Hello, I’m Michelle from BestEver.Studio, a digital media veteran based in Kelowna with nearly two decades of expertise.

Throughout my career, I’ve guided the transformation and growth of digital platforms, successfully scaling one to 500,000 monthly visitors before its sale. Together, let’s explore how we can overcome the common challenges faced in digital marketing.

In this industry, local businesses frequently encounter a variety of obstacles. To illustrate these effectively, we’ve created a composite character based on our clients’ experiences. Let’s meet Sally, who embodies these challenges and will help us understand how to address them.

ad management fees


High Agency / Contractor Fees

Sally was achieving excellent click-through rates with her social media ads, a testament to their effectiveness. However, the high monthly management fees charged by her social media manager / advertising agency meant that her advertising costs were consistently outpacing her earnings. Frustrated, Sally explored ‘Programmatic Advertising’—a method known for precisely targeting the exact customers she needed. Unfortunately, the costs per impression and click were exorbitantly high, and the need for an agency made it unattainable for her business.


Expensive Local Advertising

Sally is passionate about supporting local initiatives, so she naturally gravitated towards advertising with local media partners. Despite her best intentions, the costs of these media buys were steep, and the traffic generated from her campaigns was disappointingly low. Local media advisors suggested maintaining continuous campaigns to stay ‘top of mind,’ but the budget required was simply unaffordable for Sally. Determined to enhance her community engagement, Sally invested in a high-profile spread in a local print magazine. Although this move briefly boosted her visibility, the return on investment was underwhelming, with no concrete metrics to gauge the impact.


Expensive Photography & Video Production

Sally recognized the importance of maintaining high-quality visuals for her website, newsletters, and social media to keep her brand top of mind. However, the financial burden of producing professional-grade photographs and videos was overwhelming. Hiring skilled content creators required significant investment, which substantially reduced her return on investment. Compounding the issue, neither Sally nor her staff had the time to manage content production in-house, and their attempts using basic tools failed to meet her brand’s standards. Additionally, licensing restrictions on purchased or externally produced content further limited its usage, complicating her ability to fully leverage the visuals across different platforms and marketing campaigns.


Poor Landing Page Conversions

Sally’s landing page, a crucial entry point for her Google Ads, was basic and uninspiring. It lacked the emotional impact and clarity needed to effectively engage and convert visitors. Despite her strong industry reputation, the page did not reflect her expertise or the quality of her services. Sally knew that an effective landing page required not just appealing visuals but also a compelling brand story and sophisticated design. Faced with prohibitively high quotes for professional copywriting and design services, she was pushed towards settling for a landing page that fell short of capturing the essence of her brand.


Our Best Ever Campaigns Now Available

While we were expanding our media platforms, we dedicated ourselves to supporting Sally and a few select other businesses. We optimized her entire website for top Google search results, significantly boosting her online visibility. Recognizing the need for a more effective marketing strategy, we crafted an innovative solution tailored specifically for Sally. Our Best Ever Campaigns combine cost-effective advertising channels, innovative content strategies, and precise audience targeting to deliver an exceptional ROI.

These campaigns are specifically designed to tackle the common challenges faced by businesses in advertising. By seamlessly integrating cost-effective methods, engaging storytelling, and precise targeting, we create a strategic blend that not only deepens connections between brands and consumers but also maximizes both impact and efficiency. This approach ensures that every element of your campaign is not just seen but truly resonates with your target audience, setting the stage for sustained business growth and success.


Story Discovery & Development

At the core of our tailored campaigns lies our In-depth Story Discovery & Development process. We meticulously craft your brand’s story to resonate deeply with your target audience, covering all bases from the overarching narrative on your landing page to detailed editorial content for your broader content marketing strategy. Here’s what we offer:

  • Overall Brand Story and Landing Page Content: A compelling narrative that introduces your brand’s mission, vision, and unique value proposition.
  • Relevant Supporting Editorial Content: Tailored articles and posts that enhance your SEO efforts and keep your audience engaged.
  • Short Social Stories: Dynamic, concise content pieces designed for social media to boost engagement and brand recall.


Gorgeous, Optimized Landing Page

Once we have discovered and developed your brand’s unique story, we move seamlessly into the Story Production phase. This story becomes the foundation of your customized landing page, specifically designed for your campaigns. By hosting your landing page on our consumer facing BestEver.Guide media platform, you gain several distinct advantages:

  • Editorial Feel: Enhancing engagement through high-quality, content-rich presentations that resemble trusted editorial rather than standard advertisements.
    Increased Trust: Leveraging the credibility of the BestEver.Guide platform to foster consumer confidence.
    Cost Efficiency: Providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional web hosting and expensive third-party services.
  • 100% Branding to Your Needs: While hosted on our platform, every element of your landing page will be fully tailored to reflect your brand’s identity, ensuring it resonates perfectly with your target audience.


High Impact Visuals

Visual assets are not just part of your campaign—they are crucial to captivating your audience. With our commitment to excellence, we ensure that every photograph and video reflects the highest quality, significantly enhancing your brand’s visibility and appeal.

Here’s what you can expect from our visual asset services:

  • Stunning Photography: Capture the essence of your business, products, or team with still imagery that speaks volumes. Each photo is carefully shot and edited to showcase the best of what you offer.
  • Commercial Quality Video Content: Elevate your website and social media presence with videos that tell your brand’s story in dynamic and engaging ways. Our commercial-quality productions are designed to resonate with your audience and drive engagement.
  • UGC Style Video Content: Authenticity matters. We create user-generated content (UGC) style videos that feel personal and relatable, perfect for connecting with audiences on social media platforms.

Additionally, when you choose our visual asset services, you receive a comprehensive license to use all imagery and video content across your marketing efforts—providing the flexibility to enhance your brand presence on any platform.


Advertising: Strategic Story Broadcasting

Maximize your reach and impact with our Strategic Story Broadcasting service. Utilizing both paid social ads and precise programmatic advertising, we expertly pinpoint and captivate your ideal audience within local communities—reaching people who live nearby or are visiting the area. Our targeted approach ensures that your message resonates with those most likely to engage with your business, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns. Our approach is uniquely designed to fit your budget, without any additional markup or hidden fees, ensuring you get the most out of every dollar spent.

This direct and efficient method allows you to access highly targeted advertising platforms while maintaining control over your advertising budget. Experience the power of strategic advertising that’s tailored to your financial constraints, cost-effective, and incredibly effective at driving results. With our services, your brand’s story reaches the people most likely to engage and respond, boosting your return on investment.


Before & After


  • High Agency / Contractor Fees: Sally was burdened by excessive spending on management fees with advertising agencies and social media managers, which did not yield proportionate returns.

  • Expensive Local Advertising: Sally faced high costs for local media buys that failed to generate significant traffic or leads, undermining her efforts to strengthen her local market presence.

  • Underperforming Landing Page: Sally’s basic and unengaging landing page led to poor conversions, failing to reflect the quality of her services or engage her potential customers effectively.

  • Expensive or Low Quality Visual Assets: Sally incurred substantial expenses in content creation, including time and financial resources, which significantly diminished her return on investment. Her efforts to produce content internally or manage external creators were both costly and inefficient.

  • Challenging Coordination: Sally struggled with coordinating multiple service providers for media planning and buying, landing page content and design, photography, video production, and copywriting. This fragmentation was time-consuming and costly, making it difficult for her to maintain a cohesive marketing strategy.

  • Mediocre Online Presence: The online image Sally presented did not reflect her industry reputation or the quality of her services, failing to attract and engage her target audience effectively.


  • Optimized Ad Management: Sally now enjoys reduced ad management fees with a unified approach that combines all aspects of advertising and social media management, maximizing ROI with minimal expense.

  • Cost-Effective Local Advertising: Leveraging strategic local advertising, Sally’s campaigns are now more affordable and yield higher traffic and lead conversions, enhancing her local presence and engagement.

  • High-Performing Landing Page: Her new immersive landing page, rooted in her unique brand story, captivates visitors and significantly boosts conversions, reflecting her industry expertise.

  • High Quality Photography & Video Assets:
    With BestEver.Studio managing all aspects of content creation—including photography, video production, and copywriting—Sally now enjoys cost-effective, high-quality content that is cohesive across all platforms. Our approach has reduced costs and streamlined production, ensuring that every piece of content aligns with her brand’s standards.
  • Efficient Coordination: Our integrated service approach has eliminated the hassle of dealing with multiple providers. BestEver.Studio handles everything from media planning and buying to landing page design, ensuring a seamless marketing strategy that not only saves time but also enhances effectiveness.

  • Enhanced Online Presence: Sally’s online presence now truly showcases her expertise and attracts more clients, reflecting the high quality of her services and her industry leadership.

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