Headshots Kelowna

Kelowna Headshots

Discover the power of professional Kelowna headshots at BestEver.Studio, where we specialize in capturing your essence with stunning photography. Whether you prefer a classic studio look against Cream, Grey, or Black backgrounds or desire a dynamic lifestyle vibe shot in our luxury studio, we’ve got you covered.

Select from our standard studio Kelowna headshots for a timeless appearance or opt for the authenticity of a lifestyle headshot to showcase your personality. Take it a step further with our full personal branding photoshoots, crafting a comprehensive visual narrative that makes a bold statement about you.


Our session fees are $250 ($125 for those who book in February) and include 1 professionally edited image with the option to purchase additional images for $95 each. If you would like more imagery, we suggest a personal branding shoot with packages starting at $449 for 15-20 lifestyle brand images.

Our studio is located in McKinley Beach and the exact location and further instructions will be emailed to you after you complete your purchase. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking updated imagery or a newcomer on the scene, let Steve and Michelle guide you through a photography experience tailored to feature your distinctive essence.

Steve, our Photographer, is a master at both capturing images with a sharp, distinctive style and executing precise post-production, ensuring a refined and polished result. Every detail, from the play of light and shadow to the meticulous adjustments, contributes to an artfully crafted, magazine-ready look that ensures your brand shines with visual brilliance.

Michelle, our Creative Director, brings two decades of digital marketing and design experience to ensure your vision flows seamlessly. 

In a world where first impressions matter, professional Kelowna headshots are your gateway to making a lasting impact. But we understand the common perceptions: it’s stressful, often overlooked, and expensive. Allow us to dispel those myths.

Yes, headshots can feel awkward, but with us, it’s different. Our professional creative team understands the importance of making the experience comfortable. We guide you through every pose, ensuring authenticity shines through each frame.

While a friend with a good camera may seem like a cost-effective solution, nothing beats the expertise of a professional. We capture those special qualities that make you stand out, ensuring your Kelowna headshots reflect the excellence you bring to your profession.

Your headshot is not just a visual representation; it’s a reflection of you professionally, artistically, and energetically. We focus on capturing your confident personality and individual style, creating headshots that tell your unique story.

We acknowledge the perception that professional Kelowna headshots are expensive. Consider it an investment in your career or business. Your headshots are a powerful tool that opens doors and propels you forward. Reflect on the importance they hold, both for your career and personal brand. We strive to make this process affordable for everyone.

Ready to step into the spotlight? Book your Kelowna Headshot now, and let us capture the essence of your success. Have questions and want to connect with us first? We’d love to hear from you.