to purchase a tent build specifically for this purpose. For example, a mountaineering or base camp tent will be built specially to keep the cold out and be very different in specification to a tent build for warmer weather.

However, if you’re looking for a good all-around tent to suit different general weather options, you should make sure it’s built with multi-purpose in mind. Cotton canvas tents tend to perform well in different weather conditions, able to insulate in the winter and ventilate in the summer. Dynamic ventilation is also a feature that allows a tent to work well in a range of different temperatures.

In addition, it’s always a must to look for a tent with waterproof features. You want to be sure there is protection against any water pooling and that the tent is fairly aerodynamic in case of camping in windy weather.


When traveling with a group of 8, it’s unlikely that you’ll all want to sleep in the same compartment. You’ll probably be splitting off into groups or pairs and will probably need some kind of central porch area to spend time in during the evening.

With this in mind, you’ll want to look for an 8-person tent that offers privacy features such as multiple compartments. Make sure to read reviews and descriptions properly when buying any tent, as these should tell you how many compartments there are. Many tents also come with detachable room dividers so you can customize the number of rooms.

Alternatively, if you’re shopping with a lower budget or aren’t bothered about co-sleeping with your group, you could opt for a tent with fewer dividers.


It goes without saying that 8 person tents will be larger and heavier to carry than other options. So, if you’re buying one, it’s likely you’ll be driving to your campsite and will probably be staying for multiple nights.

However, if your priority is lightweight travel, bear in mind that you may need to sacrifice a level of comfort as well as more premium features.


Sleeping in a tent with 7 other people is going to get sweaty and musty, especially in hot weather. So, it’s super important to make sure the model you’re buying has plenty of ventilation.

Make sure to look out for windows, vents, cooling technology, and materials with UV protection to prevent the inside of the tent from getting too warm.

Ease of Pitching

One thing that often goes wrong is pitching the tent. It can put everyone in a bad mood if it takes you hours to put up your tent, or worse, it comes down once you have unloaded all your stuff!

Many people opt for pop up tents to avoid this. However, this often comes at the expense of functionality. And for an 8 person tent, there are probably other more important things, such as comfort, space, and ventilation.

The best thing you can do is practice putting your tent up in your garden. That way, when it comes to getting to the campsite, you will be prepared and know exactly what you need to do.


So, hopefully, now you should be more informed when it comes to choosing the best 8 person tent for your next trip!

Of course, there’s no such thing as ‘the best 8 person tent’ in the camping world because the best option for your needs could be very different from other campers’ priorities. So, in this article, we’ve recommended our top picks for different types of buyers.

Our editor’s choice, the Eureka Copper Canyon, is our personal favorite and is a great all-around option when you balance the price with all of its features.

However, as we’ve already mentioned, it really does depend on how you’re planning to use your new tent. For example, families may be more comfortable with an 8 person CAMPROS tent; hikers would likely prefer the lightweight and portable Pacific Pass model, and campers who want a more luxurious experience should opt for the KingCamp Khan Canvas Tent.

Whichever option you choose, we wish you all the best for your next camping trip, and don’t forget the 7 principles of Leave No Trace while you explore!

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