The Best Ever Guide to Life is a community-driven, search-optimized digital publication featuring inspirational and insightful content from experienced voices who have honed their skills, preferences, and methods to support them in living their Best Ever Life – personally and professionally.

Through keyword-targeted articles from our community of experienced voices, BestEver.Guide will attract visibility mainly through SEO via Google and Pinterest. We want to ensure that our content connects readers to The BEST EVER Experts if they chose to pursue deeper exploration with a trusted guide like yourself. We want to connect them with those who can lead with integrity, wisdom, and success.

Yes, this platform is brand-spanking new, but our work in the world is not. Our founder, Michelle has over 15 years of experience ranking extraordinary content for search that readers love to share. We are beyond excited to put this experience into positioning content that sparks a more connected and passionate community of people living their most true lives.

This is where you come in. We’re seeking contributors for our multi-faceted channels. Guides. Real-life people with various life experiences, perspectives, and approaches. People who’ve tested life and found their own truths, because we know that it doesn’t come with a handbook of objective answers to subjective questions.

We are looking to grow our international team of experts making a huge impact around the world.

Are you an expert?

We collaborate with therapists, nutritionists, coaches, mentors, interior designers, financial advisors, stylists, educators, practitioners, founders, and more to bring wisdom and inspiration to our community.

The Best Ever Guide to Life will cover: ⁣

➤ Personal Development⁣
➤ Professional Development⁣
➤ Fashion & Beauty⁣
➤ Food & Drink⁣
➤ Hobbies & Entertainment⁣
➤ Family & Parenting⁣
➤ Love & Relationships⁣
➤ Health & Fitness⁣
➤ Home & Garden⁣

We are looking for:

  • ORIGINAL content must be a minimum of 1500 words. Content cannot be republished on any other site, including your own.
  • In-text links, where appropriate, may be included.
  • Pieces must be empowering and may not be advertorial in nature.
  • We reserve the right to edit and format your content.

This PAID opportunity offers:

  • Author Byline: This is a short description explaining who you are and what you do that links back to your website.
  • Top of line link to your social profile of choice. (See sample at the top of this story…)
  • Paid compensation
  • Optimization of your content for search